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Audi Q7



  • i'm just waiting for the next leap in technology.. i think it will be AUDI/VW + Apple who will lead the way in the next revolution...(2009s?) hopefully they will have the intuitive controls of the ipod... get the apple and the audi/vw engineers together and they will create a true dream vehicle and then give it to a Japanese factory to assemble.. now that will be a car of my dreams...
  • I hope you have another Q7 as a loaner while your Q7 is in the shop? :)
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    About 10 months, 11K miles here on a 3.6 Premium with Nav, 19" Continentals and most other goodies.
    No steering vibration, but an Oil Pressure light goes on occasionally and the gas tank flap does not flap :) on occasion. Other than that - a great-looking, great-feeling car.

    There are a few issues though that I want to float and see if you people feel the same about...

    1. Various ergonomics issues. Way too many simple operations requre either multiple steps or taking eyes off the road.

    (in no particular order)

    Steering-wheel-mounted cruise control too close to turn signal/high beam control - even after that much driving experience, still occasionally flash high-beams when trying to engage the CC

    Windshield wipers (esp. in winter or on dirt road) - to engage the rear wiper, need to push the lever away. To wash the dirty windshield, need to pull the lever, thus dis-engaging the rear wiper. A simple enough operation that should not require a multi-step process.

    Climate control - LOVE 6-step bun-warmers, H A T E that their controls are tied to Blower and there is no way to just turn the warmer on by itself.
    Also, no way to shut off rear climate controls from the front - have to reach back and hunt for the button. And, when both my kids are back there and both child-locks are engaged, even more steps are needed.

    A wierd "voice-recognition" button on the steering wheel which appears too moody to work consistently. (plus, according to the manual, mine should not work at all, since I do not have a particular package - go figure!)

    2. CRAZY head-rests - very uncomfortable according to most/all of my rear-seat adult passengers. Cannot be adjusted. If folded, prevent the use of the seat. Block way too much of the rear view.

    3. Hard-to-understand and nowhere-documented info on the MMI - such as MPG, time, speed, etc. - one of them lists mpg at 200. I WISH!!!

    4. Non-foldable cargo cover - what a pain when 3rd row is up!!! Of course, the folded cover is only reserved for Europe it appears :(

    5. Do-it-yourself spare tire - never had anything like that before, hope never to have to blow one at night on a deserted road.

    6. A dealer service dept. in NYC being closed for lunch?!?! In the City that never sleeps!!! And, me having an emergency!

    Lastly, as I posted in the Maintenance forum, I was taken aback by Audi CS telling me that it was up to a dealer to provide me with a loaner if/when I bring the car in for that Oil Pressure issue. Some posted that the repair took weeks, they had their engines replaced, cars declared lemons, etc... and all of that for a hefty monthly payment and potentially NO LOANER??? WOW!

    Thanks for reading.
  • I have a Q7 3.6 premium with 20" wheels, infotainment pkg, luxury 6 seat cofig, pano roof, comfort, 4 zone, and rear side airbags.
    Had it 10 months and so far have about 16,500 miles on it.
    I also get that oil pressure light from time to time, however only when i turn the car on, and if i turn it back off and on, it will usually go away.
    I did not get the voice recognition, so for me that button is useless.

    I read about the complaints you have and i may be able to help with a few:

    With the problem u stated about the heated seats, i have figured out how to get them to stay on with the climate control off. You just set to what number you would like, and then press and hold the "econ" button, which also says "on/off" until the climate control goes off. the seats will stay on.

    For youre problem concerning turning off the rear AC, there is a way to control it by hitting the "setup" button on the climate control panel. Once you do, scroll down to the bottom with either the left or right AC adjustment konb, depending on which side you want to adjust, and select "rear operation". here you still can not completley turn the ac off, but you cant adjust the blower to 1, as well as the air direction and heated seat.

    I agree that the trip computer can be confusing and i had to get help from this site to figure it out at first. On the wiper stalk, under the stalk itself is a square button that says reset. When you press this, it scrolls the different trip computer screens on the driver info display between the speedo and tach. i believe they are digital speedometer, trip comp 1, and trip comp 2. Once you have picked one of these screens, there is a rocker button at the very end face of the wiper stalk, where you are able to scroll through the various features such as MPG instant, MPG average, Miles left to tank, Average speed, etc. These readings can be reset through the MMI, by pressing the "car" menu button. Then scroll down to "instrument cluster" and select it. There you will see trip computer 1 and trip computer 2, and when you select one or the other, you can not only reset it but pick what you would like to be displayed on the drive info display (in gauge cluster).

