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Pontiac GTO Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ssguy69ssguy69 Posts: 13
    Thanks for clearing up whether the strut rub problem was corrected on the GTO. So currently there are the following solutions:
    1) buy a GTO with the 18" wheels with the p235 tires,
    2) Have GM do it's max positive camber adjustment only to prematurely wear the outer edges of the p245 tires,
    3) Refit with aftermarket equipment.

    In the end a typical GM experience that will cost money no matter how one approaches it. I want a GTO but the common sense side is telling me not to bother.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I don't know if anyone on here has access to GMVIS... might want to swing by the service department of the dealership (bring a box of donuts or something), and ask them to run it.

    My guess is that the car is outside the range of VINs that require strut replacement. The last built car was completed on June 7 2006 and it had an 838xxx VIN. Your 825xxx VIN is probably a mid-May build; the defective strut issue afflicts cars built from mid-January of 2006 until May 4/5, so, assuming my assumptions are correct, it's unlikely you've got the bad struts...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Well, it's up to you if you choose to buy the car. I will say that, IMHO, the GTO is not a typical GM car. The quality of the interior materials/design, and the build quality, is better than any other GM car I've owned. My car has only seen the dealership for a few minor issues (i.e. broken gas cap) and I've had some other issues (door lock buttons, scratched speaker grille, trunk lock mechanism alignment issue) taken care of - but nothing serious in almost 22k miles in 2 1/2 years of ownership.

    Suspension mods to fix the weak points would cost between $120 (SuperPro Radius Rod Bushings - I bought them from and $240 ( Pedders also makes HD strut mounts and sells replacement strut bearings - $38.79 and $34.71, ea. (and bear in mind you need two of each). So, for about $375 in parts + maybe an hour's worth of labor (the radius rod bushings you can do in your driveway if you're at all mechanically inclined) + an alignment , you'd be pretty-well set.

    If you've driven the car and haven't fallen in love with it, then maybe it isn't the car for you. But if you love the driving experience but are afraid of the possible things that may go wrong, well, my experiences have been overall positive/I love the car - and I know I'm not alone (there are a fair number of new GTO's which have rarely seen the dealer - as well as the occasional car that lives there - I had that experience with my first GTO, unfortunately, but GM (eventually) took care of me...
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    That VIN IS within the bad srtut range. Do not know if they have been replaced or not.
  • usa2usa2 Posts: 14
    Thanks Robert. I got the scoop on the other forum. It needs struts. Maybe that is why the price is so appealing?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    If they had this car on their lot the whole time (i.e. they didn't dealer-trade), it's their own laziness in not keeping up with the paperwork. Make them order them ASAP (quote the Y-6099 or whatever the field action # is) so they get replaced ASAP/don't drive the car much (or at all if the struts fail, otherwise you risk contaminating other suspension parts/brakes et. al.)
  • ssguy69ssguy69 Posts: 13
    I salivate everytime I see a GTO, but I don't have the tolerance for build issues-even if I can correct it, I shouldn't have to-when it's a brand new car. If GM fixes the issue under warranty or reimburses me for expenses to correct the problem, then I can see myself in a GTO very shortly. All carmakers have duds and quality issues, but GM and it's not-so-great quality reputation legacy are too well known for something like this with the GTO. I wonder if this was an issue for the Monaro or does it only affect models outfitted for the U.S. market? I'll figure out what to do very shortly. When you indicate "GM (eventually) took care of me...", could you explain further how so?
  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    Hey all, I just sealed the deal on a Red on RED 2006 GOAT with... 2,041 miles! It's certified used to boot, which is amazing because I picked it up for $25,000 before a trade. I've been doing research on this car and I know about the Strut issue. The build date of my car is 07-07-06 so i don't believe it is an issue with mine. The only draw back is that it's five hours away in Virginia haha but the deal was too good to pass up. If any of my fellow GOAT owners (God it feels good to say that) have any comments or tips I would appreciate it.

  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    EDIT: I think I have the build date wrong. the VIN is 820xxx. Does anyone have an approx. build date?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    since the last car was built on June 6, 2006 and had an 838xxx VIN. Yours is probably right around the time that the blown strut issue was discovered, but the best way to determine is to have any GM dealer pull a GMVIS report on your car. The GMVIS report shows the ordering dealer and any warranty and service work that was done on the car - if yours is susceptible to the strut issue, it will have a GM program listed - if you see that mentioned, but no strut replacements under warranty, the work hasn't been done. Oh yeah, the GMVIS also shows the "build date" but, for our GTO's, this is NOT the date the car was assembled in Australia, but instead the date the spoiler was installed when the car got off the boat in California...

