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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm not the biggest fan of the newer mustang, although I still like it - i'm purchasing a 'new' 2004 mustang convertible (v6) that hasnt been sold yet. I was hoping to get a deal. The MSRP is somewhere around 27,800 - after cash backs and dumb incentives its down to around 24,900 or so - how much should i be able to bargain down to? I was hoping to get a good deal with the older model
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    I posted awhile back regarding ordering a 2005 Mustang GT....I ordered in November 2004 and still have not seen my new stang! I've started to call Ford direct and bug them weekly, hoping to get them rolling on my 6 month and waiting order. I'm waiting to hear back from my dealer this next week about what happens if my 2005 isn't fulfilled, does it automatically roll to a 2006...he seemed to think it would, as if all of us who have ordered and haven't got them, all that would do is piss a whole bunch of people off having to basically get back in line and wait again.
    If they don't roll over, I will be there on May 1st doing my re-order at the 2005 price, which I have been promised by my dealer. I hear that those V8 engines they are so short on are in competition with the Ford F150 pick up trucks that carry the same engine. Lovely. I'm not giving up yet, and I'm not succumbing to a V6. I'll send through an update on the 2006 ordering when I hear. Let's hope a re-order is NOT going to have to happen!! :mad:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100
    Ford is not accepting any new orders for the '05 Mustang GTs. They have more than enough orders in the pipeline to keep the plant busy for the rest of the '05 build out through their '06 changeover shutdown in July. Matter of fact, at least 13,000 orders will go unfilled.

    '05 orders do not automatically roll over to '06 models. To get an '06, you'll have to reorder through your dealer.

    The single biggest reason that Ford has had problems fulfilling orders is that demand has far outstripped Ford's ability to fill them. Ford even upped production and still can't fulfill all '05 orders.

    You should be able to place an order for an '06 on May 15.
  • mike53mike53 Posts: 2
    How much longer do you think the wait for a Mustang GT (coupe) that just entered into production this week might take to be built and delivered to the dealer?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100
    If they are producing it this week, it's reasonable to think that they will have it ready for shipment by the end of the week. Depending on where you live, it will either go on a truck carrier (if you live within 200-250 miles of Flat Rock) and/or a train carrier.

    If it's shipped via train, your Mustang will be delivered to a regional facility and then picked up via truck to be delivered to your dealer. I'd say another 10-14 days for delivery after it's built. If you're close and it's trucked to your dealer, I'd say 5-10 days for delivery after it's built.
  • I planned to order a 2005 GT in early April, but after reading that Ford’s production was way behind and orders may not be filled prior to year’s end, I decided to look for a comparable V6. After an internet dealer’s inventory search from Las Vegas, NV to Albuquerque, NM I found a V6 in Serria Vista, AZ with everything I wanted:

    V6 Coupe Premium, 5 speed manual, satin silver, dark charcoal leather, power driver’s seat, 16” bright machined wheels, interior and exterior sport package (I peeled off the door stripes, yuck), passive alarm, window tint, Shaker 500, anti-lock brakes and traction control.

    The MSRP was $22,355 and the dealer had a $2,000 mark-up on the sticker. After downloading the invoice from Edmunds, I added $500 and it came to $21,500. That was to be my final offer. At the dealer, I test drove the V6 and was really impressed. My 1988 Ranger (bought new) has a 2.9 liter V6 with a 5 speed manual and always had enough power for me. This V6 Mustang had a great sound and a lot more power than I would have imagined. We then test drove a GT. This is the only dealer I’ve been to that even had a GT available for a test drive. The GT was awesome, but we passed a cop on the drive and I had to hit the brakes (way too fast a car for me). After the test drives, I told the salesman that if he gave me a smoking deal on the V6, I would write him a check today.

    He showed me a copy of their invoice and said he would sell it to me for $500 over or $21,585. I couldn’t believe it! I showed him my paperwork with $21,500 as my top offer and said if he would match my top we had a deal. Three minutes later he was back and we had a deal for $21,500. A few days later when I picked up the car, I hit the fleet manager up for a case of oil and two filters which he gave to me for wholesale. The whole experience was great, no pressure, very friendly and I think a great deal. If you’re looking for a Ford dealer in southern Arizona, I would recommend Lawley Team Ford in Sierra Vista.

    One week and 2,000 miles later, I’ve had no problems with the car. It’s a rocket from 65 to 90 and handles much better than I expected. The side window tint does scratch easily and the jack rabbit I nailed the other night at 40 mph didn’t help the front air deflector much, but other than that, what an awesome ride!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100
    Good deal on your V6. Those GTs are scarcer than a sober person in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

    I keep hearing of tint scratching. I think that's a function of the tinter's expertise, not Ford. If a tinter can not do a decent enough prep job to keep their tint job from scratching, on any car, I think I'd either forgo tinting, or find someone who is more adept at doing a good job.

    While I've not driven a V6, I hear that they are speedy in thier own right.

