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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    That sounds like a good deal to me. Keep us posted on your mileage and how well you like your new car. And welcome to the forum.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    I feel it's an OK deal, not amazing, but OK.

    Really, you got 4K off on a car that the dealer can't keep on the lots and you think it is a OK deal...
  • maringamaringa Posts: 36
    That appears to be a very good deal! I am hoping to buy one, but with the Nav option next month. My target is around $27,000+ so your deal appears very promising. The 2014 order sheets are supposedly out, but there is no information as to the changes...Unless there is a significant difference in the TDI engine (large horsepower increase), I will probably get the '13 model.

    Rumors have been that the horsepower increase is only 10 hp, with no changes in torque. On the flip side, the European version is going b-turbo for 200 hp....Don't think we'll see that....
  • I just order a new 2013 VW Passat TDI SE 6 Speed Manual, black on black. After negotiating by exchanging email with 11 VW dealers in Atlanta, GA area, I got a good deal on it. The MSRP on VW website is 26,225, I was able to get it for 23380$ + Total 789$ dealer fees + 6.5% sales tax = Total price of 25734$ This price also includes carpeted floor mats, free lifetime oil and filter change, lifetime power-train warranty. Other dealers quote me between 23480$-25880$ plus tax.
    In addition to the total price of 25734$, VW have a special offer for April to pay 500$ of your 1st payment, and 36 months 0% Apr. Final price is 25,234$.
    The dealer name is Heritage VW in Union city, close the Atlanta airport.
  • thundercrackerthundercracker Posts: 14
    edited May 2013
    Quirk VW in Quincy, ma, has a tdi passat se, automatic, grey with blk interior (leatherette) for $24,500 before taxes and fees. this was as of saturday 5/25. i like the car, but wasn't ready to purchase.
  • ohioscottohioscott Posts: 1
    Final out the door price was $25K including a $100K 7 year warranty. I have never bought a warranty before and generally think they are a complete waste of money but this is my first diesel so I didn't mind this time. Plus the price and features were right and there weren't any gotchas. Pro-rated, fully-transferrable, good at any VW dealer.

    I'm a very experienced car buyer and the sales experience at Hatfield Volkswagen in Columbus, Ohio, was as good as it gets. No games, no drama, no lowball on the trade-in, helpful but not pushy. The dealer didn't have the exact color/model I wanted but had it ready for pickup within 24 hours, on a Saturday no less.

    The car itself is awesome. Insane amount of headroom even with the sunroof, a blast to drive, much better than expected mpg, averaging 37-38 which is nearly all city driving. Cargo capacity is insane, can't imagine ever not having a hatch again. Best designed sunroof I've ever had in a car. The navigation system and Bluetooth hands-free phone connection have far less gizmos than Ford's but works 100% better.

    There is an all-new Golf coming soon but I wanted one made in Wolfsburg and if that matters to you the current model is one to get.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    That sounds like a very good deal. I like the looks of the current Golf. Hope they don't screw them up. VW seems to be designed for taller drivers. I don't like a lot of the Japanese cars that have no headroom. Especially when they add a sunroof. Good luck with your new ride and keep us posted on how you like it.
  • hercules00hercules00 Posts: 116
    Looking at the Passat and am trying to get a sense of whether the TDI SE makes sense. It comes at a premium of about 2k over the SE.

    I am assuming that the TDI gets about 10mpg over the gas model in mixed driving.

    Where I live, diesel is about 50c more expensive that gas on average.

    Assuming gas at about $4, I would have to drive for about 80k miles to breakeven on the additional upfront cost for the TDI.

    Am I missing anything? Are people doing the same math?

  • cristianbncristianbn Posts: 9
    Well, there are more benefits of driving a diesel than the gas mileage. Myself I own the Passat TDI SE with 6 speed manual and my MPG got as high as 51.1 on the highway. I'm very happy with it. But to mention the other benefits of diesel:

    Have a longer life span and less wear as they run at lower temperatures and lower RPMs

    Have greater torque

    Have better value retention

    Have lower emissions

    Have lower fire hazard

    Have greater MPGs about 30% better than gas engines

    It is true is more expensive but if you're going to keep the car for a longer time, it is well worth it. If you never drove a diesel before, I recommend you rent one and see if you like it. Seems like the diesel engines are finally becoming popular here in the US, as more automakers are bringing more diesel engines soon, like BMW 3, 5, series, Audi A6,A8, Mazda 6, Chevrolet Cruze, Mercedes E class, etc. In Europe about 65% of the cars are diesel mainly because of the better gas mileage.
  • hercules00hercules00 Posts: 116
    The only reason diesels are becoming more popular - and I am considering one - is due to gas prices.

