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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • spenglospenglo Posts: 3
    Thanks for that additional info. After this process, I now feel fully prepared to purchase another car - too bad I'm so happy with the RL.

    As an aside, have you gotten the AcuraLink working with your phone?
  • algoodmanalgoodman Posts: 21
    The new V710 software will allow the phone to display signal strength and battery charge bars on the RL. It will not allow diagnostic information to and from your dealer to be transferred. That part of the Bluetooth software is still disabled by Verizon.
  • dibdib Posts: 9
    Does the new V710 software upgrade show the incoming phone number or address book name assigned within the phone's address book on the RL display? That way I could decide whehter to answer or not.

  • algoodmanalgoodman Posts: 21
    I haven't got any incoming calls recently but I don't think the new software does anything other than display phone signal strength and battery charge.
  • mikej1543mikej1543 Posts: 13

    You got a good deal. Being in New Hampshire, I'd be interested in knowing where you were able to buy your RL, since I'm probably in reach of that dealership.

  • scoop4scoop4 Posts: 40
    Thanks for the additional notes on the best ways to purchase a new RL.

    Is the 2006 RL due out before the fall? Is it worth waiting to try and get a better deal on a 2005? Is there the chance that there will be significant improvements to the current model to warrant the wait?

    Also, what is the best way to strike a deal before purchase on upgrades like wood steering wheel or wood shifter knob? Also I intend on doing a trade and possibly paying for the car as opposed to a lease or loan.
  • pjt6970pjt6970 Posts: 37
    Good deal?
  • consult77consult77 Posts: 26

    The RL just came out so I don't think there will be major changes.

    In doing searches of dealer inventories Acura dealers seem to have lots of RL's in stock. They typically have more than they have TL's and yet they sell a lot more TL's. This makes me think they have too many RL's since inventory goals are usually based on days of sales.

    Honda doesn't seem to offer customer incentives to move cars but they do offer incentives to their dealers. At present they have incentives to dealers on Accords for example. I believe this is because Accord sales are down and Toyota has rebates on Camry's.

    I would have to believe that they will offer significant dealer incentives on the RL's as the new model year approaches and perhaps even large incentives if there is an inventory over-hang of 2005's with 2006's on the lots. You might want to continually check the section on dealer incentives as the year progresses.

    Getting quotes from multiple dealers always seems like the best way to take advantage of whatever market conditions exist.
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    The other "incentive" with the RL is that it already has around a $5500 markup when you factor in the dealer hold-back. As it is, there are excellent deals available on this car. The car was priced too high out of the box, and that is surely impacting its sales to a degree, relative to a very competitive field of choices. We paid about $45500 for ours about a month ago. It's an excellent car, overall.
  • spenglospenglo Posts: 3
    I've read a number of comments about the RL being overpriced but am not sure I agree. The MSRP of a comparably equipped AWD Lexus GS is $3-4K more. On a Mercedes (e.g., 4matic E350) its about $7-10K more. Prior to purchasing my RL, I drove and priced the Lexus and Mercedes vehicles. In my conversations with dealers, Acura was the most willing to negotiate on price. By buying my RL for just under $45K, I believe I got a car that I would have had to pay $7-10K more had I bought a comparable model from Lexus or Mercedes.

    I owned a Mercedes E class for five years. While there were many things I loved about the car, it had lots of problems. The blower was replaced three times and never worked properly. The AC was abysmal (which was in part related to the blower problems). The radio controls were unintelligible and the reception was comical. I actually wrote a letter to Mercedes about some of these problems and got a totally unsatisfactory response from the company. But the thing that really irritated me was the poor resale value. Had I bought either a Lexus or an Acura instead of my Mercedes I would have recouped a much higher percentage of the original car's value at the time I sold it. I have spoken with a number of other Mercedes owners who have had similar problems, many of whom have switched brands (typically to Lexus). The $10K more for the Mercedes seemed unjustifiable in my book. I can't say the RL will be better in all respects, but there are many ways in which it would be hard to be worse than the Mercedes. I strongly considered the Lexus, even at a higher price. I have had two Lexus's and loved them. I was put off by the fact that Lexus will be releasing the 3.5 liter engine next year. It seemed like I would want to wait a year rather than by the AWD GS this year. Had they been more willing to negotiate on price, I might have gotten over this misgiving.