    I can attest to the GT having "awsome" acceleration. Personally, all the cars I've owned probably have had more power than I'll ever need. But, that's why I buy them.
  • fidothedogfidothedog Posts: 2
    I walked into Ted Britt Ford in Chantilly VA (DC suburb) and they had a Mustang GT Convertible on the showroom floor with a....get this....$10,000 premium on it. Salesperson said this was the going price in the DC area for a Mustang GT Conv but I could have it with a $8,000 premium. I called around and the cheapest I could find was a $6,000 premium above MSRP. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out supply and demand but it also leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I passed on the offer and will wait for a better deal on the 06s. I cannot imagine the depreciation hit a buyer would take if they actually bought a $31,000 car with a $10,000 premium (total of $41,000). I figure vehicle would only be worth around $25,000 in two years (40% depreciation hit). Also, I also think that at $41,000 I would be looking at BMW convertibles instead.
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    fidothedog, I agree with you wholeheartedly. One can only talk to the first owners of the latest version of the Thunderbird. The first year premiums were 10K plus including money paid under the table to get on the delivery list. A year later major rebates were offered and now salesmen are begging you to look at one that has been accumulating dust on the lot. In addition, imagine the up-side-down financing problems these first owners must be facing today. One must remember that these vehicles are production models and presently in short supply caused by poor production planning of the manufacturer. These vehicles. although nostalgic to some degree, do not fall under the category of true limited production models such as a Roush or Bullet version that would trigger some level of a premium over msrp. A cool head and a patient attitude will reward you with big financial dividends in the end when production finally catches up to this initial demand backlog. Another added benefit of waiting are that the build glitches that are present on the current model should be corrected on your later model purchase. For me, having major surgery on a new car such as a fuel tank replacement or having to live with "popping" sounds would end my honeymoon period quickly.
  • danmandanman Posts: 16
    I was one of those people that ran out and paid above MSRP on the 2005 Mustang, Had to have it. $2k above to be one of the first which I think I was in my area, $30k for a $28k MSRP car. Awesome car, best Mustang I have ever driven, but had all the mentioned problems, fuel tank, shaker stereo and the final nail in the coffin was the squeaks and rattles that coudln't be fixed on 5+ tries. Even went to a second dealer. Pretty angry when I have people laughing at me and yelling at me while trying to fill my gas tank on a brand new $30k car! I know how to pump my own gas, never had anything likie that happen in my 20+ yrs of driving new cars. I Invoked my rights with the Lemon law and got my $$ back. Checking other alternatives in American muscle now. If I had those rattles now, who knows what it would be like 3+ yrs from now. I hope for 2006 Ford gets it's act together.
  • mrq0529mrq0529 Posts: 5
    fidothedog I ran into the same thing some dealers wanted as much $6000 above sticker.Stay away from the salespeople, go on line or talk to the fleet sales. I ordered a Mustang GT convertible from North County Ford in Vista Ca. on 1-28-05 and took delivery 3-23-05 and paid $1500 over dealer invoice which is still less than MSRP.Total $31853.51 plus tax and license.Extras included: automatic trans, interior upgrade pkg, 17" brt machined wheels, whl locking kit, convert boot, plus they tacked on advertizing fee. They stopped taking orders on 05's 4-8-05 so if you didn't get ordered before then, order a 06
  • peebeepeebee Posts: 1
    It took about 5 weeks for me.
  • huck1huck1 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know whether any of the audio systems currently available for the 05's are ipod connectable or have a "line in"?

    Many thanks.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100
    There is a line in, but I don't think it's activated yet.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100 did your buyback work? Did they refund the $2K above MSRP you paid?

    While I don't know what your situation was with your dealer, but it sounds line they've got a poor service dept. Shakers have been fixed. Slow fuel fill has been fixed.

    My Mustang is as solid as a squeaks, no rattles....just great American muscle.
  • huck1huck1 Posts: 9
    Thanks again graphicguy, but i'm afraid you've lost me. Activated yet? Could you elaborate please. Do you know which system has the line in - the standard package or do i have to go the shaker route?


  • spletzer1spletzer1 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy a 2005 Gt Convert Premium very soon. I have A-Plan access. What experieces have people in my situation had? Could I get one at or around invoice at one of our "31 Metro-Detroit Ford Dealers", or should I not waste my time? I'm willing to go to INDIANA, ILLINOIS or OHIO (yuck) if I have to.

    Go Blue.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Now why would a dealer want to sell a very high demand car for for an A-Plan price when they can get MUCH more otherwise? You will not find a dealer that will discount a 2005 Mustang GT... let alone a convertable. Dont waist your time expect to pay at least 3k over MSRP on a good day.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100
    huck....just posting what Ford customer service told me. I have an I-Pod, too. They said that there is a connector on back of the Shaker system for this, but it's not activated, yet. They didn't give me a time frame. Some folks have been using an FM modulator to use their I-Pod in with the Mustang stereo, though. I believe only the shaker has the line-in, but I've not looked at the standard stereo to know for certain.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100
    Hey....I live in OH....;-)

    Mustangs, especially GTs (both convertibles and coupes) are totally done for '05. Whatever units are coming out of the factory now, either have a buyer who special ordered, or they are spoken for by someone at the dealership's customer level.

    So, while you may find a 'vert on a lot here or there, most dealerships won't touch "A" plan pricing. You might want to try to order an '06 'vert to see if they bite on A plan, though.
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