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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • cpp788xcpp788x Posts: 47
    Thanks for the info

    Do you know how the system is reset?

    This could be a major problem if the dealer is the only one who can reset the system!
    I'm hoping that Subaru is reading this!!

    I can't pre-order not knowing about this TPMS

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    For any PacNW'ers or others willing to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to central Oregon (city of Bend) May 7th, here's a unique Subaru-sponsored event where you can win a B9 Tribeca:
    It's slalom skiing in the morning followed by an 18-hole golf scramble in the afternoon. A hole-in-one on the 16th hole wins a Tribeca. :shades: Been there once... Bend is a beautiful area - outdoor-lover's paradise for those willing to take the trip.

    Also regarding the tire-pressure monitoring system... isn't this a government-mandated feature on vehicles by 2007? We'd better get used to paying more for tire-related stuff.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Here's a new "review" from the Globe and Mail newspaper. They didn't drive one, but it's still a good read. Keep in mind those prices are Canadian dollars. For those who can deal with the metric system, there's a good comparison chart at the bottom of the story... Tribeca vs. MDX, Murano, RX330, Highlander, and Pilot. Looks good on paper (or in the paper). egawheels/
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    How many of members in the forum complained about Tribeca's looks & there is no way they would buy one.

    Today, as Juice & I predicted, every single one of us is ready to buy. This SUV does have an amazing impact. It is innovative & a great setback for RX330 & MDX.

    I still don't see this as a $40k car. Fully loaded + tax etc comes to 40k, Hopefully i get 3k off MSRP by Dec less my 2K of Subaru bucks, it is only $35k...same as an OB VDC.

    But i will have a car that is equally as good/looking even better than RX/MDX at a highlander price.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    knowing only kids can sit in 3rd row & no side airbags. How may other SUVs have side air bag for 3rd row ?
  • ladywclassladywclass Posts: 1,684
    newsubu - you must be in 'my' neck of the woods .. I'm in South Bend IN
  • klrskirklrskir Posts: 5
    My family has long been Subie owners, and I am looking forward to trading my ‘03Benz ML500 on the new B9 (I pre-ordered). Yes, the Benz is nice, HOWEVER at a cost of about $1700 per year in tires, rotors and pads, I’ve reached “that” point…This is ridiculous!!! Imagine AFTER the warranty expires in 5,000 miles. The new B9 has everything (except Xenon lamps, integrated phone and rain-sensing wipers) that my ML500 has. I will miss the xenon headlights, there is NO comparison. Anyway, I have a great dealer (Stocker) here in State College, PA that has sold the family about 12 Subies over the years. :) I'm excited, it's a Sube!
  • webgopherwebgopher Posts: 3
    I agree. Lafayette is the place to meet, but why not make the meeting place be inside SIA. Does anyone know how to arrange plant tours? We could watch them build the model we want. A while back I was working for an inspection company on the painted body storage line at SIA and saw the first two Tribeca bodies come up the ramp from the oven. Odd-looking at first glance. Now that I work for the company making the IPs and other inside parts I'm wanting one. How much freight can they tack on for a drive of less than two miles from the plant? :D
  • saustinsaustin Posts: 68
    What color combo did you go with ?
  • klrskirklrskir Posts: 5
    Silver with the grey interior. It's so easy to keep clean ;)
  • ladywclassladywclass Posts: 1,684
    to a tour in Lafayette ....
  • bigfrank3bigfrank3 Posts: 426
    At least you will know what color to get, "A Touch of Gray". ;)

  • newsubunewsubu Posts: 39
    Touch of Grey interior, definitely! Trying to decide on Mohogany Red or Black. Wife likes the Seacrest Green, but i'd rather it be darker. Of course, I've seen none of these colors in person.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Wow, on a weekend no less.

    Group Buy: while I did make the suggestion, I'll admit I'm not certain about the timing of our purchase, plus I might wait and buy one used. But please proceed, seems like there would be 3-5 parties interested just here in this thread.

    The 3rd row is roomier than the Highlander and about the same as the MDX. Only the Pilot and LR3 are roomier. My 5 year old is 99th percentile in size for her age and fit comfortably with the middle seat 4" forward.

    Considering you have another 4" of leg room if you need it, I imagine all but large adults would fit there just fine.

    Here's the thing, it's not a bus. You're not going to go on a 7 hour road trip with 7 people, where would the luggage even fit?

