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Porsche 911



  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    most dealers today have different books for sales department and service department. So even though you didn't buy your car at Dealer "A" but their service department will want your business.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    There was a brief strike/slow-down BUT your dealer gets updates weekly on the status code of every car he has on order so he should know e-x-a-c-t-l-y where your car is in the process. I'd go visit your dealer and demand to know exactly where your car is in the process and tell (not ask) him you want to receive updates at least weekly.
  • markgc4smarkgc4s Posts: 23
    Thanks guys...I appreciate the info. I will be paying my dealer a visit this weekend.
  • Ditto on the thanks to hotrod and dweiser. I'm going to do the same schedule check on my new C4S. Mark G's got me nervous. Mine's also Atlas Grey. Where are you MG? I'm in NC.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Am I the only one thinking that Mark's dealer has either given up the allocation to another dealer or never even ordered it?
  • markgc4smarkgc4s Posts: 23
    Hey...I'm in NJ. Couldn't wait for the weekend, so called my dealer today. Car has left Germany and should be here within 2-3 weeks. Can't wait! Has anyone had the XPEL clear bra installed on their Porsche? Any feedback?
  • markgc4smarkgc4s Posts: 23
    Hey blckislandguy...I was thinking the same thing, but the dealer confirmed that it left the port and I should have it no later than 4/25.
  • garyg5garyg5 Posts: 15
    can you guys offer any suggestions on wheel options on a 2006, 997/911? any opinions on the Sport Wheel Design??
  • Maybe it's just me, being a jealous Newbie having only recently ordered my first 911 (C4S), but it strikes me that there are a lot of "sporty" looking cars out there (not true sports cars mind you) that are attempting to imitate various of the 997 lines. Some Hondas, etc.???
  • markgc4smarkgc4s Posts: 23
    I think the Sport Wheel Design is the way to go...thats what I ordered on my 2006 C4S. Not a big fan of the other designs.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Wheels = Highly subjective issue.

    I have a 2005 C2S cab with the standard Carrera S wheel. I have ordered a 2006 C2s cab with the "Carrera Classic" wheel.

    I spend practically as much time cleaning the Carerra S wheels as washing the entire car. Too many nooks and crannies. In my opinion, the Carerra Classic (5 spoke) wheel looks good and is easy to clean. Personally, I think the sport design looks too busy for the 911. But it may be my subconscious reminding me of how tough it was to clean the wire wheels of a friends E-Type Jaguar whenever he let me borrow it for a weekend.
  • garyg5garyg5 Posts: 15
    this may sound like a stupid question but have you seen the Sport Wheel? I live in a small island area, without a Porsche dealer. The only "visual" i have of the Sport Wheel is on the Porsche web site, but i cant tell if the wheel is a brushed aluminum look, or a "painted" grey look? A friend who went to a Porsche dealer, says the Sport Wheel had a painted, plastic look. I dont see Porsche doing that?? I appreciate the feedback from all of you, i am buying sight unseen, on line.
  • garyg5garyg5 Posts: 15
    is the Sport Wheel Design a brushed aluminum metal or a painted wheel, i can't tell from the web site??
  • markgc4smarkgc4s Posts: 23
    Here is a link for a pic of the sport design's a brushed aluminum wheel.
  • rayngrayng Posts: 70
    Maintenance will be oil changes every 15k for ~$500 (check with your local Porsche service department), the 30k service (~$1200), brakes, tires, and other maintenance items. The 996 has been pretty reliable despite the notorious rear main seal problems.

    So I would estimate your maintenance costs to be low with depreciation as your biggest expense by far. If you want to save money, why not buy a used 997 for around $65k? Drive it sparingly, get the clear bra, and expect many years of relatively trouble free sports car ownership.

    Compared to the 'vette, the 997 should be more reliable especially if you consider the consumer report surveys.

    In the end, maintenance and depreciation are not the reasons why most car enthusiasts purchase sports cars. Buy what you love, and enjoy the car to the fullest. Both the 997 and the 'vette are wonderful cars, and bring a great deal of joy and fun to their lucky owners. Life is too short to worry about maintenance costs. Now if you were to say Ferrari, then be afraid, very afraid... :P
  • garyg5garyg5 Posts: 15
    thank's a lot for the link, i like the look, you are right, it is the way to go. i just placed my order and hope to have my 911 by June!?
  • c4sloverc4slover Posts: 8
    Was wondering where you have seen used 997s for $65,000? I have not seen them that low. The lowest I have seen for a non S coupe was about $75,000. Would love to pick one up for $65,000. What part of the country did you see it in?
  • c4sloverc4slover Posts: 8
    Correction. I think you're correct about $65M for a used 997 coupe. I was thinking cab. Those are about $10M higher. I am looking for a cab.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    "Maintenance will be oil changes every 15k for ~$500 (check with your local Porsche service department)."

    Wow, don't know who's ripping you off but I've been quoted well under $200 for an oil & filter change for my 2006 997.
  • garyg5garyg5 Posts: 15
    I have a 997-911 Coupe on the way, due this summer. I see you comment about the "clear bra"...please tell me about it?. is this a Porsche option or aftermarket??
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