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Porsche 911



  • buylowbuylow Posts: 41
    I'm a newbie and certainly not an expert, but I would like to share my porsche buying experience. Like you, I also live in CA and just bought a 2006 911 coupe with 13,000, GT silver, with 19" wheels, leather seats - heated, no navigation, no pasm system. Car is in excellent condition, must have been used as a week in driver. I bought the car three weeks ago from the Porsche dealer in Torrance for $65,000. They were asking $71,000. I wanted it for $61,000, but he wouldn't go lower. When I started to walk out, he threw in an extended warranty. I got 2 years or 50,000 miles left on the original warranty and 4 additional years or 100,000 miles on the additional. That's right, it goes out to 2012. By the way, they won't extend the warranty if the car is not certified by porsche. So, I think you're right there with your pricing. I never set in a porche before and I bought it the minute I test drove it. After having the car for three weeks, I have to say that I would have paid $70,000 to get this car if I new then what I know now about how much fun it is to drive.

    One more thing, I bought the wheel and tire protection for $600 for four years. I told the credit manage no, but my wife insisted that I buy it. The last flat I had cost me 8 bucks to get it fixed. I thought this was a rip off. One hour after driving it off the lot I did $3100 damage to one wheel and two tires, no damage to the body, thank god. I'm in the santa monicia mountains just after sunset looking for the spare tire, after driving over a sharp piece of concrete. Called 1 800 porsche. They had me towed 50 miles to my house. Then, the next day came and towed me to the dealer and fixed the damage at no cost to me. No one told me there was no spare and to be careful with low profile tires and watch those dips, curbs (for opening doors) and tire bumpers in parking lots. Just one of those big, bad rear tires cost $750 not to mention the $1500 wheel. What I'm saying is that I'm glad I bought this car from a porsche dealer. If I were you, I would only buy a certified porsche from a porsche dealer. Find the color you like and buy it even if you have to pay a few thousand more. It's your first porsche, like me, you don't know everything there is to know, and the dealer will take care of you when you get in trouble. Believe me, with the speed these cars have, you will get into trouble. I'm going to take that two day prosche high performance driving school in Alabama, but that's another thread.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Congratulations on your new car.

    However, just so you don't get taken to the cleaners down the road, those "big, bad rear tires" in 295/30/19 are about $450 in Pirelli P-Zeros and $475 in the top of the line Michilen Pilots. Hopefully, they didn't stick crappy $300 Continentals on your car. For $750, you should be able to get a Danika Patrick look-a-like to change them for you wearing a bikini. The price they quoted you on the wheel is similarly absurd.
  • gocard1gocard1 Posts: 16
    I had posted a few days ago about my dilemma on having a decent deal on an '06 911 Cab, but not with the color that I'm in love with. I've decided to forego that car for now so I remain in the market.

    Despite what I perceive should be a softer market, the Porsche dealers are still pretty tight on discounts on '06 911 Cabs. I live in Southern California.

    In any event, it has gotten me thinking about lease vs. purchase.

    I see a lot of solid info on this site generally about leasing a new Porsche. Any thoughts/input on leasing a used '06 or '07 911 C2 Cab?

    What kind of money factors do they use? What kind of residuals? Let's say a 36 or 48 month lease with 10k miles.

    Any reactions to the prospect of leasing a couple of year old 911 vs. buying it?

    My questions emanate from trying to balance the cost of leasing where I walk away in 3 to 4 years vs. purchasing and seeing what it will be worth in 3 to 4 years as retained "equity", taking into account having to pay hefty sales tax on a purchase for the full value of the car.

    Any thoughts on info on things like money factors and residuals on '06 and '07 911 Cabs?