    Even if you did get the bigger Pilot, the "hump" position is not comfortable, 2nd or 3rd row, so only 6 people would fit. 8 is very, very optimistic. For current Pilot owners, be honest, have you ever sat 8 people in your car? I doubt it.

    Face it - if you want to travel long distances with 7 people you need a van, period.

    The point is this - when you have 2 kids and you car pool, you some times need to carry 6-7 passengers for short distances. I can imagine taking the 2 kids, the nanny, and maybe one of my daughters' friends to the apple orchard, where you need AWD to get to the best trees.

    Or to the beach, about 3 hour trip. I think sitting 2/2/2 would be reasonable with Finding Nemo playing on the huge 9" DVD screen, don't you? You really think a 5 (or 8) year old is going to complain when she can sit next to her best friend and watch her favorite movie?

    Heck no! Ask your kid, seriously, if she'd rather have 2" more legroom or 2" bigger DVD screen! LOL

    I bet every kid picks the bigger movie screen.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sticker idea, that is. Cracked me up! :)

    For your bean counter wife: remember you can get Subaru Bucks if you get their Chase Master Card.

    Shall we do some, err, bean counting?

    OK. Fitz let me put $2000 worth of my down payment on my credit card. Ka-ching, $60 in Subaru bucks right there.

    If you're like us, you put everything on your credit card, if only for the protection it gives you.

    My wife adds her reimbursed business expenses on top of that.

    For us, that adds up to about $30 worth of Subaru bucks per month.

    Over the long haul that means you can get free service or accessories, never mind the possibility of accumulating your next down payment.

    The only catch? You have to spend $100 at a time. But you can get an oil change for $22, and then spend $78 on a cargo liner or ski rack, or even Subaru logo'd T-shirts. Or you could use 3 $100 coupons to pay for the full 30,000 mile service, so it ends up being free.

    Now compare to the competition. For free service, you're talking a much more expensive BMW X5 or the upcoming Audi Q7. SUVs in the Tribeca's price range don't offer free service or a rewards program like Subaru's. ML350 is nice, but I think Mercedes discontinued the free service program and for $40,500 you do not get leather, DVD, Nav, heated seats, or a moonroof.

    Count those beans. ;)

    We used ours to buy a tune-up kit, since I do my own service, cabin air filters, oil filters, etc. Still have a few hundred accumulated, too.

  • bigfrank3bigfrank3 Posts: 426
    My wife's version is that I do all the service so it costs her nothing. :cry:

    We do use CCs for the protection, but put big purchases on a card that pays back cash, so it can be spent anywhere. The card used has a longer grace period than the Subaru card, so we get to use "their" money longer, for free, and then they pay us. What a country! :D

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    But how much do you get, 1%?

    We had a Toys R Us card with the same bank, but I convinced my wife that three times the amount of Subaru bucks was better than a few free diapers.

    I could buy a tune-up kit, tow hitch, tranny cooler, extra wireless headphones, etc. Stuff like that. Even on-line wholesalers accept Subaru bucks - I just spent some at

    Just noticed something - the Baja thread has only 1985 posts, and that vehicle has been out for 3 model years now.

    The Tribeca thread has a lot more already and it's not even out yet, may not be for more than a month!

    That's a very unscientific way to conclude there is a lot more interest in this SUV, which is nice considering the price points are a lot higher.

  • bigfrank3bigfrank3 Posts: 426
    Not sure, but it changes with amount. That is the bean counter's department, I am the engineer. It is more than 1% though. Besides, the wife spends "her" rebate check that resulted from "our" purchases, anywhere "she" wants, so "she" is way ahead. :(

    I don't like store specific "credits" because it forces me to get things I don't really need, even if a good deal. We have a lot of "stuff", and the vehicles have a lot of "stuff", so we don't need more.

    Perhaps there would be more Baja discussion if they had put an Alfa nose on it, and didn't have any around to drive. ;)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, that or make the Greatful Dead sticker standard. :D

  • saustinsaustin Posts: 68
    Funny but the dealer said the opposite as he also had a 10 year old in the back seat. Due to the perforations he was confident the beige would come clean (at least with some magic cleaning solution). The grey had the downside of drinking in any soda, chewing gum etc. that his "little terrorist" in the backseat (as he put it)chose to dispose of.
    We are torn between the Blue/beige and Mahogany/beige. Having seen the Blue/grey in person, it's a gorgeous exterior. Wife did not like the gold exterior.
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