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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yobiyobi Posts: 4
    I'm in Indianapolis.

    Now have 2 quotes on 2007 with Tech. Both are without the $1400 in accessories I want. One is $44,386 and the other is $43,465 locally.

    If my research is correct, I am looking at about $44,900 invoice. Add the accessories and subtract the $3500 Market Support dollars and I should get in around $41,300 to $41,900. I agree on the $42K from the other threads on this forum.
  • konskons Posts: 2
    I am in the Boston Area as well. Which dealership did you purchase this from?
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    Yes, $41.3K to $42K would be e great price.
  • yobiyobi Posts: 4
    You were right. Found the 2007 w/Tech for $42,100. Got the wood wheel and knob, rear spoiler, trunk mat, all weather mats, and the side emblems rolled into it for a total of $43,500. They did very well by me on the trade (2003 Lexus ES in mint condition) so I pulled the trigger.
  • egraboregrabor Posts: 6
    We have a new 07 RL with just1400 miles on it. We have the wood steering wheel and knob, wheel flaps, wind visors on doors, spoiler on trunk and wind protective on moonroof, full matsand more. We made a life changing decision, and we are going full time RVing in a Motorhome. What do you think I should get for it? We are in Spokane, and it is gorgeous of course. It is the Blue Gray Pearl color. We chose without nav because we wanted the other options. can e-mail me at
    Thank you in advance
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43

    You should go over to and post with other RL owners.
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43

    The thing is that they have the $3500 marketing incentive going on right now. $41.7k is the invoice price including the destination fees. This means that brand new your car is selling for $38.2K to $39K in many markets due to the marketing incentive. Maybe you can get $35K to $36K for it.
  • yobiyobi Posts: 4
    Thanks. Already posted the info on Acurazine, which is a great forum and source of information on the RL too.
  • amkleeramkleer Posts: 2
    Can anyone guide me as to what a good/reasonable deal would be (monthly) for leasing an Acura RL w/Tech package (36 or 39 months, $2K out of pocket)? Thanks!
  • Does anyone know if there are new incentives to Dealers replacing the $3500 for the RL?
  • kenji4861kenji4861 Posts: 12
    Anyone know how much 07 RLs are going for?
  • amkleeramkleer Posts: 2
    Deals can be had for around $42K with Tech package
  • Valueboy,

    In reference to your post #941:

    1. "....Honda Canada priced the 'come-out' on RLs at about $10,000 more than the US exchange warranted, compared to US pricing. Something smelled bad. So I bought the [Infiniti] 2006 M although I really liked the RL as a vehicle."

    It is a well known fact in Canada that pretty much all foreign car manufacturers price their Canadian cars thousands of dollars more than the US exchange rate warrants. This is well documented in the recent spate of newspaper and magazine articles. Acura is no different. As an exercise, I created a spreadsheet comparing this price delta for ten different car manufacturers. Turns out Nissan and Infiniti have one of the biggest price inflations in Canada vs the equivalent USD price. For example, a fully-loaded Infiniti M45 is over $15k more in Canada than in the U.S. after adjusting for exchange rate.


    In 2007, Acura Canada rolled out a base model w/o CMBS, active cruise control and other electronic features for $6.5k less, realizing that some customers did not want those features. However, equally optioned, the 2007 RL costs the same as the 2006 RL.

    I have no affiliation with honda or acura, and I do not even own an RL. However, I rarely come across a post as misinformed as yours, and I felt I should correct your errors as a public service to the forum.
  • hondav6hondav6 Posts: 8
    I am trying to buy '02 Acura RL with 50,000 miles on it. What is the best price I can offer for this? is this a good car to buy?
  • Dealer offered one for $46,000 plus tax and lic.

    I was shopping for one with tech package but they had only CMBS/PAX one.

    Is this a good price? What's the 08 Tech price?

  • I priced the 2007 RL w/Tech package in June and could have had it for $42300. I think based on sticker it would approximately $3500 more for the Pax model. Seems ok. I ended up buying the base model for $39000, I really enjoy it. Should have bought my options rubber winter mats and trunk tray on ebay (can save $$$).
  • I have read the previous posts about 2007 RLs with Tech and it seems as though the selling prices are around $42k. Any idea what a good deal on an '08 RL with Tech should be?
  • I bought a 2008 RL with the tech package at the end of August for $43,100, no trade-in.
  • I've got a quote for $750 over factory invoice for 2008 with tech package. I can't seem to find any incentives right now. Is this price too high?
  • way too high....wait little longer and watch the rebates come roaring back....
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