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Porsche 911



  • outamoneyoutamoney Posts: 7
    After one week with my new C2S Coupe, my impressions are:
    Adaptive seats . . . very nice, memory options work for my wife & I.
    Nav. . . could do without, more of a novelty
    Bose . . . not worth the extra cost, typical Bose IMO (I have found I very rarely have the stereo on as I prefer the sound of the engine!)
    Bi-Xexon . . .Must have, any car that I can have them on I will. Have them on our Acura TSX. Standard equipment on "S".
    Rain sensors . . . work excellent
    Sport Chrono . . . . I believe this is a must must must have! (Keep in mind, at least in the Canadian version there is more to it than just the extra feel of power. There are a lot of additional programming featurs on the PCM that come with it)
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Habitat1, thanks for the realistic response. Sometimes some of these posts read like the poster is spending funny money and just checks off all the options, even those which by all agreement (e.g., the NAV) are second rate or foolish vanity (embroidered head rests).

    Now, about the rear window wiper option?? Necessary? Or is there an electronic defroster built into the glass. (Only Porsche would have the gumption to charge extra for a rear window wiper.)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Hey, watch it, I have those vain "Porsche Crest in Headrest". And the equally useful "Aluminum Sill Plates w/ Model Designation", just in case I need to be reminded that I have a "Carerra S" when I open the door. ;) ;)

    I wouldn't have ordered either of these items, but given the magnitude of my discount, I effectively got them and the $2,400 sport exhaust and a few other goodies for free compared to the custom order price.

    Regarding navigation, the Porsche system is far behind our Acura(s)'s in usefulness. But given that I have taken the car on quite a few "adventures", I still find the system worthwhile. The idea of trying to flip though an atlas while you are shooting through Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania backroads doesn't work for me.

    I have a Cab, so no rear wiper option. My personal opinion is that it detracts from the clean look of the coupe. Reminds me too much of my old 1984 Supra or the 928. That's one in which I would save the bucks and buy a nice Seal Grey ice scraper. FWIW, my rear window defroster works great on condensation and frost.
  • esuomm1esuomm1 Posts: 5
    I live in So Cal and got the C4 Cab. All the C's are plenty fast for me but the C4 is a bit wider and I like the wider look and the way the 305's look in the wheel wells. Since I never plan to race or track it, the performance I found to be adequate for my kind of driving.


  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    blckislandguy, you're correct, I have a 997 Cab and the Bose. Going to show my ignorance here but I do know this, however many speakers the coupe w/Bose has, the Cab has one fewer (in the rear due to the top). I'm positive about the one less speaker, sorry I can't be more specific as to which one is omitted in the Cab.
    I find the Bose to be o.k., not sure it's worth the money, never heard the standard P-car stereo. It's not an upper-end system, I can definitely say that, but it's not awful either. I have a Bose Acoustic Wave radio in my bedroom (it's playing the new Mark Knopfler/Emmy Lou Harris CD as I type) and I've always thought the sound from it was way over-rated.
    As for options, I'm sure Porsche thinks of these as the gravy train. I'm kind of surprised tires and brakes aren't optional! However, one man's useless option is another's must have so options are a matter of personal taste.
    As for the C2 vs. C4 debate I agree with the comments above from esuomm1. I like having AWD and I LOVE those wider hips!
  • podiatronpodiatron Posts: 1
    People I need some advice. Especially from Habitat.
    I am going to buy one of these cars in the next week I am turning in my 2001 M5 which I love.
    I live in Northeast but I will not drive this car in the snow ever if I can help it. Rain yes snow no!!
    So, which car will be a better choice for me performance wise if we assume I would drive it mostly in dry weather? I also want to have the best ride (softer) I would rarely use a sport mode if I had it)
    Is the sport exhaust option only available with sport chrono package? I do not think I need PASM and not sure what other essential options I would need except for maybe 19" tires.
    Also does anyone know if the rear body of the S and the Carrera are the same in style? Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. My dealer is going to give me 8% off MSRP of whatever I choose. So any other thoughts are appreciated.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Sounds like your dealer is willing to give you a nice discount - perhaps he could also give you test drives of the various models? Although it's preferable to drive cars past their break in period so that you can get a real feel for the differences.

