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Porsche 911



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,672
    pathdoc isn't likely to reply... He posted that message about two years ago... :)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have just been through the process of ordering a 997 Targa 4S. The car has a base price of $95,900. With a ton of options (including custom paint, full leather, and all of the dark wood [Makassar] options, as well as 20 others on the extensive list) the price became $125k plus tax and license. The dealer [Beechmont Porsche in Cincinnati, OH] gave me a $5,000. discount and split the cost of enclosed trailer transport to California. If you need to buy a Porsche, I highly recommend Bruce Harnish. Don in Folsom, CA
  • redsoxgirl,

    I agree with W210, you did the right thing on passing on a Turbo w/o sport-chrono. I asked my dealer about it and he said he was unaware of any Turbos that had come in without that option in his entire region (Northeast). My dealer would not order a Turbo without sport chrono without at least a $10k non-refundable deposit. It will be hell to re-sell if the orignial buyer walks.


    It sounds like you've ordered quite a car. But I hate to burst your bubble, that is not a very good discount. There is at least a 13% dealer mark-up on the car and options. My dealer indicated that he would give an 8% discount on such a car, which would work out to $10k. If you are so inclined, ask Don at Bruce Hornish to give you a better deal. With all of the options you are loading up on that car, you deserve it.

    Also, just curious, why $125k for a Targa 4S when you can get a Turbo for $130k-135k?? Even the future Turbo Cab should only come in at around $140-145k
  • Porschetarga4S,

    ditto on the comment on the "discount" and double ditto on the questions
  • ifpskenifpsken Posts: 39
    Habitat: I put a fair amount of miles on the TT this weekend, it is now up to 850 miles. During my lengthy drive on Sat I switched a few times between sport and comfort for the sole purpose of trying to compare the comfort of the 997tt vs the 996tt. At the default comfort setting, the ride is definitely more comfortable than the 996tt, in Sport it is definitely more firm/harsh than the 996tt. It would be a very acceptable daily driver with regard to comfort.

    Redsox girl: Congratulations on your decision! Even though the Sport Chrono was not an option, I believe that you would have thoroughly enjoyed the power of the TT. But as an only car, I believe the storage limitation would have been a sore subject for your ownership period.

    I, for the first time, jumped on it, from a standstill 1st and second gear, shifting out of 1st at about 5700rpm on Sat and..... WHAT A THRILL!!!! Obviously, I have never experienced this kind of power before so it was quite exhilarating! Perhaps I should try Willow Springs after the break-in!?!
  • hi,

    i am still in the hunt for my dream car. i was thinking of stepping up into a 2001 911 Turbo with very low miles.


    1. its a non porsche dealer. (they sell exotics and have been around forever, but nonetheless, not an authorized dealer. is there a drawback to buying an expensive car like this?

    2. how dependable were the 2001 Turbos? did they also have the rms leak?

    3. the price is $74,000.00 even and it only has 9000 miles on it. is this a fair price?

    4. is the maintenence much much higher on a turbo than a non-turbo or about the same ie oil change, tuneup?

    any other thoughts about the 2001 turbo would be helpful.

    thanks very much

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    1. My frined who traded in his leased 2001 Turbo on a 2006 C2S said it was resold by the dealer for $73k+/- with a 4 year/100k total CPO Warranty. It had 11,000 miles, with factory and certified upgrades that took it to 520hp/520 ft-lbs. The CPO warrantly would be worth a lot to me. What can/will the selling dealer provide?

    2. Turbos, as far as I have been able to research, do NOT have the RMS leak issue, nor do GT3's.

    3. Not sure on the price, since I never shopped for one. But I would point out that a brand new well equiped 2006/7 C2S could be purchased for about $80-$85k and would be almost as quick as a stock (non "S" / X51) 2001 Turbo. That would be a reality check for me, even though I would concede the Turbo is more unique. It has also been speculated that used 996 Turbo prices are falling due to the availability of the 997 Turbo and its significant improvements at a relatively competitive price to what the last 996's Turbo S's sold for. That prbably doesn't have as much of an impact on a 2001.

