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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    Now that the 2009 RLs are hitting the showroom, it looks like they will be priced to move in a difficult environment. For 36 months, $1500 down (including first payment), 12,000 miles, it's looking like $599 all in with tax.
  • avery8avery8 Posts: 4
    hi all,
    new to this site
    currently driving a bmw 530 and going off lease

    i drove a 2008 rl today and liked it
    i was wondering about prices
    they offered the 2008 at $40,200 and the 2009 at $44,800, both of these are for non-tech

    are these good prices or are better deals out there?

    thanks in advance
  • desert_ratdesert_rat Posts: 23
    I think, there are deals out there 10k below invoice for 2008s, at least there were a month ago.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    It seems Acura is anxious to get the 2009 out on the road so people can see it. Lots of favorable deals being struck on this brand new model year.

    I have heard of lease payments in the $550 per month range with little or no money down.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    Acura in Carlsbad quoted the following for a new 2009 RL (this was NOT some loaded up with tech/CMBS/etc.. this was a BASE RL)

    MSRP was like $50k

    $5000 down
    $662/month including 7.75% tax. seemed WAY high.

    i toldthem that the Acura website advertised 3600 down and $549/month + tax which wuld be about $599/month..

    their "deal" was about $3600 MORE over the life of the lease. they said that was because the advertised deal was for 10k and THIS deal was for 12k.

    10k --> 12k = $3600?? I walked out.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    Looks like leasing is a thing of the past. They've dropped the residuals and raised the interest rates to a point where leasing is challanging to say the least.

    After years of addicting the public to the painless, no money down, sign and drive programs - the car companies are suddenly worried about residual values and eating the cars that come back.

    Question one....where will all those down-payments come from??
  • jmfdonejmfdone Posts: 4

    Sorry if this is not quite on topic but I am choosing between two cars and could use some advice. I am looking at certified used acuras. I have narrowed the selection down to two cars, quite different:

    1) 2005 RL, loaded with NAV 39K miles. Outstanding condition (silver w. black interior) for $24880.

    2) 2006 TSX also loaded w. NAV 30K miles. Again outstanding condition (black and black). price on this one $21 - 22K

    Both have clean carfax reports.

    The dealer is urging me to go w. the RL saying it is a much better value and that it is much more car. I feel like either deal is pretty good. Does anyone have any input as to whether it truly is a no brainer? The other thing is that the dealer is presenting me with these cars at these prices because of a major error they committed and he claims that these deals (particularly the RL) is a great deal. Finally, the TL is not in the running because he does not have any certified ones with NAV and I really want NAV.

  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    The dealership's "major error" may have been to not auction off the RL. To put it mildly, they're not selling well.

    Seriously, I've owned neither car, but inspected both and driven the RL. "Better value" depends on your situation, because the two cars are in entirely different classes. The RL is a somewhat cramped but full-on luxury sedan, very substantial, a bit anesthetized but enormously capable. The TSX is a mainstream European (read: small) family sedan. It's a lighter, noisier and more tossable car, a European Accord but for a full load of options and an Acura logo.

    If you value luxury and effortless cruising, it's the RL all the way. If "value" is measured by materials quality and feature content, the RL likewise wins in a walk.

    If you're driving a lot of city miles, however, the TSX's gas mileage is a huge advantage over the RL, whose MPG nosedives down well into the teens around town. Also on the downside, the '05 was the first year for this generation of the RL and went through a lot of highly annoying quality problems, mostly with its finicky electronics. I personally would seek out an '06 or '07 instead, which seem to have been mostly debugged.

    Best of luck, whatever your choice.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    If I were in your situation (and not knowing what your driving style is), I'd go for the RL. Much more luxurious inside than the TSX. For once, the salesman is telling the truth. At those prices, the RL is a better value. You might be able to get even more off the RL since they're probably desparate to offload it, but I wouldn't feel ripped off at that price. But like tonycd said, if you do a lot of around-town driving (and the price of gas is a factor to you), the TSX is the way to go. Also, if you're into a weekend drive on a tight, twisty road, the TSX is the better choice. If you just want something to cruise in and feel like you're in the lap of luxury, the RL would be the way to go; not that it's all that great of a cruiser.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    Has anyone actually bought an 09 yet? Can you let us know what you paid for it? Hearing all kinds of stories regarding the popularity or lack of it.

