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Porsche 911



  • bsissibsissi Posts: 14
    I love the car. It uses a lot of oil though. The dealer has it for repair under warranty.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    RE: Allocations remain tight and '06 sales figures

    I wish you had reported not just '06 figures but sales in '07 and monthly sales in '07 compared to the same month in '06. I read recently that Porsche sales have significantly decreased in the last six months. (This is notsurprising: the Cayenne is on a downward slope, the Cayman hasn't taken off despite some new lease programs, and the 911 costs serious money. With housing prices going down, the "wealth effect" ---"honey, look we're rich: our house is now worth 900K and we can pull some money out" no longer holds.) In New England dealers still have nice (i.e, minimally optioned but with nice colors) new '06 911s on the lot with monthly interest payments that must be killing them.

    McMansions and Porsches are now in a buyers market.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Topspin, I know you directed your question at Habitat1 who is very knowledgeable but I wanted to chime in. I have considered a 911 for daily use in New England but can't convince myself it would work. Here are a couple of ideas that maybe you haven't considered. The upward egress out of a 911 can be tough enough unless you are 19 years old in jeans. But it must be very difficult for a middle aged guy in business wear onto a slippary surface. Secondly, I suspect that in snowy/icy conditions you couldn't be as protective of the body and finish as you might like. Parking in outdoor lots surrounded by SUVs and shopping carriages, trying to keep it clean, etc. could become aggravating. Finally, you would defintely want some winter tires and wheels and I could only guess what that might cost. Maybe 3-4K for good tires and cheapo wheels?

    But here is a solution. I love my Cayenne. Great ground clearance, good visibility, good all weather capability , rear wiper (optional and rare on a 911) and rear window defrost, etc.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    McMansions and Porsches are now in a buyers market.

    According to my dealer, the slowdown that he has seen from the "wealth effect" you refer to has actually impacted the Boxster and Cayman more than the 911. And would have impacted the Cayenne, if not for the new model.

    On another subject, I'm looking forward to a test drive later this summer of the new base Cayenne with the 6-speed manual transmission. My dealer has indicated he will order one "just to tempt me". Well equiped, it should come in at around $50k and with the upgraded engine and manual transmission, he thinks it will match the performance of the previous Cayenne S automatic. If only the new Cayenne S came with a stick.
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    You ring...We bring!

    Month to Date: MARCH
    987/2007: 1036
    987/2006: 995
    997/2007: 1363
    997/2006: 1127
    Cayenne/2007: 877
    Cayenne/2006: 1052

    Year to Date:
    987/2007: 2213
    987/2006: 3256
    997/2007: 3371
    997/2006: 2841
    Cayenne/2007: 2641
    Cayenne/2006: 3002
  • topspin628topspin628 Posts: 373
    Thanks, I would love to hear about your Cayenne. I remember cross shopping it with the BMW X5 I wound up leasing. At the time the BMW felt more solid and heavier which for me was more of the SUV feel I wanted. The Cay seemed lighter and the doors didn't close with the thud of a "german car". How do you like it and why? Is it "car like". How's the gas mileage and reliability.
  • "According to my dealer, the slowdown that he has seen from the "wealth effect" you refer to has actually impacted the Boxster and Cayman more than the 911."

    I've known my Porsche salesman for more than 30 years and he tells me the same story. His allotment of turbos and GT3s is just about gone, has a decent, but not overhwleming selections of 911, 2 Base Boxsters, etc. All '07s.

    He just took a 2001 911 arctic silver couple in trade on an '07 911. Has about 25,000 original miles, asking $43,000.

    Was thinking of offering them 40k if they paid the $$$ to make it Porsche certified as a used car. Dealer also has an outstanding '05 911 coupe with about 10,000 miles on it but they want $70K. Too much for a summer toy.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Dealer also has an outstanding '05 911 coupe with about 10,000 miles on it but they want $70K."

    Sounds like your dealer is a little pricey. Unless that base coupe is overloaded with options, it probably didn't sell for a whole lot more than $72-75k new. By comparison, that would mean they would be asking close to $90k for my 2005 S Cab ($20k+ higher MSRP than a base coupe, plus $13k in options). That's about $8,000 more than it's really worth.
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    Actually, the 05 is pretty accurately priced...Since there are very few stripped 911s out there...Figure Full Leather, Power Seat Pkg., NAV, Bose, 19s, CD Changer...KBB puts it at $72,415.00 with no adjustment for CPO status...which on this car apprx. 2011 or 100,000 Miles, whichever comes first.

    C2s with similar mileage are going thru the Auctions at $63,000-$64,000. Options not accounted for.
  • THanks of rthe info. Come Snday I think I'll go take a long hard look at the '05. It does have NAV, BOSE, etc. Not sure about 18" vs. 19" wheels. I have the CARFAX on the '01 but not on the '05. '01 was locally owned and traded in on an '07. This dealer buys a lot of cars nationally as they comes off of lease.

    Again, thanks
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    In that case, I'm curious as to what would be the value - retail and wholesale - that you would estimate for my 2005 911 S Cab:

    12,700 miles
    Seal Gray / Black
    Excellent condition w/ new rear tires
    Options (totaled $13k+): Nav, Sport exhaust, full leather seats, power seats, heated seats, Bose, 6CD, self dim mirrors, aluminum Carrera S sill plates, Porsche crest in headrests, colored wheel crests, mats.

