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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nbanba Posts: 6
    I believe the RL can be had at or near invoice, $44K-$44.5k. Dealers can't afford to lose a deal on a car that has not sold well with 2006 models coming soon.

    If you want one, I would wait since Acura has to get more aggressive with this car very soon ! They have no choice to offer better financing and leasing rates.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Cstiles, you shared you paid $45,500 for your RL one month ago. Did you trade in a vehicle? .. or was the $45,500 a level market price. As we all know trades really
    skew" what we think our deals are. Thanks in advance!

  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Dano4, I live near Indy (Northern suburb) and am 14 miles away from Ed Martin. Does Ed.Martin Acura provide loaners when your car is in for "any" service? This is an important item for me for I own a 1999 BMW 740i and although it has been 100% problem free, I always got a loaner car (BMW Loaner) for any type of rountine service. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • steveinindysteveinindy Posts: 48
    I also live in Indy (Fishers) and I use Ed Martin and they will give you a loaner car if you make an appointment and ask for one. Otherwise, they usualy have given them all out to others who have made service appointments. They gave me a 2004 RSX as a loaner last time. Their service was good. I plan to return to them, but only for service. They do not deal well with new car prices. Hubler Acura blew them away on my RL price.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Hi Steveindy,
    What price were you able to get from Hubler? I live in Carmel, hene would use Ed Martin for service. Thanks in advance!

    Mike V
  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    Here is how my deal on the RL was written up (at Rizza Acura in Orland Park)....

    Sales price of 05 RL = $46,500
    Trade value of 02 Audi = $20,500
    Trade value researched on Kelly Blue Book and NADA on my Audi was $19,500, and 3 other dealers (an Audi Dealer, a Honda Dealer, and an Infiniti Dealer offered me between $19,200 and $20,000 for the Audi as trade, so Rizza gave me the best deal on the trade).

    This price also included a trunk mat, wheel locks, trunk cargo net, all-season floor mats, and a wood shift knob. They also threw in 3 years of "free" paintless ding repair. A company comes to you and will repair unlimited number of door dings within a 3 year coverage period. This is apparently a routine mark-up item on Rizza cars and although I was somewhat indifferent about it, they included it at the end. Plus, we got 3.5% financing from American Honda Finance to seal the deal. It was the best rate I could find on a conventional loan.

    I estimated the price of the RL at $45,500 since I got about $1000 more trade value on the Audi, plus they threw in some options that had a collective retail price of at least another $500. They had about 6 RL's on the lot that day, and as soon as they saw we were serious, they got it done relatively painlessly.

    1800 miles on our RL so far, and it is a very nice car.

    Good luck!
  • arache97arache97 Posts: 20
    I am being offered a quote on the above for $20,850. It currently has 48,423 miles on it. 1 owner (I checked carfax) and mint condition. I live in NY and car is being sold in Texas. Is that price adequate or too much? I checked Edmunds and KBB and the appraisal value is a bit under the selling price? Any help here is appreciated.

  • steveinindysteveinindy Posts: 48
    Sorry for the delay in responding, just saw your post today. I paid $46,900 in early February. They threw in a rear deck spoiler, all weather floor mats, trunk liner, wheel locks and warranted paint protection (which appeared to be a glorified wax job, but with a warranty paper). I was extremely pleased, and Ed Martin would not come close on the price--even though the sales person is a client of mine! Good luck!
  • tonyinoctonyinoc Posts: 22
    2005 RL Carbon Gray Pearl/Ebony on May 9, 2005
    Price: $43714 (matched Edmunds listed invoice)
    Destination: $570 (also matched Edmunds price)
    Total $44284 plus TTL, no trade, brought my own money (no financing); dealer threw in splash guards and wheel locks. Didn't want trunk tray or all weather mats.

