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Kia Spectra5



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Is that the 2005 Spectra, or the OLD 2004 Spectra or the NEW 2004 Spectra? I find it hard to fathom why dealers would offer the new Spectra below $7000, unless it's one of those ridiculous offers that one person in 100 million will qualify for, e.g. "must be a recent college graduate who is on active duty in the military, must already own a Kia and a competitive model, must have suffered damage to home from hurricanes in Florida, must qualify for financing through Kia and have an impeccable credit record, and there must be a full moon. Also must pay $695 advertising fee and $395 document fee, and a $3000 down payment. Invoice #45541 only." I have seen ads like that in other cities with 2-point font at the bottom of the page, and I chuckle and shake my head each time.
  • It's the new 2004 Spectra. This same dealership has it for sale for $6995 every week, but last sunday they also had a new Kia Rio for $3995!!


    You would be surprised by those newspaper ads, you can actually buy those cars - I've done it twice. (and I am not in the military, nor a full time student)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Where do you live, and what is the name and phone number (or email address) of the dealership (I think that is allowed under Town Hall rules)? I'd be willing to fly there and get a new Spectra for $6995, since that is $4000 more than the going price in my town. I could probably resell it here for a nice profit, or just keep it and sell my four-year-old Elantra.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You can post the name of the dealership, city and state. Phone numbers aren't allowed (we can't verify them...)
  • Well, I went and bought a paper, but that dealership isn't running the ad this week. I will check again next sunday though. - btw, I'm in Los Angeles.
  • if you don't mind can you jump back in here periodically and post the goods and bads of your new Spectra5 for us? I kind of like this new Kia Spectra5 and as my nickname suggests I love Kia's! My last rig was a 1999 Kia Sephia and my current one is a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 with 91,100 miles on it. I looked at the new Spectra5's the other day and they look very impressive-fairly large compared to the sedan. I like how they look to be pointing down towards the front-that profile looks awesome on that car. BTW-what did you pay for it and did they treat you generously on your trade-in?


    Enjoy your new baby! I bet it looks great in black!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • The sticker on the car was $17,540.00.

    There was a $500.00 rebate.

    I received a $1094.00 discount from list.

    I received $2800.00 trade-in for my 1998 Sportage EX 4x4 with 133,000 miles.


    The car was a good deal but unfortunately there was no Owner Loyalty Rebate available.


    The car is roomy and has great features. It is very quiet, good power, very stable to drive, and I am hoping for good fuel economy.


    And it does look great in black.
  • mileage your 2005 Kia Spectra5 will pull with automatic transmission. Question for ya: Does it lurch as it searches for the right gear sometime, or sort of hesitate on you? Or does it smoothly transition between gears?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I haven't gotten a good check on the fuel economy yet but it looks like it will run between 25-28 mpg in mixed driving and better for interstate driving. The operation of the automatic transmission is smooth with almost no hunting.
  • Hey there ILMS!


    Since you're asking about the automatic, I thought I'd chime in with my experiences with my EX sedan.


    The overall shifting behavior of my car's 4-speed automatic transmission is as good as anything I've ever driven. In fact it is much smoother than the 3-speed my V6 Plymouth Acclaim had (although that tranny never gave me a bit of trouble over 126k miles).


    There's only two things I've noticed that are noteworthy:


    - Occasionally my Spectra appears to start off in 2nd gear from a dead stop and thus not accelerate too briskly unless I kick the accelerator down and get it to downshift. This doesn't happen very often, so it's not too annoying.


    - Last night I had to pull in front of some fairly fast moving traffic, so I nailed it hard from a stop. The car accelerated very quickly. When the car shifted from 1st to 2nd (I'm assuming) it was turning some pretty high RPM's and when it upshifted automatically, it hit *hard*. Actually I was impressed by this. It didn't make any weird or bad noises... it just snapped into the next gear with a quick lurch and kept on going. It felt quite similar to my buddy's hot rod Chevy with a shift kit. Hard, but precise. The next shift wasn't as dramatic, and by then I was easing off of the throttle.


    But to summarize, under normal driving conditions this tranny appears to be smooth and capable.


    FYI.... one of the shop help at my KIA dealer mentioned that he thought the new Spectra autos were the same ones that KIA puts in the Optima. I haven't tried to verify that, but it might be true based on the good behavior it exhibits.


  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    That is very interesting if in fact the Spectra tranny is the same as that in the Optima. The Optima uses a bigger 4-cylinder engine than the 2.0L in the Spectra. If true, it would mean the Spectra, Optima, Sonata, and Elantra all share the same automatic tranny.


    Doesn't the automatic in the Optima (and Sonata) have a manumatic feature?
  • Hi there from overseas. Have just ordered a 2005 Spectra5 and stumbled on this forum while looking for sites connected to all things Kia. I am impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the contributors, though puzzled by some of the terms and specs used.

    I test drove the Spectra5 last weekend at my local dealership and found it really great. I have been driving Kias since 1998 and have always found them very reliable and comfortable, if not top of the class for performance. But great value for money and I am no boy racer anyway (middle aged with wife and two teenage kids).

    I found the new Spectra a huge improvement on previous models. Feels really great to drive and the equipment is fantastic, even for a Kia. Only drawback is the engine size, only 1.6L petrol or 2.0L diesel available here as yet. I opted for the 1.6 as I have never liked diesel cars.

    Incidentally, I am sure all you enthusiasts know that the Spectra5 is marketed under the name Kia Cerato in Europe and the Far east.

    I am interested in comparing prices. My model is costing me £10,500 sterling, which is approximately $17850. How does this compare with prices in the US?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Here in the States the Spectra sedan (LX trim, manual windows, 5-speed tranny) starts at about $11k with rebates, and the Spectra5, which comes in only one trim line and engine (2.0L 138 hp gas) is around $15k. Those prices are without taxes and fees, which vary by state.
  • Thanks for the info, Backy. I was not aware that car taxes varied from state to state in the US. Here in the UK, car tax hits us pretty hard. The price of £10500 ($17850) for my Spectra5 includes approx. £1500 ($2550) car tax. Nevertheless, the Spectra5 is still a bargain here. The cost of a Ford Focus with equivalent spec would be at least another £2500 - £3000 ($4250 - $5100).

    Would local taxes and fees in the States bring the cost of a new Spectra5 anywhere close to the $17850 I am paying?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Yes, it could come close in a high-tax state. e.g. taxes in my state are 6.5%, plus there are license fees (about $300 for me for a Spectra5), documentation fees (about $75) and perhaps other fees.
  • Pondsman:


    I was able to get my loaded 2004.5 Spectra EX for $14,373 out-the-door (taxes and fees included) using a $1,500 rebate KIA had going last year. My state tax is 6%, which is fairly high as far as state taxes go.


    Details of pricing and photos of this car can been found at:


    I know that the Spectra5 starts off with a higher sticker price than the sedan, but I'd say that a dealer with a large enough inventory sitting around would be motivated to negotiate pretty easily (at least based on my experience).


  • Backy and Spectraman:


    Thanks for the price information. Looks like you got a real bargain, Spectraman.

    I'm picking up my new Spectra on Monday evening. Can't wait.

    Go Kia!
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Where is this forum when I insert "list all Kia discussions" into the forum listing? It seems to have disappeared in the last few days. Despite the bad crash tests this is a viable car and I wish them well on it. Hate to see the list go dead because all of the search points don't show up.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Still there - on the left use the Browse by Vehicle and select Kia for Make and then hit go (no model selection). On the next page under where the models are listed, click on the Display all Kia Discussions....that will give you the list.
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