    In my opinion, the difference between the Carerra (3.6 / 325hp) and Carerra S (3.8 / 355 hp) is noticable, but really only when you push it a bit. For the roughly $10k difference, you are also getting xenons, 19" wheels, PASM, sport steering wheel. So you can do the math and figure out what the "net" cost of the added horsepower/performance would cost you. I would have bought all of those items anyway, so the net for me would have only been about $5,500.

    The "2" vs. "4" has a lot of factors:

    -Wet weather performance will be better in the 4. But of my 6,500 miles in the past 8 months, less than 100 have been in the rain and even at that, my "2" feels a lot more solid and stable than my former Honda S2000. I have not had a situation where I wished for the "4" for stability reasons, given my driving habits.

    - The "4" body is roughly 1.75" wider in the rear, with 305 vs. 295 rear tires (265 on the base "2"). If you can tell the difference and like the look, that's a factor - but remember ALL 997's are wider than the old 996, so they all look good to me.

    - The "4" is roughly 130 lbs heavier than the "2". And 5% of the power is always going to the front, which results in a slightly less efficient drive train (maximum horsepower "at the wheels" is lower for the "4" than the "2"). Based upon my test drives, the base "2" and the "4S" feel similar in quickness, the base "4" a notch slower and the "2S" a notch quicker. But none are slouches.

    - FWIW, I have heard the "2" is more fuel efficient on the highway than the "4", but that's anecdotal. I get 26 +/- mpg at 70-75 mph on the highway with my "2S". Maybe someone else can post their experience with a "4".

    - The "4" loses room in the front trunk due to the additional drive train components. I'm about to head out on a 3 day golf outing, with a buddy. We'll need every nook and cranny to fit 2 golf bags, 2 duffle bags and other junk. So having a deeper trunk will prove beneficial.

    On your other questions / comments:

    - PASM is standard on the "S" models. I have mine set on "normal" 80% of the time, which is slightly softer than the non-PASM suspension. Switching to "sport" on smooth roads and the highway produces a noticably firmer suspension and is better for "spiritied" driving. If you get a non-S model and don't get the PASM option, you might want to re-think 19" wheels if you are looking for a softer ride. Also, on the appearance front, PASM lowers the car (1/2" +/- I think). A little more aggressive look (i.e. like the wider "4").

    - I am pretty sure that the sport exhaust is a stand alone $2,400 option. But I would put the $920 sport chrono ahead of the sport exhaust on my priority list.

    - The rear of the base and S are the same. It's the "4" that is wider than the "2".

    Like I said, 8% discount on a new custom ordered car is quite good. Take your time and some test drives to make sure you get the best car for YOU. I have absolutely no regrets for getting a "2S", but neither does dwieser for having gone with a base "4". Good luck.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Habitat1, you the man.

    In the C2 vs. C4 discussion, what about hydroplanning? A base C2 with the 265 rear tires should give a softer ride, less tire noise, be cheaper to replace, and resist hydoplanning better than the bigger 305 sneakers, right? This ought to make it better in not only rain but slushy snow.

    (Man, if my thinking is correct, a base C2 sounds better and better. Maybe I'll even have enough money left over for the monogrammed head rests!)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    In the C2 vs. C4 discussion, what about hydroplanning? A base C2 with the 265 rear tires should give a softer ride, less tire noise, be cheaper to replace, and resist hydoplanning better than the bigger 305 sneakers, right? This ought to make it better in not only rain but slushy snow.