  • buylowbuylow Posts: 41
    Thank you. By the way, who is Danika Patrick? The rear 295/30/19 is a Michlin Pilot Sport put on by the Porsche dealer. After reading that thread you're in called Porsche 911 wheels and Tires, it sounds like the Michilen Pilots are far superior to the Pirelli's, or at least better. Are you sure the 295/30/19 Michlin's can be had for $475?? That was the price, quoted by the dealer, for the smaller front tire which is 235/30/19, I think. I had better check this out because after reading that thread on wheels and tires, I don't think I'm going to get 40,000 miles like I get on my 1997 Ford ranger.
  • buylowbuylow Posts: 41
    As I mentioned in another thread, I am a new first time porsche owner. I was coming down the 405 fwy from Santa Moncia a couple of weeks ago when I came upon another 911 in front of me. We traveled together for a couple of miles when low and behold, I looked in the rear view mirror and there was another 911, all 997's!! Green, my GT silver and midnight blue. We stayed together for a good 5 miles before breaking up. What I would have given to have been on the side of the freeway looking at this. Anyway, I noticed that no one made any eye contact. I was going to open the sun roof and extend my arm with the peace sign, but my wife said, "That would not be cool". What do porsche owners do when they come upon one another??
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    By the way, who is Danika Patrick?

    My bad on the spelling, it's Danica. I take it that you are snobbing her because her daily driver is a Lamborghini and not a Porsche?? But if you really don't know who she is, you need to get out more.

    it sounds like the Michilen Pilots are far superior to the Pirelli's,

    That would be an overstatement. The differences in performance are fairly minimal and, by some measures, the Pirelli's are above the Michelin's in dry handling. But overall, and factoring in tread life, the Michelin's were recommended by both of my dealers and a couple of other Porsche enthusiasts. Both the Pirellis and the Michelins are several rungs above the Continentals, which it appears are no longer used by Porsche.

    Check out Tire Rack for prices. My dealer will mount and balance tires for the same fee, whether or not I buy them from the dealer or Tire Rack.

    What do porsche owners do when they come upon one another??

    In your case, I'd suggest listening to your wife. ;)
  • buylowbuylow Posts: 41
    Thanks for the info. I will check out the Tire Rack. I wish I was snobbing Danica but the fact is I never heard of her. My 23 year old daughter just told me that she is a race car driver that just won a big race a couple of weeks ago. I didn't want to ask her if Danica is hot, but I assume from your message that she is. I got the Porsche and that's the first step, so give me a break.

    By the way, do know or heard anything about the Porsche high performance driving school is Alabama? It sound good from their web site. I really want to know the limits of the car.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have heard that the Porsche driving school is worth every penny and a tremendous experience. My daughters are 10 and 13, so between career and family responsibilities and building a new house, I don't think I'll have the time to make it this year. But if you can swing it, don't think twice.
  • buylowbuylow Posts: 41
    That does it. I'm going in early September. Habitat building a house. That sounds interesting.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    If my new business is running smoothly and wife is OK with handling the new bambino(a) at that point who should be 3mos old at the time, I'm going to Skip Barber as well for the full weekend course. I have yet to hear one bad thing about it except the cost but still everybody I've spoken to say it's worth it, and it was money well spent.

    I have ordered an M5 and a 550i from my local small town dealer who indicated that getting a M5 is luck of the draw from them, or getting an allocation build it. But nevertheless, BMW sends you out to the BMW driving school for M5 owners to learn the limits of the car safely. I just learned that Friday they started production on my 550i so it may be quite while until I can move "up". But when the time comes, and financial disaster does not strike, I plan to get that Mcar! would be great to compare the Skip Barber school with the BMW "M" driving school.
  • buylowbuylow Posts: 41
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Skip Barber school and the porsche different schools? I thought they share the same motorsport track outside of Brimingham, but the porsche school is more high performance driving with only porsches and Skip Barber is more racing oriented with different cars. Would like to know which is which before I sign up. More interested in things that will help me on the highway. By the way, I got the Skip Barber book, "Going Faster". Wow, if you like details, this is the book. It explains everything about racing to the nth degree. The problem is you can't learn to drive faster unless you drive faster which may kill you, hence the school. If you don't know anything about high performance driving, like me, then I think reading the book before going to the school will give you a great start.

