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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    There are a number "10 TDI wagons here at one dealer in the Torrance area and some of the other dealers here don't have much selection.
  • salzosalzo Posts: 9
    Greetings folks... Help me think for a moment...

    Assuming I don't need touch screen, alloys, and a trip computer, why would I want a TDI over a gas engine (base TDI vs base 'S').

    100k miles in gas car - 11,000 dollars in gas + 20K car = 31000 (25mpg, 2.75/gallon)

    100k miles in diesel car - 7800 in fuel. + 25k car = 32800 (37mpg, 2.90 / gallon)

    So even after Obama benefit, we're about equal after 100K miles.

    Bottom line - Diesel shouldn't be a "luxury". It should be an engine choice. I ought to be able to get a Sportwagen diesel for not much more than the 2.5L.

    Am I all wet? Unless I'm looking at 200K miles, why would I want the diesel?

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,845
    When you go to sell the VW TDI you will get more than the original difference in return. Plus the driving is so much more pleasant. If the price of fuel goes up you are ahead.
  • mdl3r1mdl3r1 Posts: 21
    I agree with Gagrice. PLUS:
    1. Some of us expect a LOT more than 100 or 200K out of this vehicle. Diesel engines can easily do 300 K, or even 500K. If one intends to KEEP the car as long as it can go, (which I do) and the car is well maintained, kept and cared for (I try to do so and most everything I have lasts a long time by careful, gentle and proper use), for me, personally, the diesel is a "log-term" way to go.
    2. As Gagrice said, when gas is back to ~ 4 dollar mark, and diesel is about same or barely more than Premium gas that others put in their premium cars, a few cents more net you 12 more MPG over those 25 (almost 50% more miles!
    3. Despite the problems with BioDiesel since the 2009 Jetta, etc...if push really comes to shove, and gas is really scarce...some folks have rigged up biodiesel and one will at least run the thing, even if a "Check Engine Light" happens or oil gets diluted and one has tochange oil more, etc. If things get REALLY hard, running vs. unable to get gas to even run will be an issue.

    That may be hard for us to imagine now...but if one travels abroad, and sees how others live and get by and do "the survival things in life" has a viable option...

    Just my personal opinion and circumstance and choice, based on what I've seeen around the world and see coming down the road.....

  • I put my deposit of $250 on a Golf TDI 4dr. automatic on Dec. 23rd. In the sales agreement I stipulated that I could have my deposit back if they failed to deliver the car by March 31, 2010. They seemed confident that they could. I'm now nine weeks into my wait. And I am paying MSRP....$24,600 roughly.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    bobny, just so ya know:
    If you decide for any reason not to take delivery, you will get your full deposit back.
    that fact is not up for 'negotiation' as far as I know!
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    edited March 2010
    Hi Tom, The Sportwagens' S trim 2.5L gasser has a timing chain, unlike the TDI's belt that will need replacement at around 100K Miles. Plus I think the TDI's particulate filter has to be checked at something like 120K Miles. If it needs replacement, it's $840 for the part alone.

    I'm not opposed to the TDI, but you're smart to weigh the facts. We're running a similar analysis with Jetta Sportwagen TDI v. Subaru Forester -- both with a manual tranny. My wife loves rowing through the gears and wants a nice, durable interior. The TDI's upscale cabin wins hands down. I figure it'll take 7 years of her modest driving mileage before TDI breaks even, but we're still attracted to the TDI. Time for some test driving. :D
  • cody3764cody3764 Posts: 18
    I just purchased a 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition from Pete Moore Imports (Volkswagen Dealership) in Pensacola, Florida this past Saturday. To say I stole the car might be pretty much in line with what I paid. They blew the other 35 dealers on the east coast away that I was inquiring with on TDI's for the past month of research on them. I traveled 1,000 miles round trip to trade out my old car and pick up the new Jetta and I was smiling the whole time at the tremendous amount of money I was saving. :) I also see where folks here have been inquiring about the Jetta TDI Sportwagons and their availability. The new car manager at Pete Moore Imports told me they have 17 in the pipeline to be delivered to them. Pete Moore Imports is a volume dealer meaning yes they come off MSRP and more than they stated I could share here online. What they quoted me for my trade and what the ridiculous price was for their Jetta TDI Cup Edition is exactly what I was given for my trade and the cost of their TDI. No gimmicks when I arrived to do the paperwork and no they do not add crazy dealer fees etc to the sticker. :D Their dealer doc fee is $299 and Florida has a document stamp fee of around $120. My internet salesman Bruce told me that Mr. Moore pretty much owns his two dealerships outright and this is why they do not have a lot of overhead and they are able to deal more than most Volkswagen dealerships below MSRP and even on the popular TDI models. If TDI's are your passion, then definitely look them up and tell them you want a deal like Dan from South Carolina just received. ;) :) Happy TDI Trails.
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    Thanks Cody, that was very helpful. I just sent off a email to them and will see what they come up with. I am in SoCal, so I will be curious what price they give me, considering the dealer here quoted me OTD $29K for a JTDI sportswagen.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Under invoice for TDI Cup Jetta is available at another dealer on the east coast. $100 doc fee, $15 for a "drive off registration" required by the state. No other fees.

    You did not state price paid, so the deal you obtained may be great to you and not so great for others. Your happy with the price so enjoy the car!

