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Pontiac GTO Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bought mine under the employee pricing plan prior to the GTO being cut from the second round of the plan.

    Since June I've seen some, but not many.

    I also suspect that the GTO is not a high margin car for dealers. When I was looking they were less than enthusiastic about selling the car. Its generating enthusiasm among enthusiasts, but not among the general public. As a result they haven't been able or willing to use it as a halo car to define pontiac. This despite the fact that the "Driving Excitement" division doesn't have anything remotely exciting to drive other than the GTO. (Although someday they might have the Solstice)

    BTW: The cars listed on the GM/Pontiac web site show up there when the cars hit these shores. Its still several weeks (or possibly months), before they actually show up on dealer lots. Also, this includes cars that have outstanding orders. So just because its on the web page doesn't mean its available for sale.
  • pjj14pjj14 Posts: 13
    A local dealer has just informed me that the 2005 GTO is now back on the employee pricing plan. Can you please provide me with any information you may have about how the employee pricing plan works. In particular, I would like to know whether the discount comes off the MSRP or the invoice price, and whether I can still negotiate with the dealer if I opt to take advantage of the plan. Also, can you tell me what kind of deal you were able to get under the employee pricing plan? Thanks.
  • Here's the employee pricing:
    2005 GTO Automatic: MSRP: $34,395.00 Sale Price: $30,995.53
    2005 GTO 6 Speed: MSRP: $33,690.00 Sale Price: $30,293.23

    It's not a discount. It's a set price. The 18" wheel option is extra. The GM website can confirm the employee pricing on a specific car but may not be updated yet re the GTO. The dealer will not be eager to negotiate on anything but your trade if you have one.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    I just saw an adv on Mercury news this weekend that one dealer advertise an 05 M6 below 30K. Apparently they have 3. For anyone interested. But may be waiting for an 06 for Nov and Dec is a better bet since the residual will be higher (unless you drive the car to the ground then the residual will not mean much)
  • Just saw elsewhere that Arnold Pontiac (east coast dealer) is now offering $3500 under invoice on all remaining '05s in stock. That price must include the "secret" $2K in GM to dealer cash and all their holdback.

    The dealer near me still has the same 8-9 cars they had since summer. Just wait until December/January when the '06s start to hit. Then you'll really see some deals!
  • kbobe67kbobe67 Posts: 23
    Local dealer (Wade Raulerson, Gainesville FL) is sitting heavy with two Quicksilver/Black 05's (an A4 and M6) and a Cyclone Gray/Black 05 A4. I bought my Phantom Black/Black 05 M6 out the door for $29k after Employee Pricing and $1k dealer cash.
  • I've been given a quote from the internet sales manager, of $31544 plus tax, title and tag, no dealer fees and no hidden charges for a new '05 auto with 18" wheels. Is this a good deal now that the employee pricing program is over? Or should I push for a better price?
  • Just came from 2 dealers in NJ and the GTO is selling for 30k. They were generous with my 2000 WS6 Trans Am trade in approaching 12.5k plus an additional 5k added by me to bring the payments down to $355 for 48 mos. I have 2 vintage GTO's and wanted to add this to the herd but opted for the Grand Prix GXP V8 instead. I'm real happy too...Great car with plenty of power. Smooth ride and all the creature comforts.
  • I was eyeing a leftover '04 on a dealer's lot, but he's holding fast at $25k. Now I'm thinking I might be better off with an '05. The Red Tag on the car I'm looking at is $30486, but I'd like to get it lower. Anyone know if there are other incentives GM has provided to dealers to move the remaining '05s? I remember they did something similar in December of last year for the '04s. There's tons of '05s to be had around here so they can't be moving that fast. I've already seen a few '06s on lots.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    I would be very reluctant to pay $25K for a new 2004 GTO. For whatever reason there are lots of slightly used 2004 GTOs in most markets. By slightly used I mean that they have 5-12K miles and are in like new cosmetic shape. For example I loooked at a repo GTO in Massachusetts now listed at $18,900 with 7200 miles and it had an after market stainless steel dual exhaust system. I was in essentially new condition. Dealers advertise prices in the $22-25K range but deal readily (or should). After all the 2006 models are the present state of the art. For my money the 2004 with 350 HP is plenty of power and the interior hasn't changed much. If budget issues prevail and you have to have a GTO, I would recommend surveying the availability of 2004 GTOs by using edmunds used car search engine. Good luck.
  • I don't feel comfortable paying $25k on that car either when they are commonly going for $19k elsewhere in the country. I offered them $22.5k for it but haven't heard back. I figured the fact that it is brand new is worth something. I've been scouting out used '04s in my area, most are priced around $25-26k. The lowest I've found is priced at $22.3k. Most, if not all are around or under 10k miles. IMO, they are all overpriced. However, like you said, they *should* readily deal.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    If you are interested in the 2004 (Black on black) gto I looked at in Massachusetts I would be happy to send you the dealers address and telephone. I am 61 years old and finally decided that it was too much car for my age and pragmatism. It was in great shape and the last time I looked was listed at $18.9K. The dealers were straightforward, no pressure and did mention that they were thinking of taking it to auction if it didn't sell soon. 7200miles. Fine shape in and out. New aftermarket SS dual exhaust with separate exits at the bumper. No other modifications I am aware of. It was the best deal I could locate.
  • Sorry, no contact information. Dealership name, city & state only. Thanks!