    Btw, what's up with getting two new cars at the same time, if I'm reading your post correctly?
  • You're right on. I have done the Porsche High Performance driving course at Road Atlanta and also did the three day Bondurant racing course, which, if successfully completed, qualifies you for an SCCA racing permit. They are both excellent courses, but obviously, one is geared to racing and the other is instruction in high speed, high performance driving, in obviously, the Porsche Carrera. I've taken several such courses, including ones for motorcycle, and all are good, and each one, while different, makes you a better driver, both on the track and in the street. Doc
  • upnorth2upnorth2 Posts: 12
    We always wave at each other when approaching. We do not acknowledge Cayennes, they arent real Porsches. Sorry, peace sign is uncool. Raised fingers off the steering wheel is appropriate when approaching at low speed. A quick wave out an open window is OK too. We dont even look at Japanese wannabes although we might glance at other fine German machines.
  • upnorth2upnorth2 Posts: 12
    Hey, Easy on the Continentals! My new 911S came with them and I have been very happy with them. I drive the car hard and got 9000 miles out of the rear tires. The are MUCH quieter on the highway that Michilens and wear better that Pirellis. Michilens are over rated .
  • buylowbuylow Posts: 41
    I like the raised finger off the steering wheel - cool. I can see that guy on CSI Miami doing it with shades on.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Don't take my word on the Continentals, do the research and ask around yourself. When I checked, it appeared that in independent tests by Tire Rack and others, they came in last in virtually every performance category. As for your wear experience, you think that's good? Driving "hard" is a relative term, but I got 12,800 out of my rear Pirelli's and am still O.K. at 18,600 on my fronts. Your 9,000 miles is less than a friend with a Turbo got out of his Michelins - and that inculded a few "Friday's at the Track" at Summit Point Raceway.

    The Continentals are significantly cheaper (40%) than the Pirellis or Michelins, so if you are happy with them, that's great. But the more expereinced enthusiasts and dealers I've talked to claimed they weren't worth even the lower price. And, if I'm not mistaken, Porsche has dropped them as an OEM for 2008.

    P.S. As for the Cayenne not being a "real Porsche", be careful with being too snobby! The GT-S 6-speed manual at my dealer that I'm still trying to make time to test drive would probably get around a track faster than a base Boxster or older 911. Or my 911S Cab for that matter, since without a permanant roll bar installed, it's not even permitted on a track. That friend with a Turbo has owned at least 2 Porsche's continuously for nearly 40 years. But never a "Cabriolet". He doesn't say it in front of me, but I know he doesn't consider them "real" Porsches. Or at least not real 911's.
  • I got a little more than 10,000 miles with my Michelins on a 2002 C4S that involved a summer of autocross and track days at Gateway race track. After giving up racing just added four new tires to my current C4S with a little more than 30,000 miles.
  • 07997turbo07997turbo Posts: 31

    They will take you to the cleaners. For what they wanted to charge me for TWO rear michelins, I found I could buy all 4 tires and have them mounted and load balanced from The Michelins are probably the better tire but I am unhappy with their wear in the rear and am trying a set of pirellis this summer. not a big difference in price (couple hundred bucks cheaper) but I am hoping I get more than 9000 miles on a set of rears.

    And Danica is the first woman to win an indy car race... this year... in japan.... I have it recorded on my dvr if you wanna watch it.:-)
  • upnorth2upnorth2 Posts: 12
    You are right, I asked my Porsche dealer about Contis and as you stated , Porsche no longer puts them on their new cars. As I have good Contis on the front with plenty of wear left, I wanted to just replace the rears. I called around and found the Continental Sport Contact 2 has :P been discontinued. I finally found a pair of the 295's for the rear at $450 ea. This was less than the Michilens but more than Pirellis. I checked a back issue of Car and Driver and found Tire Rack prices were similar when they still stocked the Conti 295's. It seems Pirellis are they least expensive. I realize the Cayenne is a hot SUV but its still a SUV. I have gotten similar comments about cabs not being real Porsches but I think this relates back to a time when the cabs suffered from body rigidity issues that have since been resolved with the 997 model. My cab does weigh a bit more (200) than a coupe but I can hear my sport exhaust far better with the roof down. I dove it at 145mph last summer with the roof down and it was remarkedly turbulent free. My baseball hat stayed on fine!
  • upnorth2upnorth2 Posts: 12
    I have been thinking of buying a radar detector, Am I wasting my money? Do they work? My 911 seems to be a Cop magnet. ">link title
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