    What color and options did you obtain? Did you get the body kit?
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    Thanks Cody, that was very helpful. I just sent off a email to them and will see what they come up with. I am in SoCal, so I will be curious what price they give me, considering the dealer here quoted me OTD $29K for a JTDI sportswagen
    So far I have not heard from them, I guess business is booming.
  • For SoCal - I bought mine from Bridget at VW Santa Monica and found her to be very reasonable.
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    LA motors sounded reasonable at MSRP, but I am stilling holding out because I think I can get it below MSRP.
  • cody3764cody3764 Posts: 18
    Send them an inquiry again from their web site. Direct it to Attn: Bruce, since I know he will be in today. I just spoke to him finishing up some Registration issues from my car deal on Saturday. Good Luck. :)
  • lrobbylrobby Posts: 4
    Turbodiesel is a great idea for passenger cars and I only wish there were 20X more to choose from. I just remain doubtful about VW. There were a great many new car problems concerning VW that I heard of during several years past. A person I knew was a service writer and was pretty amazed on the quality issues regularly coming in for repair. Is VW really a quality car? Where, besides a VW dealer, could you take and engine or transmission problem and trust they knew what they were doing? And what about the dealership service departments? Are they all just as dependable as taking my Chevy to a Chevy dealer shop? I have already read some pretty iffy reports on VW service.
    And what is with the brakes wearing out so quickly? I hear the rears are lucky to reach 50k miles. What is that all about except some rather screwed up engineering? A new TDI here in Wisconsin looks to cost me around 28 grand. A simple oil change at the dealer is 72 bucks. Four a year is $300 minimum with tax, etc. I paid $21 just yesterday at the dealer for my Chevy. (With a coupon).
    That's 14 oil changes!
    I long to see 40+ MPG in a vehicle with power. I really do. I have squeezed 30.5 from my Camaro on long trips. It is paid for, in excellent condition, looks great, but is 11 years old now. The insurance value is a lousy 3 grand. In far better shape than cars 3X that value.
    So that is my conundrum. Thanks for any replies, thoughts, suggestions.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,845
    Drew VW in San Diego had 6 on the ground the other day. I asked the salesman how much they would come off of MSRP. He said they do what they have to do to sell cars. I would shoot them an email as well.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,845
    You are right about Chevy service being less expensive than others. VW dealer charged me $50 for oil and filter change. You have to remember it is very expensive synthetic oil they use in the TDI. Toyota charges me more than that for a Dino oil change. I think quality wise the VWs have it over most of the Japanese and domestic makes. Reliability is not always great. Though I had no issues with my 2005 Passat TDI. You mentioned the value of your Camaro. When you go to sell the VW TDI you will more than get back the difference you paid.

    Plus the oil change on the TDI is every 10K if I remember correctly. While on your Chevy it is 5k or less.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    All maintenance is included for first 36,000 miles. No charge, included in the vehicle price.

    TDI pricing begins at $23,104, even in Wisconsin. There is a $1300 or higher tax credit on Golf and Jetta at least until June.

    Oil changes are every 10,000 miles.

    Oil and filter cost is just about $50 right now. Not inexpensive, cost may be lower in the future as more oil choices are available.

    Like any manufacturer, dealers are independent franchise, so some service departments are great and others are not.

    Independent shops are able to service VW's and TDI's with the qualification that a shop specializing in German or European makes will be the one that has the experience and tools to provide competent, quality service.

    VW dealers and Euro focused repair shops are much more scarce compared to GM, Ford, Chrysler, or even Toyota dealers and shops. No doubt about it, VW sells fewer vehicles and some areas have no dealer and no competent shop to be found.

    Brake longevity varies dependent on driving style and type of driving. Typically the pads will require replacement before 50,000 miles. Today's pads are engineered to provide best performance with minimal dust, noise, and still being "environmentally friendly. Longer lasting, harder compound pads are available from aftermarket. Nothing wrong with the engineering, the brakes work correctly.

    Bottom line, it's a VW, and it's not only a diesel, it's the most complicated, high tech diesel VW has ever sold.
    VW TDI ownership requires a level of interest and involvement that exceeds the "drive it, change the oil and forget about the details" mindset that may work for a Malibu, though will lead to a "I hate this VW, miserable experience" if expectations are that TDI is just a vehicle that uses a different type of fuel. It is not the right vehicle for everyone.

    Parts are more costly and some service is more expensive and more frequent comparing a VW to a Chevrolet.

    Currently own a VW TDI, a U.S. assembled Japanese design vehicle, and a GM vehicle. Over the roughly 30 years of owning, driving, maintaining my vehicles I've found the German vehicles provide me with the most driving enjoyment and my anecdotal experience is that German, Domestic, Japanese vehicles all have about the same number of problems, though it requires more time to understand how to repair and to find a reasonable cost for parts for the Japanese and German vehicles than it does the domestic.

    If you have no interest in doing some homework about your vehicle periodically to maintain knowledge, then VW TDI may not be for you.
  • ops2ops2 Posts: 6
    "If you have no interest in doing some homework about your vehicle periodically to maintain knowledge, then VW TDI may not be for you."

    Do you or anyone else have suggestion on where to go for a good primer/spin up? I've done brakes (once) , changed oil, changed a fuel filter, fan belt, done some electrical on older cars but would like some good gouge on TDI. Once I use up the 3 free services on my '10 TDI Sportwagen, I'm hoping to do much of the routine stuff myself.

  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    fred's is the place to go to find all possible DIY/maintenance info about any year VW TDI.
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