    4. No idea on the maintenance.

    5. Other - I would ask for full documentation (annual/routine maintenance, mileage logs, etc). I apologize for sounding like a broken record, but since I have 10,000 miles on my 1 year old 911, I remain cautiously suspiscious of cars that have only been driven 9,000 miles in 5-6 years. And, if you get very serious, I'd have a Porsche mechanic do a complete inspection.
  • I agree. Even though I am a huge turbo fan and currently have a deposit on a 997TT, I would rather have a new 997S anyday than a 2001 Turbo. As stated the performance difference is not that great and I think the new interiors are much improved. I like the fact that I would have a full factory warranty. Just my 2cents. Good luck. :)
  • Never heard of a backseat in a GT3. No roll cage in US models I am told. I think you should consider a 997. The 2007 models are going for around 5% off MSRP and the new 06 models are going for 10-11% off MSRP. Great deals. If you plan on doing alot of track time that maybe the GT3 is for you. I agree with the post that you should test a used GT3 for a sense of what ownership may be like. Cheers.
  • Thanks very much. It was a big help!

    Have a nice weekend.

  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    I am in the market for a 911 carrers S coupe no one will give back on the price , you suggest don in folsom ? i am in so-cal.. will he barter on price? if so give me his number please
  • I'm not sure of the state of the market in southern California, but a former business partner got $7,000 off on a Cayman S in the San Francisco area a couple of months ago and could have gotten a similar deal on a 911.

    Given the wide variety of colors and optional equipment, you should do an internet search of all California dealer inventories and find cars that you would be interested in. Then contact the dealers by phone or in person with the price you are willing to pay.

    I guess from your name that you are a "newbie" to Porsche. Don't act like one. Do your research in advance, know what you are willing to pay, find an in-stock car through the Porsche web site and cut a deal if you can. Move on to another dealer if you can't. But any initial conversation with a Porsche dealer that you start with a general "do you barter on price" is likely to get a cold shoulder. Especially if you are in your 20's and drove in with a Toyota. Or just don't appear or act credible in general.

    Good luck and don't get hell bent on staying in California if the dealers are not competitive. My dealer ships 4-5 cars to California every year from Pittsburgh. From what I saw of the previous deal from Folsom, it was no deal. And that poster never returned to explain what drugs he was taking to get a 911C4S up to $125k. Roll your sleeves up and get cracking - there are decent deals out there that you can do yourself, if you really are serious.
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    sounds good. seems easier said than done all i want is a seal gray 911 s coupe with nav. got quoted 86,400 out the door here in so cal. and just have to order it....but will anyone deal?? not sure how to surf cal. web sites. Also porsche sales people treat you like s_i_. You would think spending lots of green would mean something..any way thanks for the info.
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    where in the bay area did he get the car
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "not sure how to surf cal. web sites. Also porsche sales people treat you like s_i_."

    Go to Porsche Homepage title. Go to USA under the North American tab and a screen will pop up that allows you to "Find a Dealer". Type in your zip (or another one for another area) and "300 miles" and presto, you have a complete list. You can click on each dealer's site and check out 911 inventories. Porsche couldn't make it much easier - I can't do that for an Acura.

    Second, if you find a dealer that has listed a car you want, call the sales manager directly. And, I agree with spiritinthesky, know what you want to pay in advance so you can cut a deal quickly and with authority.

    Lastly, as I am sure you are aware, the 911 option list is a mile long. My 2005 911S Cab had $13k worth of options. But given that I got a $10k discount, it worked out better than a $5k discount on exactly the car I wanted. Be prepared to take some options you might not have ordered to get the best deal on an in-stock car. And don't get a 911S without the $920 sport chrono package. If you need to ask why, you need to do a few more test drives with that "sport" button turned on. ;)
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    so the answer to get a deal is dont order .deal with what they have on the lot.???thanks for the insight on the chrono pkg.does it really make a big diff. ? and how does the option exhaust work / does it add more H.P. did you get the color u wanted ??..I really appreciate the replys and info. shared keep it coming THANKS
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    when you order, you are ordering 2007 model. You WILL receive discount (5%?)but just not as deep as those 2006 that have be sitting in the lot. If this is your first Porsche, you should order one exactly the way you want it. You don't want to settle for something less to save $5K on a $90K car.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I bought a brand new 2005 997S Cab when the 2006's were on the way. Compared to ordering a 2006 exactly the way I wanted it, I saved an additional $5k in discount ($10k vs. 5k) and avoided a $2,400 in price increase. So, even though I might not have ordered $4k worth of options, I essentially got them for free and then some by taking a car off the dealer lot. I was only interested in Seal Grey / Black at the time, which I got.

    The Porsche sport exhaust does not officially add any horsepower, but it, along with the sport chrono, give the feeling that they do. The sport exhaust is $2,400 and not on a high percentage of cars. The sport chrono is $920 and on about 2/3 or more of the "S" models, as best I can tell. If you are asking these questions, it sounds like you haven't even test driven the car?? Not a wise move on any car, let alone a $80-90k+ 911.
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    i will get 5% off ?? good point taken thanks
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