    That is pure economics. The rest of the reasons - less wear and tear, fire risk (!) are marginal at best. No one worries about their modern gas powered cars burning up or wearing out. Also, torque in most cases is adequate for daily driving.

    So it is an economic rationale then there should be some justification. Getting 40mpg means nothing if you paid up for that (the math is similar for hybrids).

    I have rented diesel cars in europe many times and am well aware of how they drive. So that is not an unknown.

    Just trying to get a sense of the economics and if there is any different math people are coming up with. I drive a G37 to work and the 18mpg is getting a bit expensive.

    I am trying to get a sense of whether I should just move to a more efficient gas car or if diesel makes any sense at all.

    At 80k breakeven (about 6 years for me) that does not seem to make much sense.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,852
    I am trying to get a sense of whether I should just move to a more efficient gas car or if diesel makes any sense at all.

    The GLK250 Bluetec is less expensive than the GLK350 gas. No breakeven to worry about there. Fun to drive and rated 38 MPG combined in the EU.
  • justoutjustout Posts: 1
    looks like a great deal - also, an inordinately helpful post given that, within the next 60 days, I'll be buying a Passat SE (manual) in Atlanta area. Therefore,three questions:
    1. did Heritage already have the car you wanted on their lot or did they get it for you?
    2. the runner-up to Heritage? - who would you have purchased from if not Heritage?
    3. name of salesman at Heritage?
  • Hi,

    Heritage didn't have the Black on Black TDI manual so I had to place a order. Order was placed on April 8th '13, they announced me that the car will be a 2014 model rather than 2013 but the production of 2014 doesn't start till July '13 so I'm still waiting for my car.
    After I've exchanged emails with about 10 dealership around the Atlanta area, I've started to get lower price offers. The Heritage gave me the best price but you need to negotiate. The next dealer option was Nalley VW
    The salesperson was a wonderful lady named Silvija A. who is very professional and pleasant to deal with.
    Just as a note, I wasn't too impressed with Jim Ellis dealers. When I was asking them for a good price, they would sent me the MSRP price. The failure to offer me a good deal, make them loose my business.
    Good Luck!
  • I've started to shop around a bit for a car. Sort of torn, between the new Accord and the Passat. A friend of mine recently bought the SE w/o sunroof and likes the car a lot (after about 3500 miles). He's let me drive it several times and I like the feel and find it a comfortable car.

    In any case, I think if I do the Passat, I'd like to do the TDI. I have received an offer as follows:

    Sticker: 28545
    Offer Price: 24987
    State Registration: 38
    Title Processing: 2
    Title Fee: 8
    1 Yr Registration Processing: 3
    Registration Fee: 21
    Lien Fee: 2
    Sales Tex (est): 1861.53
    OTD: 26886

    Any thoughts on the overall deal?

    Also, I noted that the TDI has electric power steering. Anyone have a comment on the different 'feel' of steering between the TDI and non-TDI (with hydraulic steering)?

  • I think you're doing the right thing choosing the Passat TDI over the Honda Accord.
    Myself I'm a fan of German cars and to mention that my last 3 cars were BMWs and now decided to give a try to VW Passat TDI. My fiancee have a Honda Accord but I would choose the Passat at any time.
    I also believe that the quote you got for the SE Sunroof TDI is fair but you can also bargain for floor mats or something else on that price.
  • I have also been shopping for a 2013 Passat TDI SE w/ sunroof. I have an offer of $24,500 + TTL. This is from a dealership in the Houston area. Planning on buying on at this price over the next one week.
  • marvelmmarvelm Posts: 28

    Can you please tell me the MFs and Residuals for the 2013 Jetta Sportwagen TDI for 39/12 and 36/12 lease?

    Thank you!
  • toad37toad37 Posts: 2
    @ hercules00,

    Great topic. From what I have read resale value is much better on the TDI's so you can figure that in as well.

    You have me thinking. Hope some others can chime in.

  • Received a quote from a dealer on 2013 Volkswagen Passat 4dr Sdn 2.0L DSG TDI SEL Premium.
    MRSP = 34270
    INV = 32294
    incentive = 2000
    cost to me = 30294
    Out the door with tax, title and license 31693

    also, is the premium really worth the extra dollars? new to this forum, but not to the site.
  • To be honest I believe that you should be able to get a lower price maybe 500-1000$ off. If I was you I would keep looking negotiate via email with all the dealers around you. That worked very well for me.
    If it is worth it or not to get the SEL it comes to personal preference. Myself I've ordered the TDI 6 speed manual SE because is simple (less things to go bad) and the lower price that offer a good bang for the buck. The few things I would miss from the SEL is the Wood trim, Fender sounds system and the garage opener which does not justify the extra 5-6k$ price.
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