    I think you better consult with an "aquatic engineer" on that question. ;) Or, more likely, an ME with a good understanding of fluid dynamics. I'm just an MBA. And I like the bigger sneakers for dry handling, although there is obviously a lot more difference in going from 265 to 295 (base to S) than 295 to 305 ("2" to "4").
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    "I also want to have the best ride (softer) .... "
    The ride with the 18" wheels (I have been told by many) is softer than the ride with the 19" wheels.
    Habitata1 offers excellent advice (as usual), see if you can drive the non-S and the S, the C2 and the C4, to really judge for yourself in important areas like acceleration, ride comfort, handling, etc.
    Both the C2 and the C4 will be two of the most stable vehicles you've ever driven, I can almost promise you that. I just happen to prefer AWD.
  • pmannepmanne Posts: 1
    I just ordered my first porsche a c2s. I was wondering if anyone knew the details and time frame of how the paint to sample option occurs. I ordered a fountain blue, with carrera s black wheels, sea blue interior, nav, tpms, heated seats, guards red seat belts, model delete, and carrera s logo on the storage bin. My dealer initially told me a build date of July 10 for a 2007, then I was told porsche will not even consider the PTS order until september and from then it could be 3-6 months on or after christmas. The fountain blue color is in there exclusive brochure. Any reason they couldn't get the paint ready for the july or september production dates? I know the factory closes in August for re tooling.
    Any information would help, thanks.
  • I was told the same 3-6 month delay for a paint to sample order on a 911S. I've elected to go for the Turbo and will likely go with slate grey which is a standard color, no delay.

    I've been to the Porsche factory and they produce cars in batches of standard colors, so when you do a paint to sample order, you get thrown into a "catch as catch can" in their production schedule. And given the popularity of the 997, I would expect the high side of that 3-6 month estimate.

    Obviously colors are a personal preference, but I hope you plan on keeping your car for a long time. You'll be paying a fair amount for your customization, but the custom and/or contrasting interiors take a big hit on resale. My dealer had a 2002 Turbo in a custom color combination, with contrasting seat belts and dials and "non-traditional" colors. When the original owner traded it, they discounted the trade in value by $10,000 compared to a traditional silver, black, grey, etc. It still sat on their lot for 8+ months, while everything else sold in days or weeks. They finally sold it at a deep discount to someone who had the interior redone.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    In theory a wider tire will tend to aquaplane more but this of course depends on the design of the tire. If you want the wider tires I personally would select an excellent rain tire to compensate for the width.

    I'm still studying the "Plus 2" debate on larger wheels...there are so many considerations and variables here...ride quality, unsprung weight, wheel strength, etc.
    One thing you must avoid is increasing or decreasing your overall diameter by more than a couple percent.

    Here's a nifty chart to help you decide:


  • renmo1renmo1 Posts: 2
    To get the best price in the bay area do like I did....go to all the Porsche dealers and ask for 5% of MSRP and see what they'll do for you. I got 5% from one dealer....i'm not sure he'd like it advertised or I'd tell you which one...but I got 2k from one, 2.5k from another and might have gotten 5% from another but I took the first 5% offer I got. Hope that helps. Oh yeah I'm ordering a C4S with about 10k in options.
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    It's the first time we bought a car from out-of-state, and it is an excited experience, more so than buying it from a local dealer. The whole process took 10 days: from the time I emailed all the dealers asking for no-haggle prices to the car arriving at our door. The anticipation was both nervous and exciting!

    BTW, with our 2004 Targa and the new 2006 C4 parked side-by-side in our garage, we can greatly appreciate the wider "hips" of the C4. It is just beautiful!
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    It gets better, wait 'till you drive the new baby!
  • kyingkying Posts: 61

    You are so right!

    Since the car was flatbedded to us, it was kinda dusty, so I took it for a wash, and it was ... WOW! I even noticed the big difference between it and our 2004 Targa. I feel so sad that the Targa now has been demoted to our second most favorite car. :D
  • decisions1decisions1 Posts: 17
    Congrats kying!! I've had the same reaction to my new C4S I finally picked up last Thursday.

    And speaking of giving these babies a wash, any tips on that? I don't have time or need at the moment for a pro, but want to clean mine up after 9 days of daily driving, and am curious what owners are doing when they do a do-it-yourself quick wash.

    Much appreciated.
  • eewatcheewatch Posts: 8
    Congrats kying! That's got to be a heck of an experience to get your car delivered to your door...a Porsche 911 no less!
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Congratulations on the new C4!
    I live in San Diego (we only have 2 Porsche dealers down here), but would not be averse to a Phoenix sale. What was the discount that you got from the Phoenix dealer and which dealer was it? I am also considering waiting for the 2007 models. I would like to get a C4 Cabriolet relatively lightly equipped (Power seats, Bose, xenons, seal grey metallic), so I might have to order it. I have seen other posts of 5% to 8% to as much as $13,000 off a loaded ($110K plus car).
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