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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What are the chances I could get the same deal here in the Cleveland area?

    How did you get that price? Can you give us some insight?

    Would appreciate the help. Thanks.
  • If you read back a few pages I explain. I had to send quotes out, get them in writing them send the best one out to all the dealers, they should send you out a better quote then take the better quote and bargin with it. Keep doing this until you hit a dead end where dealers tell you they cannot lower the price anymore.

    This kinda sums it up, but read back a lil further and I explain it in more detail!
  • jbm160jbm160 Posts: 16
    To Pappy and Mevande:
    Do the prices you two negotiated ($43,500 and $43,600) include destination charge? I'm in the early stages of negotiating in Atlanta and the 2 dealers I've spoken with so far seem pretty firm about staying in the high 45s. How did you convince dealers further away from home that you were serious about purchasing from them, and not just fishing for low quotes to strongarm your local dealers?

    Thanks and congrats on your deals!
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    The average gross profit on a new car sale is 15 percent. This gross profit is not based on MSRP, but what the car is actually sold for. If the average RL goes out the door at $43,500 the dealers true cost is in the neighborhood of $37,800. The 15 percent is a target for most dealers. Do you really think if a dealer sells 80 cars per month at a $600 profit that $48,000 will pay all the bills. If you check out the financial statements of any of the publicly owned car dealerships you will see their gross profit is approximately 15 percent. Drive a hard bargain.
  • My local Acura deal quoted me $44,500, which she says in the invoice price for an RL with Navi. She claims no knowledge of holdbacks or other incentives. Offered me a 3-year lease with 18,000 miles (including 6% tax and zero down) at $743/month. Also said I should contact her if I can get a better deal. How good is this deal and how much lower should I reasonably expect to go on this car. Thanks.
  • How is $43,500 or $43,600 when edmunds shows the invoice at $43,907 which does not include $615 destination charge?

    Selling at invoice is one thing but your numbers are clearly less than invoice?

    Am I missing something here?
  • yes you are, thats because the Edmunds invoice is not the real invoice, its the invoice the dealers give them. It includes holdback and other money.
  • It believe that is about what is being offered at the Acura website for the RL when you figure everything in, including sales tax, except that you are getting more miles than offered there which is good.

    Does anyone think that any dealer will lease for less than the website offer? If so, how much?
  • Anyone recently purchased a RL in the St. Louis area? What did you pay?
  • I'm in the early stages of negotiating in Atlanta and the 2 dealers I've spoken with so far seem pretty firm about staying in the high 45s.

    jbm, did you ever deal on an RL? I'm south of you, but would drive to ATL to get a good deal. The Edmunds TMV price for my zip is $47.9K.

    Have you checked Sutton Acura in Macon?

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Thank you for one more forum ;) I probably will post in this in a year's time.


    Well, ksoman, it's been a year and a half. Did you buy?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Just skimmed through from the beginning to now. Best price I saw on a new one was $41,785. At the beginning, some poor soul was ecstatic to have paid $51,000 OTD. :surprise:
  • bobinkbobink Posts: 3
    Thanks very much to all who posted here for great information. Now it's my turn to help the next buyer.

    Price 42750
    Included wheel locks, mud guards, all weather floor mat.
    Drive off was first months lease pmt., registration, license, etc.

    Leased at for 36 months, 15k per year. 600 lease initiation fee. Money factor .00207. Depreciation to 52% of msrp. With my local sales tax rate the monthly pmt comes to $675.

    In the finance dept. the rep said the dealership gets $2000 back on the current lease offer. Since they were willing to sell it at this price, I wonder if I could have done even better.
  • Bobink,

    Excellent deal. Thank you for the insight!

    Question for you since you have been running the numbers recently. What would your payment have been at 10K miles per year? And what is your sales tax there?

    Please let me know. Thank you.
  • bobinkbobink Posts: 3
    The depreciation would have been to 55% of msrp. I don't recall the monthly, but about $50 less. Sales tax here is close to 8%.
  • kssod1kssod1 Posts: 50
    Has anyone leased the RL with the current offer on the Acura website?
    Has anyone used the lease offer cap cost to purchase for less than 44k?
  • cribnobcribnob Posts: 2
    Hi - I am trying....I'll keep you posted.

    I'm tying to negotiate a sales price of 44k then use the 2k dealer cash as a cap cost reduction putting 42k into the lease special. With 10k miles (55% 36 month residual) this makes the payment $547.84 a month plus tax.

    I'll post results......
  • Just bought Acura RL2006, in colorado with Technology Package. Paid $49250 on a silver & Taupe interior. Sticker was around $54000K. Its close to invoice , saw the invoice 48534.

    I drove Infiniti M35x to compare but was sold on RL's drive feel . I just loved the cornering because of SH-AWD.

    Love it so far.
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 86
    wow, that tech package is expensive!!! is the sticker really around $54 million with the package...i would pass on it for that....:)
  • Thanks for catching that up. Yeah 54 Mill will make a very Very cool car.
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