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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Did anyone purchase a 06 RL in Atlanta area recently? What price did you get?
  • I'll answer to my own question. Got a charcoal gray 06 RL for 41K + TTL. I felt can do a litle better but this is close enough for me.
  • sburke7sburke7 Posts: 37
    I bought mine in Asheville,,,great buy and great car!,,,will make several road trips to Atl,,,
  • I just leased a TL w/ PAX, tech package and camera. They sold the car at 43,000. It seems to be a good deal. The money factor, residual were all in line with what they were supposed to be.
  • tizertizer Posts: 23
    Just picked up a 06 RL, Lakeshore Silver with Ebony Interior at Ramsey Acura for $40K even plus Tax and Registration. Price included a Back up Camera. This was a straight purchase with no trade in. Dealer experience was very good.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Got a 2006 RL non-tech package (black/black).... got it for $39,500 + TTL. This included; wheel locks and life time oil changes + Va State inspections. The dealer was Radley Acura in Va.
  • I am considering trading my 2004 A8L with 33k miles for a new 2007 Acura RL. Does anyone have an opinion about the differences? The A8 is a beautiful car but is in the shop at least once a month and I own an MDX which has been flawless.
  • Go for the RL!,,,I have had 3,,,my 3rd being an '06,,,Not One major service issue,,,my brother in law had an Audi,,,constantly in the shop as well!,,,

    As the saying goes,,,"beauty is only skin deep!",,,
  • acuratacurat Posts: 49
    Amazing deals being posted here! Since non-tech 06 RL is at $44,582 invoice with $4K factory-to-dealer cash, apparently the East Coast dealers are giving up their holdback to move the metal?!? Anybody see that happening out West? :shades:

    I was quoted $40,582 + TTL by a fleet manager here in the L.A. area today. We didn't talk colors or accessories. There is a trade involved so that always complicates things.

    I bought my 04 TL non-navi from them a couple of years ago. Agree with posts on the 2006 RL board that the TL is a fine value but a bit harsh and rattly for me. Also lusting for the satellite traffic. Hate to pay 6% interest though. Might wait to get a tech 07RL w/o PAX around Memorial Day for lower APR on newer vehicle. No one really mentions the issue of 06 is a year older and if only keeping it a few years, there is a hit when it comes time to sell.

    Any opinions on this deal? (Assuming reasonable trade of course.) :confuse:
  • Wow, the prices quoted here are amazingly good!

    I just drove the 2006 RL in San Diego today, and the price quote from the fleet manager was $45,549+ tax and license! I was told that inventory is very low and this was his best offer. Guess I'd better make some calls to Orange County and LA.

    I have a 2001 TL that I like a lot, so I also drove the TL today. While I liked it, I much prefer the RL--for all the reasons mentioned in recent posts.

    Any advice on getting a better price would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  • Thanks to everyone who posted price information! That was valuable information. By making a few phone calls outside of San Diego County, I have located several RLs at great prices, well below the first quote.

    Now to decide if this is indeed the car I want and what color, based on what's left.
  • acuratacurat Posts: 49
    Drove the 06 RL. After the TL the driving experience is a bit, shall we say, tame. Undeniably luxurious, smooth as glass, quiet cabin with no rattles, and the satellite traffic is too cool. First problem is, I'm not out of love with my 04 TL.

    That said, the fleet manager came up with even more compelling pricing, well into the holdback. Could start to get a bit infatuated here...

    Second and major problem: lousy trade-in offer on the TL that is about $3K south of Edmunds' trade-in TMV. We are way too far apart. CarMax next??? Don't want to sell it in the classifieds.

  • Yes, I know what you mean! The first offer on the trade-in was below what I wanted, but I held firm and they upped the price a little. I got the KBB "good" price, which is slightly above the Edmunds' trade in price for a "clean" vehicle, on my 2001 TL as well as a great price on the RL--so I drove off in it yesterday and love it. :D There are a lot of 2001s out there, it seems. But I have a lot going on and don't have the time to sell it privately.

    This dealer wsa eager to deal, and this was their last 2006. I hadn't planned to buy yet, but Acura of Escondido had a color I liked (Lakeshore Silver w/taupe interior) and the price was terrific ($41K; I had a quote of $40,7000 from a dealer in Orange County, but he offered much less on the trade in so it wsan't worth the drive).

    The overall buying experience was excellent, too--especially after the first dealer in San Diego I visited quoted a price that was $4,500 higher. I did not go back to him because when I asked if that was his best price, he said yes. He had his chance! Although he was great at explaining the car's features and spent a lot of time with me, he didn't seem willing to negotiate.

    I've never bought a car so quickly!
  • acuratacurat Posts: 49
    Congrats mbellamy! Sounds like you did everything right. I'm a firm believer in letting your fingers do the walking--bought my last 5 or 6 cars by phone. It takes the emotion out of the negotiation.

    Enjoy your new RL!!
  • Thanks, Acurat! This certainly was the easiest car buying experience I have had. For once i didn't waffle around--this car or that one? The RL felt right when I drove it, and I opted for the 2006 because it came with the nav system and is essentially the same car as the 2007.

    I happened to notice that in the 2007s without the nav system, Acura is using fake wood--that is pretty chintzy, if you ask me! :confuse: Also to charge for the cargo net, which was included on my 2001 TL. May see if I can get one that fits at Kragen rather than having to schlep back to the dealer..
  • acuratacurat Posts: 49
    The saga continues. Contacted another dealer who offered an 06 RL at $39,500 + TTL. Great!! Unfortunately the trade on my 04 TL is the sticking point; that dealer offered $20K by phone and sounded unlikely to go higher. Took the TL to CarMax, they offered the same $20K. Not really worth it to give up a perfectly great car for 85% of its wholesale value. Guess I'm out for now. No deal. :cry:
  • To correct something I wrote earlier--the dealer said there should have been z cargo net and is sending me one. Everyone there continues to be most responsive to my questions.

    Sorry you can't get a better trade-in on your TL, Acurat. Would you sell it yourself? I'd think it would be an easy sell.
  • I have offers from two dealerships for $40,577 + TTL (invoice less the $4k cash to dealer). Both offers were negotiated by e-mail; what a great way to deal!
  • I bought 06 RL yesterday.
    $41,000+TTL but it includes free Backup camera($770), splash guard($135),trunk mat($99), and wheel locks($82).

    GS300(2006) is great as well but wanted more bells and whistles and worried some complaints about sway and drift of GS300.
  • acuratacurat Posts: 49
    For those (like me) who have been waiting for some compelling development to pull the trigger on a new RL...Honda Finance is offering 3.9% financing for up to 36 months and 4.9% for 48 or 60 months. Apparently just for the Thanksgiving weekend. :shades:
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