    I also have a few complaints of my own:

    1. I agree that the car cover is not well designed, because it is extremley wide and is imposible to store with the third seat up. I usually just leave it out unless we are going on a long trip. It does, however, have good ideas like the extendable flaps that clip to the 2nd row of seats.

    2. I also do not like how the power tailgate opens from the button in the front drivers door or the key fob, yet it will only close from the button on the trunk. This is apparently a saftey feature, but i wish it would go both ways from the key.

    3. I see below the head-lights two rectangles that look like the openings from the headlight washers, but i have tried everything to make them work and they have never popped out of their covers, no matter how long i hold the cleaning stalk in. Maybe the 3.6 does not have head light washers? Does anyone know how to use them?

    Overall this is a fantastic car and the reason milage is going on so fast is because i choose to take out this car much more than i had thought, and it is an amazing traveling car. right now getting almost 23mpg driving 65mph on rural highway roads. Overall a great car, only i wish i had waited and been able to buy the rear camera without the whole techno package. Also, the 6-seat configuration i chose is really unique and that along with the sunroof are still my two favorite options.
  • quattroporte12, the headlight washers come with the S-Line package. I really resent the packaging on this vehicle, I really prefer Acura's packaging model where there are only a couple packages. With Audi's package proliferation, it is virtually impossible to find a car on the lot with what you want, you have to special order it or live with what you can find.
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    Hey, quattro, thanks a lot for your input.

    First off, I'd suggest you read the latest posts in the Q7 maintenance/repair Forum. That Oil pressure light is not as harmless as it may look. Audi C/S told me they now have a documented solution.

    BTW, my Q also rides on 20", sorry for the typo. Looks like we have very similar cars sans the seat configuration.

    I did not really voice "complaints", more like little gripes.

    I know about resetting trip computers and all - it's just what's actually displayed - makes no sense sometimes.

    I LOVE digital speedo - that's my permanent driver MMI display option.

    Seat warmer - not the problem to keep it on while the blower is off.... it's to keep the blower off while turning on the seat warmer. A silly task requires EXTRA STEPS.

    Same with rear A/C - way too difficult to control, esp at highway speeds - for NO REASON! A little engineering twick can go a long way.

    As far as that voice button - according to my window sticker, I do NOT have voice package either, but the button is there, and it WORKS!!! (or so it thinks :) )

    Mine originally "chose" a random contact from the sync contacts list, and immediately dialed that number at first touch. I had a hell of a time to try to figure out how to "unselect" that contact (after numerous apologies and assurances that I did not intend to call/harrass that person :) ) I wound up deleting that contact, then re-sync-ing again. After a few trial-and-error attempts I managed to store my home #... but seem to have lost a true one-touch function. It now beeps when I press, I have to scream DIAL for it to MAYBE call the number.

    Of course all of that is well-documented in the manual :)

    BTW, where is a microphone? in the overhead console by the eyeglass holder or where?

    Anyway, a few more gripes to voice -

    "Smart" wipers mode - slows them down to 0 at the traffic light stops... if it rains hard enough - to the point that I cannot see the light... and the wipers go back on after the car picks up speed upto about 5 mph. HELLO! Am I supposed to drive blind those few seconds? My previous car, MDX, had a great feature of a rapid wipers engaging once the break pedal is released. In the Q, once again, an EXTRA driver's responsibility of altering wiper controls. :mad:

    I L O V E panorama roof... but why oh why did they NOT go that extra mile of making more of it open up?!?!

    Roof rails - so nice yet so useless. Not a single opening to tie anything to them, unless you want to go through the windows or pay $$$$$ for optional cross bars.

    Anyway, a great and gorgeous car altogether except for a few of these annoying little things.

    And, being the 1st model year and developing some of the inevitable problems while ignorant dealers try to brush you off... I am just glad this is a short-term lease :)
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    So far no probs aside from the compass reading in the rearview mirror is not accurate. Once in awhile it reads correctly but it takes miles before it changes (i.e. driving South and compass still reads SE etc). Anyone have this issue? Thanks
  • The compass has to be adjusted (for declination?).
    Based on the exact place where you are located, you
    have to make tiny adjustments. I believe the manual
    tells you how.
  • Thx 7thvwaudi... did they also change the parts as advised by josephy...??

    I do have the same problem. The vibrations are very disturbing.

    I had the car driven out of the showroom when I noticed, returned it meanwhile twice to the dealer for fixing. The dealer advised that he has the issue with other Q7 and that Audi Engineers have come to look at it but no response so far. They changed the 2 front tires on mine, vibrations reduced slightly but are now back as before. I have given my dealer the response on the parts they changed on josephy's Q7 and await the dealers and Audi's response.