    Just to round out my research, I looked briefly at the A6 but felt that Audi had many of the same problems as Mercedes. While I did not consider the Infiniti M, I am aware of the positive reviews it has received and feel I probably should have taken the car for a test drive. As things stand, I couldn't be happier with my purchase (though I'm keeping my fingers crossed).
  • dano4dano4 Posts: 35
    Bought my RL at Ed Martin Acura in Indianapolis in December 2005. Price paid is no longer relevant since much has changed since then. At that time, deal was very competitive.
    Ed Martin was the only dealer to actually respond over the internet with a price. The other dealers only wanted me to come in and visit. The buying experience was excellent as has been the service since the purchase.
    Traded a 2002 LS430. Very happy with the RL. Only complaint is lack of rear seat leg room. The LS was flawless for 48000 miles, but at a $10-15000 lower price, the RL is just fine. Better handling, more features, and a much more sporting driving experience.
  • nbanba Posts: 6
    You can be sure that incentives are right around the corner, their is no choice but provide aggressive leasing rates and possibly higher holdbacks to the dealer. The inventory is way too high at all dealers, with 2006 models to be launched in November, Acura has no choice to try to move them NOW. Production has already been reduced from the estimated 20k units that was slated to be sold for 2005.
    Anyone interested in RL would be advised to wait, I could buy at invoice (44k) right now, but it will get better. When Audi had to move their 2004 A4 models for the new body styled 2005 units, the lease rate went under 1%, the new rate could be under 2%? For those interested in a lease, the monthly payment could be close to a payment on a TL with a sub 6% rate. I am sure it will be a sweet deal for the buyers too... I like the idea you won't see many on the road either, slap some nice wheels on it and your'e set! This is a helluva ride~
  • vince11vince11 Posts: 11
    Has anyone recently leased the RL? What are the current numbers for a 36 month, 12000 miles per year with no money, except first month payment, down? Are there any experienced negotiators out there, what's the bottom line. Thanks!
  • rajabhatrajabhat Posts: 15
    Hi all, I'm in Eastern NC. I paid $47,000 plus tax etc. on my 2005 RL. Its now got 3000 miles on it. Great car overall. Somewhat stiff ride but the precise handling makes it worth putting up with. Had a rattle going over ruts, service man called and said it was a loose brake pad. Onstar phone won't take incoming calls so they're putting in a new unit today. Hopefully that'll be it! The sound system is truly great, especially the XM satellite radio.
    All said and done, I think it is far better than the BMW or Benz. I have not test driven the new Lexus GS300 AWD which I'd like to test drive sometime. I'd recommend the Acura RL 2005.
  • I just put a deposit on an RL from the Honda Classic Golf Tournament for $44,500. with 130 miles on it - arrives early next week at the dealer. What should I be aware of before I write that check?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "What should I be aware of before I write that check?"

    The 130 miles on the odo. How did it end up with that much mileage? Used as demo? Someone took it on an extended test drive and noticed something he didn't like?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,906
    Courtesy car for the golf tournament... PGA pro or official drove the car for 5-6 days... Those make good deals... The senior tournament here in town always uses Cadillacs...

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • nbanba Posts: 6
    I think you should use one of the many lease calculators out there to get an idea (calculate tax for your state), use $44k (Invoice) as the price and use 2.4% as the money factor or multilply the MF by 2400 which would give you the interest rate of 5.76%. Use 59% as the residual factor for 3 years ($28K).

    Approximately: $620 monthly (36 months)


    $500 if Acura drops the interest rate to 2%

    Also, try 2% as an example of what the payment could be if Acura gets that aggressive when they try to stimulate sales to liquidate the excess inventory at the dealers. Hopefully it will be less...
  • rajabhatrajabhat Posts: 15
    Congratulations on your steal!! Terrific price. Don't even worry about the 130 miles!
    I think very highly of my RL 2005. I'm not giving it up for anything. it without the sound system on rough roads. Mine had a clanky rattle due to a loose brake pad. Also, the Onstar phone (by Verizon) would not receive incoming calls...they had to replace it.

  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    For all who's interested, I just checked for a price on the RL with an Orange County, CA zipcode on cars direct, and the price quoted was $45,109, which includes destination. Not bad for no negotiating. What's up with TMV? It shows full MSRP for the same zipcode. May have been true months ago, but not now. Certainly it's not up-to-date, because I would think So Cal car buyers in that price class are a bit more savvy than that, especially with plenty of Acura dealers around for competition. :)
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