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Kia Spectra5



  • It seems to take two to three miles of town driving for the temp gauge to make it up a couple of ticks. I usually don't turn the heater on for two miles or so, there is no heat there anyway and it just slows the warm up process.
    Some people turn the heat on full blast as soon as they start the car, but a car heater is not like an electric heater. It works off the radiator coolant, and the engine has to be warm to make the heater work.

    My 07 Spectra doesn't seem either particularly slow or fast to warm up, just typical. I haven't run it yet in cold cold, like 10 degrees. Will note its warming trend when winter sets in a little harder.
  • I know that, it just seems that my car warms up slower than most other cars that I have had when the tempurature drops below 30 degrees. Was just wondering if other people had the same problem and what they did to fix it.
  • jeff618jeff618 Posts: 29
    (fyi) There's an alternative to going to the dealer for a replacement rear blade on the newer generation spectras (05+). It may first appear that the blade and arm are one piece but if you take a look, you'll see the wiper blade can be replaced and its actually quite simple. It is a special wiper blade though. There may be other alternatives, but the 'trico exact fit rear blade' available online snaps right onto the special rear arm and looks like the factory original. Much cheaper than the dealer alternative and easier/less tedious than messing around with rubber refills. Comes with removal and replacement instructions too. Hope this helps.
  • I live in Vermont; I don't own a Kia (yet), but here we put newspaper in front of our radiators in November, and take it out in March or April, for a lot of cars with small engines. Some just are slow to warm up, but you also might need a new thermostat; if it's stuck open, the car may never warm up!
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