    I have not even 800 miles on it...and am very disappointed.
  • mine still has the vibrations.. it is at the dealer and they are still working on it. i will report back if and when the issue is resolved.. it is pretty frustating to think with all the talk about advanced technologies in the vehicle, an elementary issue like vibrations seems to have been ovelooked...the dealer response has been great at my end.. hopefully it will be fixed soon...
  • josephyjosephy Posts: 14
    About two thousand miles since the control arms were replaced and no vibration. That has solved the problem. I would not allow the dealer to continue to change tires, rotate, align, etc. It's all a waste of your time and theirs.

    Swap out the control arms as stated in my earlier posts and you'll be good to go.
  • Do u have the TSB # for that? I told my service guy about this issue, the technician said that issue is normal as how the car's specification designed, therefore they won't do a thing about it. I am so sick and tired of service dept giving me excuse like the error can't be duplicated, therefore they didn't fix a thing everytime I took the car in to repair.

    I got my Q7 a month ago, since day 1, the front right speakers were not working. It's been over 1 week now, am still waiting for the part dept. to get the speaker for the replacement! It's kinda frustrating when you have incompetent people working for you.

    Apart from those 2 issues, I love my car. Just really hated to go to Service dept. Cos I know I have to be persistant to get things done there.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    ssivram, Very Late Response here but thanks for the info. The area digits were accurate, the manual also explains how to calibrate the digital compass. Drive in a circle at 5mph to reset etc. Much Appreciated.
  • Just curious if there are any Q7 owners that have the pano moonroof and live in a hot area. The sales person says if I pay $1500 you could get a special tint that helps with the heat. Just want to make sure this car cools down when it is hot.

    He also says the wheel vibration issue has been resolved in teh 08's. Is this correct?
  • calq7calq7 Posts: 4
    We have our Q7 in California and have regularly seen temperatures near 100 degrees without aving a problem keeping the car cool. The screen system works very well. It sounds like your dealer is trying to make some extra money. As to wheel vibration problems, we have the 4.2 liter engine and have had no problems in this area. I think that was confined to cars with the smaller engine.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    AC is cool enough! $1500 for "special tint" sounds ridiculous! "Sales People" who make offers like that are what make me want to stay out of dealerships.

    Has anyone received a cargo net with their Q7? Trying to figure out if it was removed or if this standard SUV item is a parts purchase item? Hard to believe there wasnt a cargo mat either...

  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    Does anyone know if we can get a new DVD disk for the Navigation? If yes, how and how much? (hopefully free!!!)

  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Does anyone one know when this Q7 will be introduced here in the states?? Any updates from Audi on this vehicle. The info (not reliable)that I received was sometime next year. Anyone has a clue let me know.

  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Audi Corporate thanks for your direct response, unlike some other people I know. Along with the rep at the LA Auto show, Audi Corporate basically stated that the Q7 3.0L Bluetec Diesel (which was at the auto show) will not be introduced till the end of Q4 of 2008. Too bad, I expect Audi to charge a premium for their Bluetec diesel when introduced but the question is how much?? Based on what Mercedes is currently producing it should not be that much.

    The LA auto show was both positive and at the same time disappointing. Yea, they were lots of new alternative fuel vehicles but all but a couple will not be introduced till late next year or later. I. E. Chrysler had plans to introduce a Hybrid this year but has scuttled those plans till late next year. It's understandable since they were acquired by a private equity firm, probably still going through management changes.

    The 50% premium on GM's Yukon Hybrid is outrageous although they are starting delivery in January, which should be good news for some folks. Unfortunetly with those prices I will not be one of them.

    The best SUV at the show for me is the (winner is) Q7. That German engineering and aesthetics in both in the interior and exterior rivals no other. Performance is almost what I require all except for gas mileage where the Bluetec TDI would of shined. Also Audi is not quite up to par with the Japanese mainstream manufactures in regards to quality. They have strived for major improvements, though. Sometime in Q1 of 08 I will be acquiring one. Hey, GM care to counter offer???
  • It has taken my dealer and Audi a few months to discuss and look for the solution to fix the vibration problem.
    After a total of 5 alignment sessions they finally agreed to change the arms as earlier posted by "josephy".
    The problem is fixed! It is a pleasure to drive the car now. Vibrations have gone and the steering is rock solid. Can only agree with ''Josephy'' not to waste any of your and your dealers time. I thank ''Josephy'' for posting the message. Only now I am happy with my car and finally enjoy it.
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