    GM put a ton of field reps into GTO's in July-August-September of 2006... those cars got between 2k and 6k miles on them, and were subsequently sold in a GM dealer-only auction... your car might be one of those, based upon its mileage. GMVIS is also useful because it will show you if the car was administratively bought back for any reason (someone in Waco, TX ended up with my first :lemon: GTO, unfortunately for them...)
  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    Thanks for the reply hammen. Here is a copy of the GMVIS for the car.

    VIN : 6G2VX12U86L820669
    Merchandising Model : 2VX37 -2006 GTO COUPE
    GMWarranty Start Date : 08/31/2006
    BARS Order Type : 70 - RETAIL - STOCK
    Delivering Dealer : PATRICK PONTIAC-BUICK-GMC INC.
    ASHLAND , VA 23005-2312
    (804) 798-4200
    Selling Source : 16 - PONTIAC
    Site Code : 04090
    Business Associate Code : 115655
    Service Contract : No
    Branded Title : No
    Warranty Block : No
    PDI Status : Paid

    Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Campaigns

    Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Service Information

    Vehicle Has No Associated On Star or XM Radio Information.

    Description Effective Date Effective Odometer End Date End Odometer
    36/36000 BUMPER TO BUMPER 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2009 36068 miles
    72/100000 SHEET METAL COVERAGE RUST THROUGH 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2012 100068 miles
    96/80000 FEDERAL EMISSION CATALYTIC CONV. AND PCM 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2014 80068 miles
    36/36000 FEDERAL EMISSION 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2009 36068 miles

    R.O Date R.O Number Type Labor Operation Odometer Reading
    07/07/2006 A20669 I Z7000 - PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION - BASE TIME 0 miles

    I'm betting you guys can interpret that better than I can, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary. Thanks all for the help.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    The keyword here is "Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Campaigns". You should have no worries of defective struts. Very clean vehicle. Good luck with your purchase...
  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    Thanks hammen. I'm counting down the minutes until I head to Virginia.
  • Evan

    Congratulations on the car. Have you picked it up yet? I am sure you will love it. I have a red 05.

  • I placed an order today for an 06 GTO Auto from a dealer in CT (I am in NY). Vin 6G2VX12UX6L517974. Should I be worried about the struts. The car comes with the 3/36 warranty.
    What kind of MPG should I expect.
    Any recomendations on the milage for the first oil change?
  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    Yep, I picked it up last Saturday. I need to get the car inspected here in PA when I register it. There are some things that need checked out. First, it just developed yesterday, there is a whine coming from the car when in gear and accelerating. In neutral it is gone, I believe it is coming from the rear differential, I'm going to have them drain and refill it. Second the left rear of the vehicle sits lower than the right. And while going around turns there is a "clunk," so that needs checked out. I read on another forum that it could be the rear sway bar out of the bracket. Any one have any ideas? As far as the buying experience, all went smooth, until now. I feel like I'm getting the run around on it. I need the check for the taxes, title cost along with the title information so I can title and register my gto. I've tried three different people at the dealership and no one will return my phone calls.

    Sorry for the long post haha
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,837
    Evan, you call that a long post!? pffft! :)
    it's normal for pinion gears to make *some* noise, but hey, your car is under warranty so do max out on having the dealer evaluate *anything* which concerns you including rear gear noise.
    left rear sits lower than right? that's gotta be fixed, obviously, unless you are a massive individual and are siting in drivers seat or left-rear of the car at the time! could they have forgotten to remove the "chock" spacer-thing from one side of rear suspension? - those were used for the car's long boat-ride and train/truck ride too, afaik.
  • ahhhh, I'll look for some sort of chock on the passengers side then. Thanks so much for the info. I'm anxious to see what the Pontiac dealer tells me when I take it in one Thursday.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    GM sold 200 last month. Should be approximately 201 on lots.

    192 are automatics, and only 9 manuals (7 Torrid Red, 1 Brazen Orange Metallic, 1 Quicksilver Metallic) are left. Some of these might be demos as well...
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