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Pontiac GTO Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
edited March 14 in Pontiac
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  • ua01682ua01682 Posts: 48
    Last week recieved an internet quote for $25690 AFTER REBATE. The quoted price was on 3 Yellow, Silver, and Red M6 models. I wanted a black one. The $3500 GMAC rebate is over, or is it? Any advice now that it's October?
  • The $3500 GMAC rebate continues in October. I am having a challenging time finding any California dealers willing to come down to $29,190 for M6. What internet quote service are you using and what part of the Country?
  • ua01682ua01682 Posts: 48
    I sent a powerbuy request through for my area, Houston. Local dealer emailed quote at $25690 (Lawrence Marshall Pontiac). Other quotes were 27995 (can't remember) and 27912 (Ron Carter)
  • ua01682ua01682 Posts: 48
    Another quote for 26,500 in Houston. Car is Red/Red A4.
  • yzfr1nyzfr1n Posts: 8
    Is that before or after the $3500 rebate?
  • ua01682ua01682 Posts: 48
    That was including the GMAC rebate. I have heard that another Houston GTO owner got a quote for 25,500 for an automatic.
  • styxstyx Posts: 19
    Check out the Smart Buy on this car. You can own for 3 years for less money than the car will depreciate.
  • Or even 2 years, as I have done.
  • styxstyx Posts: 19
    What was the cost for two years ? Three years was only $11,000!
  • Something like 25690-20500=5190+5.5%.
  • styxstyx Posts: 19
    don't they add sales tax on top of 25690.
  • Yes. In Texas tax is 6.25%.

    If you roll it in your payments go up of course. The GM Buypower site has a nice calculator. Since I signed for 24 the prorated taxes are higher per month than a 36 but it's safer than paying the taxes up front. It's our call though...
  • styxstyx Posts: 19
    In the smart buy the tax is figured in the total price 25000 + 6% = 27000 + interest 4.5% minus balloon payment = Total amount out of pocket.
  • "In the smart buy the tax is figured in the total price 25000 + 6% = 27000 + interest 4.5% minus balloon payment = Total amount out of pocket."

    I think that's about right!
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    Geez, if it's possible to get a 2005 400 horse model for that kind of money I'm doomed. My Forester XT is only a year old and I know I'll end up trading it in. I thought these cars were going for $35K plus which is why I went with Subaru. Now you can get them in the mid twenties?
  • I have about 48 Hours to decide on purchasing a Cosmos Purple, 04 GTO, 6spd, for about $28K out the door. That's with GMS, GMAC Bonus Rebate $3,500, Military Bonus Rebate $500K and 2.9% @ 60 months. I really like the color base on photos in this forum(I am stationed overseas). I will be home next month for the holidays and really wanted to make the purchase at that time, however, but this is the last Cosmos Purple in AZ and the only other color I like is the Barbarous Blue only because it will be discontinued. I think if I wait these colors will not be available next month. Now saying that I think I can be happy with the Midnight Blue. The question is do I gamble and hope that similar incentives will be available around this time next year? My gut feeling is GM will offer either a lower rebate or similar interest rates next year, but not both. I am guessing that I will end up paying an estimated $32K out-the-door for a 2005 GTO, which will make my monthly payments significantly higher. Thanks in advance for your great comments.
  • styxstyx Posts: 19
    That's one of the reasons I buy GM. You can't beat the value. You might have to wait a half or whole year from debut, but after that love those rebates and discounts. I actually bought an 03 Envoy XL new - Traded it in 6 months + 11,000 miles later and received $800.00 more. (24,000 - 24,800). It was on an 03 Yukon MSRP:$40,700 discounted to $29,900. I loved it! Never got a deal close from any other make.
  • I have re-aligned my sights for the 2004 Pulse Red, 6 Spd, GTO. Currently there is 5 Dealers with the combo I want in AZ. Asking for quotes as before with GMS, GMAC & Military Rebate Bonus. I should have at least one out-the-door quote for less than $28K. Again, its pain doing these kind of deals from overseas, but I will hang in there!
  • redacrredacr Posts: 24

    The rebate is now 5,500 in addition to the 2.9%apr.

    so very tempting!
  • On top of the now 5500 cash allowance and 2.9 apr gm card owners get can get an additional 5000 off a 2004 GTO. SO thats 10,500 off plus 2.9% THey must really want to unload these. U Could probally get it for just around 20k with these incentives maybe less!
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