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  • Hi That one sounds very interesting, especially if its a 6 speed. What dealership is it ? Thanks
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    There were something like 165 '04's left on dealer lots back at the beginning of November (here's a hint... go to the Pontiac dealer locator, which defaults to the 2005's.... edit the URL in your browser window to 2004, and it will show you what cars are available. This also works for 2006 models).

    The reason that most dealers don't like to go under $25k for the '04 GTOs is because that's the price point at which they break even. Figure dealer invoice, less holdback and the $5000 buyout GM gave them last January, and you're in the $25k neighborhood.

    GM doesn't care/won't put incentives on these cars, for, as far as GM is concerned, these vehicles are already sold - to dealers.

    I'm not standing up for the price, just trying to explain their logic. At this point in time I wouldn't pay $25k for a brand-new, never-titled '04 GTO - I think your offer of $22.5 was the sweet spot. For $25k I'd buy a used '05, or maybe pay $20k for a slightly-used '04 and put a ton of mods on it...

  • I found out about the $5k buyout from a couple friends. An acquaintance who used to work at a dealer estimated they could sell the car for $24.1k without losing any money. This takes into account the invoice price, buyout and holdback. I realize the dealer is trying to minimize his losses and understand the figure he came up with. It just doesn't make any sense to spend that kind of money on a new '04 when I can get a used one around $20k with less than 10k miles. I suspect I'll hear from this dealer before the end of the year. I'm sure they don't want to pay taxes on it again.

    I found the link you mentioned to all remaining '04s in another forum. There's an identical car to this one about 50 miles away so I'm going to see what kind of a deal I can get on that one.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    I had attempted to leave the dealers name, town, state and phone number but the post was removed. Reading the above rules I guess the phone number was not allowed.

    Anderson Automotive
    Grafton, Massachusetts (near Worchester)

    Good luck.
  • Hopefully this is helpful to some other buyers, will be picking up my 2005 M6 w/18" wheels on Friday, $28,900 + tax, title, & tag. Was awaiting a post Red Tag return of the $3K incentive, but doesn't look likely, at least until January. I wanted specific color (MNB) and didn't want to chance losing the few left in inventory w/low mileage.

    Yes, I was willing to travel. AirTran and Southwest have good one-way rates, most dealers will pick you up at the airport. Allow them to earn your business by knowing what's left nationwide. Watch out for those "doc fees", they're negotiable...

    Good luck to all!
  • redacrredacr Posts: 24
    damn, what a steal :(


    i mean, even at 25k the car is a great bargain.

    man, i wish i had a gm card.

    too bad i have the subaru mc.

    gonna go to a dealer in the next hour or so. maybe they'll go into holdback, lol rwd v8 the day after christmas ;)


    wow, according to edmunds, the trade in value on a 6speed with 1 mile on it is 22k. even at 25k, i'd already be upside down by 5k since all dealers by me use galves.
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