    The market's tough for premium fuel cars right now. Any real life experience with an RL buy (or lease) would be appreciated.
  • reji007reji007 Posts: 8
    I went to an Acura dealership in Bridgewater, NJ (interested in leasing an RL) and the only RL that they had in stock was the one in the showroom. They said that they expected to get more of them in around September.

    Sat in the one in the showroom for a bit, and I have to admit that it is quite nice. I have a well equipped 06 M35x and I don't think I'd lose out on many features by switching to the RL (just some back seat room).
  • reji007,
    Just curious if you own an 06 M35x why you're now considering the RL? I was torn between RL and M35x when I bought in 07 but am happy with my choice although I am experiencing engine knock at high ambient summer temperatures even using premium fuel like many other owners and am very unhappy about it :( . This makes me wonder whether the M35 would have been a better choice... How have you found it?
  • reji007reji007 Posts: 8

    Yup, have a 2006 M35x which I leased back in 2005. Car has been great to drive and the technology inside is outstanding.

    I'm considering the 2009 RL for a few reasons. First off, I can't seem to get a great lease deal on the M35x. Second, I test drove the new M35 and was very unhappy that they took away funtionality that you can use while driving, when it comes to using voice commands (they really limit what you can now do with voice commands and even my 2007 Altima offers more in this department). Also the fact that the passenger can't use the Nav while I'm driving is something I'm getting kinda annoyed with. Finally, after driving an Infiniti for 3+ years, I'd like a bit of change (the interior of the car is VERY similar between a 2006 model and a 2008 model).

    I still have a couple of months before my lease is up, but the RL is something I'm now considering. I still need to test drive it and play with some of the gizmos inside but overall I did like the car I saw in the dealship (minus the limited backseat legroom).
  • dandgdandg Posts: 86
    Hi all,
    been looking for a low miles (under 20) 06-07 nice sedan for myself.May be go with a new one if price was right (seems from reading the board 10k off list is possible?).
    Wife has Lexus so I want something different.
    BMW 5 and 7 's all have that damn "I drive" so I ruled them out.
    M/B E350's have vinyl interior (they call it MB tex) and only get a leather insert with option not many have even that.Ruled them out.
    Toying with myabe Audi and Acura. want leather and wood (both real-NO vinyl) not big on tech (no nav is fine) just nice ride and dependabilty.
    Thoughts on the RL as a possibilty? I am in NH and pickings are slim,need to shop Mass as well to get any choices (like the ebony interior.wood/leather wheel and grey or black exterior.
    thanks of help
  • dandgdandg Posts: 86
    Looking to see what the new incentives and holdbacks are?
    Dealer has a 08 RL with tech demo that might have potential if he really get agressive.
  • kimohhkimohh Posts: 5
    Has anyone priced or bought a 2009 RL in the DC, MD, VA area lately?

    I have been getting "special internet price" quotes right at MSRP...
  • With the economy in the tank, they will have to deal. Improvements seem great. It's a nice car but MSPR is not real world. The car has not and never will be in demand. It's quite pricey and with the new TL arriving, that's additional competition and the TL costs a heck of alot less. The RL is going to be discounted...again eventhough that's not what Acura set out to do this time around.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    Looking for a 2009 RL in New Jersey. I am hearing the same MSRP nonsense. They also killed the residual on the leases.

    It does not really seem like Acura wants to sell these cars. They have curtailed production significantly, so there just are not that many of them around.

    I guess they are putting their eggs in the TL basket until the next generation RL arrives in 2011 or so.

    If anyone has bought an RL in NJ, please let us know what you paid.

  • There are not many 2009 RL's around here in the Southwest either. I asked one of the large dealers when he will get 2009 RL's when he opened a chat window. He said I has one in stock, but when I told him, that's not much of a choice he immediately closed the chat window.
  • lsemomlsemom Posts: 4

    I went to a dealer in Macon GA yesterday and was quoted $42K+ to buy a 2008 RL Tech Package with 6K miles on it. It was an owner demonstrator and their argument for what I thought was a high price was that the car had never been titled, so it was a "new" car. Essentially, I was told that no one but me would think that the 6K miles should reduce the price. The fact that this was a 2008 and not a 2009 did not seem to make any difference either. Their final point was that since it had not been titled, one could get new car financing on the transaction. I did not want financing, so that was not a factor to me. Am I off base here to think that 6K miles on a year old model should matter? I see these cars with similar mileage all over the internet for $37-39K. They just do not happen to be in central Georgia.
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