    Thanks in advance.
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    Interesting how Edmunds & Kelley vary on the numbers...The Manheim auction site shows no option for the Cab...

    KBB does not book things that are unique to Porsche like Sport Exhaust, X51 Power kits. PCCBs, Crest in headrest, sill plates, etc. but they show a Retail Value of $82,800. $74,750.00 is Wholesale

    Edmunds offers uniques options, although not Porsche Design stuff and shows a value of $84,167.00 if the C2S Cab is Certified...$79K and change if not...$70,602 would be their
    Trade In/Wholesale #.

    So you can see these numbers can be all over the map...Again, it depends upon the the car, the market & the Dealer....sorry about not getting Auction numbers though, for that is really the common denominator and puts the other numbers in a better perspective...The auction numbers are fact; the others are based on an applied theory.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I read recently (and agree) that a Cayenne with a stick would be a lot of fun and involving. A RI Porsche sales guy dismisses the idea of a stick in a Cayenne by pointing to the car's weight. I think though it would be a blast. If you kept the options simple (Bose, metallic, heated seats, etc.) you would be well under 50K for a transaction price.

    Incidentally, I have a heated wheel and it throws off minimal heat. Given that it doesn't work (there isn't even a switch to turn it on, let alone increase the temp) you might consider the wood wheel. Pass on the turbo or any other wheel option and just pick them up off Ebay with winter tires already mounted.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,418
    Kelley numbers are what the dealer would like to get for the car

    Edmunds numbers are what people would hope to pay for the car

    Auction numbers are what dealers pay for cars they will make a profit on (hopefully).

    So in that light, all three numbers make sense.

    KBB- bargain hard on these numbers

    Edmunds--try for private party value or lower

    auction-- generally cheaper than you can buy one on the street.


  • Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought the 2004 Anniversary edition Carrera. The salesman whispered to me that the car would be a chick magnet. If by chick magnet he meant that a guy in a cube van wanted to trade my car for his van and the contents, then the sales guy was right. First day, I put 130 miles on the car. I absolutely love it. Much nicer than the 2004 M3 I owned a couple of years ago.

    Back to my question. Can you please let me know how you wash your cars. I live in an apartment (corporate housing) and can't wash mine by hand. The dealer has free washes on the weekend but it is a automatic car wash with the fabric strips that beat your car to death.

  • tgenoyertgenoyer Posts: 4
    anyone knows when to expect the 2008 models?
  • bpm69bpm69 Posts: 10
    ok. 2007 targa s.
    My local dealer doesn't have a color or transmission that I want, but may be able to find one I would want at another dealer.
    Does that impact my ability to negotiate on price, and how much should I expect to pay under the MSRP given that it's not in his inventory?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "but may be able to find one I would want at another dealer."

    I think YOU should try to find one at another dealer, first. Every dealer's inventory is on the web and you can search all of the dealers (up to 300 mile radius) of your zip code. Try other zip codes if you need to.

    In September 2005, I found a C2S Cab at a Baltimore dealer that ended up giving me a $10k discount. I worked directly with the sales manager. After the purchase, he indicated that, had a DC area dealer called him on the car on my behalf, the best I would have ended up with was half that discount. DC area dealers were much more greedy at the time and there would be more commissions to pay in a dealer swap transaction. If your local dealer is offering you a great discount, maybe the difference wouldn't be as great, but you don't need to add them as a middle man if you don't want to.

    Also, I have been very impressed with the service / follow-up I've received from both the selling dealer and my closest local dealer. It seems as though Porsche NA is committed to making sure your service experience is good, regardless of where you bought the car. I have been told by a friend who is a lobbyist/consultant for Porsche that they are committed to keeping their top ranking over Lexus as #1 in customer satisfaction.

    Good luck.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Can you please let me know how you wash your cars. I live in an apartment (corporate housing) and can't wash mine by hand."

    You need to expand your social network to include friends who have a single family home with a hose bib. ;)

    Good friend of mine who lived in a condo faced the same dilemma. He bought a black Mercedes, just as the condo association banned car washing. He came over one Saturday with a Venti sized Starbucks cafe mocha and a bag of bagels for my wife and kids. It became a once or twice a month get together until he moved to California (to a San Francisco brownstone with a hose bib!).

    I'm surprised a Porsche dealer has the car wash with the fabric strips. I don't think you can take convertibles through those (no soap on the top). Both my Porsche dealer and Acura dealer provide free hand washes with service, but even then, I prefer to do it myself.

    If you are in the DC area, you are welcome to stop by with coffee and bagels!
  • That's too funny. I appreciate the offer but Las Vegas is a bit of a drive. The salesman told me there were hand washes but when I was poking around the dealer waiting for delivery, much to my "horror" I saw the automatic car wash with strips. Maybe he meant he would hand wash it. Funny thing, I've been in Vegas 5 months and it has rained roughly 3 times. The third time is about 2 days after I bought the porsche. Frustration.
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