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Lexus LX 570 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

duvalduval Posts: 6
Lets start the discussion group and can anyone help me from where I reside or should I travel west to California? I am often on business trips that lead me to several states. Perhaps it is best that I have my Lx 470 selection shipped to the Southeast? JM will not deal as much on the Lx 470 so far is what I have experienced... ALSO I learned that they are not the largest store in the world!! Any advise members? We seek and immediate purchase for a 2005 Ls 430 sedan or 2005 Lx 470 SUV. No Local Atlanta, Georgia nor Alabama dealer offers us much savings on any selection is what we are encountering. Perhaps we should wait until the end of the 2005 year to buy our Lexus selection instead? I hear that the best bargains occur during that period, fewer salesman haggle and their apparent 'take it or leave it' demeanor alters. Of course we have heard about the end of season limited colors likelihood although we are flexible. What should be our next step?
Eagerly awaiting.


  • Actually, I heard JM is indeed the largest Lexus dealer in the world. However, their location in Florida would probably not help you in getting the best price on a LX470. There are 4 Lexus dealers in close proximity to DC. I received a quote of $4300 off list from Pohanka Lexus when I was shopping for my 04 LS430 in 1/04; I ended up buying from Lexus of Northborough in MA, which matched the price. From the posts I've read on the LS430 chat site, the discounts on 04's got progressively bigger as 2004 wore on. I've also heard that the discounts are biggest in December, as Lexus has a huge desire to remain #1 in luxury car sales over BMW and MB.

    I'm just starting the shopping process for an 05 LX470. Intuitively, I think a dealership in the Northeast, with larger demand for and therefore inventory of the LX470 would be more likely to offer a larger discount. I could be wrong. Any leads?
  • Were you able to find out what people have been paying for an 05 LX470? I am on the east coast and in the process of looking. Thanks
  • I was just in JM Lexus in South Florda. They had a sales price tag in the window of a black LX showing $2,500 off of sticker on an '05. I'm trying to swing a deal on a loaded '04 but they won't budge much more than about $3k- doesn't seem to make sense- guess I'll get an '05.

    I'm going to try Lexus of Palm Beach.
  • hersheyhershey Posts: 1
    Hi, I am researching which car to buy and I think I have finally picked the LX 470 (2005 after considering the 2005 models of the range rover, BMW X5, and lexus RX) however they seem to be in high demand. I am located in California, Central Valley area and was wondering if anyone knew of where I could get the best price (dealership, online etc). The car I want has a MSRP of 70,065 which is loaded with most of the options including the RES, what price can I expect to pay?
    Thanks for any advice you have.
  • djohnso1djohnso1 Posts: 4
    I bought my 04 LX through an internet broker - I live in the Bay Area, but they were able to put me in touch with a large volume dealer in LA (Longo). I flew to LA- the salesman picked me up at the airport. We had set up most of the transaction ahead of time over the phone, so it didn't take long to pick up my LX and drive it home. You buy the car directly from the dealer, the broker just puts you in touch with a dealer willing to sell at a good price. I saved 1K by doing this. I was a little leary about doing the broker thing, but it's totally fine and I'll probably buy my next car this way. I think someone last year recommended fleetrates on the Edmunds LX forum. Good luck.
  • fsp38fsp38 Posts: 2
    hi,i'm new here,i wants to buy a 1999 lx470 have 67,948 miles,they came with cd changer,nakamichi audio,video system,leather,dual power seats,moon roof,roof rack,grille guard and towing pkg,ask for $26,900,is it a good deal,
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi everyone. Please use the following discussion to post any questions that you have about leasing a Lexus LX 470. Thanks.

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  • Starting to research the '06 LX470 so that I can purchase. Can you tell me appx. what you paid compared to MSRP? Was it considerably lower? Higher? Same? Wondering if I should wait until December to purchase (re:year end sale numbers). Any thoughts?
  • Start with Sewell Lexus of Dallas - largest Lexus service location in the country...big dealership...ask for the internet service manager...i dont think we can give out names on this site but it's a woman and she's GREAT! I got a 2006 - yes I said 2006 Silver LX470 brand spanking new with 34 miles fresh off the truck for $6604 under just takes lots of patience, a willingness to wait, a little luck, and lots of negotiating (we shopped around from Dallas to HOuston to California to New Hampshire but the best price was the 2nd closest dealership to our house). Good luck!
  • 34 miles??? I'd consider that a used car. ;) I got my 06 GX470 last week right off the truck and it had 3 miles on it. :)
  • I'd like to buy a 2005 or 2006 Lexus SUV 470 for cash--no trade in--preferably in the Chicago area--but any location if price is right. Would like a light color and can close immediately.
    Thanks for any help you may have.
  • Park Place Plano sold me an 06 LX470 for $62,000 in Sept 05
    The MSRP was $68,750 -- that's 6,750 off! Had 10 miles on odo when I drove it off the lot.
  • Sewell Lexus in Dallas sold me a 2006 in Oct 2005 fresh off the truck from port of Long Beach for 62146...MSRP was 68795 (preferred pkg, spoiler, cross bars, tire locks)...thats 6649 off sticker for a newer year model
  • rosey5rosey5 Posts: 1
    I am about to possibly sign a lease on an 06 lx 470 (tomorrow) and I wanted to find out how you made out:
    My deal is:

    $2,800 in bank fees, license, registration, etc.

    $995 per month plus CT state tax. Fully equiped; no dvd player or any extras (it does have the GPS).

    Any thoughts?
  • I am currently leasing a Lexus RX 330 which will be over at the end of november...I am considering leasing an LX470, but have no idea what a really good lease should be for this car...I have been told that I could get much better terms since I already have a Lexus...I am not that particular for the terms...would do 24, 36, or 39 month lease...I do not need more than 12,000 miles/year...I just want my monthly payment to be as low as possible...any guidance would be greatly appreciated...
  • Greetings carsarefun. Lexus Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a base 2007 Lexus LX 470 with 12,000 miles per year are .00275 and 51%, respectively. If I was in the market for this truck, I personally would wait until Lexus introduced its special "December to Remember" lease program as it is expected to later this month. It isn't providing any sort of lease support on this model now, so you don't have a whole lot to lose by waiting.

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  • topgun26topgun26 Posts: 16
    best offer an 2008 lx570 for 36months and 10k miles for 1546 with no money down and taxes(NY) in the payments. Any opinions?
  • this forum is really slow, no one posting
  • jrigjrig Posts: 5
    I was told today at a CA dealership that Toyota will be slowing production of the LX 570 down because it is not selling well. This seemed to be said to motivate me to make a quick decision as the salesman inferred that supply may become constrained. This was somewhat contradictory (if they aren't selling well then it seems unlikely there will be a supply shortage) however...

    Has anyone else heard this??

    Thank you.
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Posts: 122
    In Nov my dealership told me they were in short supply and most are sold when they arrive at the Plano,Texas dealership. I bought one (got a $7,000 discount). Looked at the 10 or so they had on hand then--most are still on hand 2 months later. I think it is a great time to buy. You should get a discount of over $6,000 and know that you have bought a fine vehicle in limited production.
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