    I think I did ok. :)
  • nbanba Posts: 6
    The dealers apparently have gotten a little relief on the back end from Acura, I wish I knew
    how much? This is the first move into moving 2005 inventory with 2006 creeping up.
    Invoice price can be had probably anywhere now, just throw the deal down and walk and tell them to call if they have any interest. They even did an invoice deal with no financing, which is good! If you use their financing so long as it's good, you could probably work a better deal, although every day/week/month we get closer to 2006, the deal will only get better.
    I am inclined to wait since we are only a couple of months away from saving a couple thousand more.
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    I have that same car but with only 18,000 miles. Couldn't sell it to you at that price as my lease is still over $25K owed (4 years due June 2006). So that's not a bad price. But under $20K would make it a great price IMHO.
  • flbuyerflbuyer Posts: 11
    Anyone leased RL recently in SW Fla...from Tampa, Ft. Myers, Miami, etc? What kind of deal did you get? I am looking at 36 month/45K lease. I have info on what MF and Residual numbers should be...looking for sale price info. Thanks in advance for any info...
  • nbanba Posts: 6
    Take a look at the website for the special $599 lease deal for a 36 months/36k, I think Acura will have to get more aggressive to move these cars, there will be some great deals on a 05 with 06 approaching nevertheless. My bet is the dealers will still have 05 inventory on the lot late into late into the year, which is where you will see a great deal on one.
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    Marin Acura (north of San Francisco) is offering the RL for $40 less than Acura is offering. Downpayment is a little more at $4,995.
  • shs111shs111 Posts: 39
    I know this question has been asked endless times, but for someone who wants to keep a car for four years, drives about 12,000 miles per year, is it a better deal to lease or purchase the Acura RL? Thanks in advance for your insights.
  • From a purely financial perspective, leases are never good deals for individuals. Businesses can write off the cost of the lease. Individuals can't. Leases give you more car for the same payment, but aren't fiscally advantageous.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    I could give you about 50 examples of leases being financially advantageous for individuals, but in the interest of saving time, I'll just note....

    Absolutes such as "never" are usually wrong... (notice I didn't say always wrong..)

    Leases have advantages and disadvantages.... At their core, they are just alternative means of financing.. Each situation and each car are different..

    The fact that they are tax deductible for business, but not for personal use has no bearing on whether they are right for a particular situation.. Businesses that buy vehicles can depreciate the vehicle to lower their taxable income, but you never hear anyone say you shouldn't buy a vehicle because you can't deduct it.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "Businesses that buy vehicles can depreciate the vehicle to lower their taxable income, but you never hear anyone say you shouldn't buy a vehicle because you can't deduct it."

    Good point. For some reason, many people seem to lose sight of that. In fact, Canadian tax laws are designed so that basically the tax benefits of leasing vs. buying are a wash.

    I think under a best-case scenario, you will almost always come out ahead if you buy and sell privately vs. leasing or the trade-in route. But the difference is not as much as most people think. And if your car has been involved in an accident and diminished value is part of the equation, then it's a whole different ball game. And also, the hassle of selling privately cannot be ignored, even though it is difficult to quantify. In fact, at this stage of my life, I don't think I want to put up with the hassle of selling privately, of dealing with tire-kickers, test drives, low-ballers, mechanic's inspection, weirdos coming around to your house, etc. I did that when I was younger. Now I've got other things of higher priority to deal with than just to net a few hundred $$ more, if that.

    In fact, my preferred mode of acquisition is now leasing. Problem is I own my current car, and I'm not sure there is a way one can trade it into a lease without getting gutted financially. If there is, an '06 X3 3.0 could be in my garage next year! :shades:
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    C'mon a classified ad in your Major circulation rag...take some patience to weed thru the time-wasters...sell that bucket of bolts and buy a real car...the 2005 RL! ;)
  • rotoryfanrotoryfan Posts: 111

    A. Make lease payments for x years...turn in keys and walk away.

    B. Make car payments for x is paid for (and you own whatever intrinsic/market value remains).

    You lost me on why leasing, for an indivdual, is better than buying/owning...maybe I should drag out my old Ben Graham book.
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