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Porsche 911



  • I just purchased a 2000 911 and the navigaiton system is not activated. The previous owner didnt have the software. The local Porsche dealer said they didn't support years prior to 2003. Navtech was the original company, but they no longer list Porsche as a vehicle they make a porduct for. Does anyone know how I might be able to update the system? Or barring that, know of a good in-dash aftermarket system that would be compatible with the car? I'm a little fuzzy on how closely related the PCM is to the navigation system and other systems in the car. If I gut that whole section in the dash and replace it with an aftermarket radio and nav system will that affect anything? Is it possible to buy a later model Porsche system and replace the original?
    Thanks for any info.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
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    I started to look into adding Nav to later model 911's that had the PCM, but not the Nav module. Extremely expensive. I was quoted $3,500-$4,000 just for the part, an estimate of $1,200 labor (need to take apart entire dash). This was from a Porsche dealer that really wanted to sell me a 2012 GTS that had everything but the Nav. To prove that they weren't sticking it to me, they offered to take $2.5k off the negotiated price of the car instead. I passed and now am finding that I may have made a mistake.

    You might want to look up and call Intersport Auto in McLean (Tysons Corner) Virginia and ask for their advice. I had my old 2005 911 serviced there and a friend said there is a separate audio company located next to Intersport that does aftermarket systems for Porsche. Even if you are outside the area, they may have some advice for you. I've pretty much given up. If I find a pre-owned car that I really like and it doesn't have Nav I'll look into an i-Pad mini connected to Google Maps.

    Your car sounds too old to be CPO'd, but I've heard different opinions as to whether the Porsche warranty will cover anything electrical period, if an aftermarket audio or nav system has been installed. Given that I am looking at late model cars that have extended CPO warranties, that was a deterrent for me as well.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 911 and its most successful financial year in history, Porsche plans to give workers a bonus of 8,111 Euros ($10,477 USD).

    Porsche Workers Get Big Bonus To Celebrate 50th Anniversary of 911

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  • Totally agree about the donut option. I have a new Boxster. When I found out it didn't have a spare, I went out and bought one (not a Porsche tire but one that will fit). Only problem is that it doesn't fit in the trunk. On a long trip in nowhere I would have to put it in the passenger seat! Warning - has to be the same size as the back tires - they have to be identical in size or it could wreck the transmission. Front can handle unequal sizes.
    At least I have something that could be Fedexed overnight anywhere in the country.
  • I live in north NJ and I am in process of purchasing a new 911 in the next few weeks. Some people are recommending me to purchase winter tires. What do you guys think? does anyone have had experience driving a 911 during winter? For sure I will not drive it on snow, but I am wondering how will the car drive on a freezing weather.
  • IMHO yes get snow tires; you can probably get by w/out them but they make a huge difference if you live in an area w/ potholes and roads which can get a bit dicey. Also if you can get tire insurance or rim insurance that is a fair plan, get it. I was steered away from it by the dealership, and I know why, as they tried to sell me every other BS option, but no the one thing I did need they said no. Why? Cause they know they can make $$$$ on tires. Also, rim health is HUGE. Don't think a bent rim can be hammered back year after year, as eventually it will bite you. Bottom line, get snow tires, and if possible I would get an inch less on the winter rims, for example i have 19 inch summer rims, but go to 18 inch in the winter, and it makes a huge difference IMHO. In addition, cannot believe Porsche did not equip the car w/ a spare, sorry, c'mon I dig the performance is the key, but I gave up my Audi, as the 911 is fine in the winter, and as an everyday car, it's been steady and great. They should have figured out a spare solution IMHO, as if u get a flat traveling on a weekend, sorry but that fix a flat won't help if your tire blows apart. And good luck finding a 19 inch xyabdoshous type tire saturday night/Sunday in the middle of no where or Hartford :<). I'm not super rich by any stretch, but when I see a good value, I try and follow through. You get what you pay for, and with the internet, only a lazy person does not get the lowest 10% price range for an item. 95% why I bought my 911 was I needed a car that would help prevent even minor accidents, and not have something nagging every year. Then having said nag translate into some junk show ripping me off in the form of an overpriced car repair. And it has done exactly that, again knock on wood, for almost five years.
  • ps Guess I should add I didn't buy a new 911. Bought a used three year old 997, early version, w/ 34 k miles. Got the CPO, which helped w/ a Coil issue, saved me two weeks before it expired. Finally, a good mechanic is worth finding asap at least for comp as your cpo usually makes it smart to use your dealership through its tenure, and they will usually give you nice coupons as long as the cpo lasts, but then who knows. Best to act like you are naive/goofy, and will keep coming then once the CPO expires, bolt, and bolt good. Car dealers like to think they are smarter than you, helps the dirt bags sleep at night I guess. If you do your homework, finding a good mechanic should be kosher, but even good mechanics are a-holes to some folks, as they need to make their margin somewhere. As for Dealerships, well u can guess where I'm going.... Good luck
  • Thanks for the advice. I found a set of 4 winter tires with rims for ~$2k on the tirerack website. I will think about it.
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 350
    edited December 2013

    @Fred_1975 , if its not OBE, you can give Bill Bloomfield at EUROTIRE (Fairfield NJ) a call .. not only can he set you up, he's a PCA supporter who offers discounts, too.

    FWIW, when I first got my 911 many moons ago, I found that the compound on the summer tires will "hardball" at <32F and lose a lot of traction. Today's compounds are probably much better, but since we're in the realm of optimizing performance, changing tire compounds for the conditions (summer/winter) not only makes sense, but in comparison to the car, is cheap.


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