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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Nav costs $2000, and for a lot of people that's tough to justify, when you can get a Garmin unit already pre-loaded with maps for $800.

    I think adding a rearview camera makes it easier to justify spending extra for Nav, in fact I'm sure more people would opt for it.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    Problem with these Garmin units is that the screen is tiny compared to most in-dash units. They might work if you have a passenger to read it, but not so well if the driver has to rely on it by him/herself.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    But the newer ones add voice commands.

    The wifey doesn't want power cables dangling from the dash and the position of the 12 volt plug isn't designed for it anyway (same problem with your V1).

  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    Hypothetically, if the 2007 Tribeca comes with rearview camera, would it be possible to have it installed on a 2006 model that already has Nav or would this be too complicated?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    There's no way to know that now. We'd just be guessing.

  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    Yeah, I agree. Just wishful thinking on my part I guess!!!
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    negative. garmins are pretty darn accurate, always have satellite signals & have extensive points of interest. i am amazed at my c330 compared to the Acura NAV i have used extensively.

    plus, don;t forget i can switch to my 2nd car, rental car etc, plan trip at home.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    I didn't say they weren't accurate, just small.

  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    I test drove the B9 this weekend. I recently bought an XT OB ltd. I did find B9 noisy at low speeds, once you get to 30-40mph, it becomes super quiet. that tells me that the engine is working hard to pull 4200lbs.

    But it cornered superbly. didn;t feel like driving a 7-seater. rear view is a bit of a problem.
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    IMO having had both reverse safety systems: Camera and Sonar audible - I'll take the sonar any day of the week.

    With video you need to watch the screen and you run the risk of hitting your front end backing into a thight spot. With audible there is no need to watch the screen, so you can watch your front end and also use the sideview mirrors..

    In the winter and heavy rain often picture is blurred to the point of being useless.

    In very dark locations often the back up lights do not illuminate engough to see well with the camera.

    It is more important to know if there is something behind you - not what it is.

    With sonar there is always a dependable indicator if there is an object back there and is much more accurate in knowing how close it is.
  • coastercoaster Posts: 46
    Is it possible for Subaru to give buyers of the five passenger Tribeca a bonus by designing the second row so that the seats go fore and aft without the middle stop since that is really only for the comfort of third row passengers? It would also be nice to have even more
    than an 8" track. Why not let second row passengers really stretch out. I, for one, would gladly pay extra for such a perk.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm really enjoying my B9 and excited about being able to use the iPod with it. I'm waiting for my friend to get back today and we will carefully drill a hole into the side of the center console between the front seats so the wire will go neatly into the center storage area and connect into the Belkin charger/adapter for the mini stereo plug. When I get it done I'll be sure to get some pics done for you to post.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    You're right on w/that assessment, subienewbie2... plus I imagine the sonar would be simpler, less expensive to install and repair, and more reliable.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    juice - are you (or anyone else) officially tracking the vehicles that folks are trading in (or that B9 Tribeca is replacing)? I can recall a couple MBs, a Land Cruiser, the recent Jeep GC, a Lexus RX330 (I think), and a handful of various Subarus of course.

    It's also interesting to read what is being cross-shopped w/B9 Tribeca, but that's just too much and various info to track meaningfully, I think.

    Many have been folks with previous Subaru ownership experience, so I think Subaru's assessment that B9 Tribeca would keep/bring back customers who outgrew the brand's offerings was correct. It's been nice to see newcomers considering the brand also, though.

    Group Question: for those that have driven both, how would you compare B9 Tribeca's acceleration w/2000-04 2.5L Outbacks? Mine's an '04 and I would like at least a little more "oomph".
  • cpp788xcpp788x Posts: 47
    I was in a 5 seater today - there is no middle stop or red lever on the side of the seat - the seat has the full 8" travel from the lever in front. It appears the "stop" is only in the 7 seater.

  • gduboisgdubois Posts: 3
    I'm not new to this forum, but this is my first post. After 3 O/B's (97, 02H6, and 05 VDC), I've just taken delivery of a B9 Tribeca - Champagne Opal - 7 pass. with Nav. and DVD. I would have liked the Black, but in Canada (check out beige leather option is only available in Maroon and Champagne. This vehicle is amazing! I love the ride, the room, and the toys. It isn't as quick off the mark as the O/B I traded in, but it's heavier and taller. I would like more power, but I can live with the slower acceleration. I've had lots of positive comments on the styling and the attendant at the local coffee shop drive-through asked if she could check out the interior after giving me my coffee! The usual negatives already listed apply -lack of room in the third row seat and difficulty backing up. I still can't get the second row of seats behind the driver to slide all the way back - yes I know about the lock - but even after sliding the lock all the way over the seat won't go back. I'm taking it in on Wednesday to have the auto dimming rear view mirror installed and will ask the tech to check out this problem.
  • tpalmertpalmer Posts: 3
    I picked up my new Tribeca tonight. Nice. :) My dealer gave me a decent deal to get me out of my 03 LLBean OB and into the B9. I ended up diving off the lot as the very first owner from my dealership.. which is also nice. :shades: I've figured pretty much everything out.. but there is one thing I just can't do. Display the DVD on the front screen. I was parked. I set the NAV display to Audio and my radio to the RSE. But the movie wasn't displayed on the front screen. The audio was fine. The audio screen said it was on the RSE and had a drawing of the DVD unit. But no picture. What am I missing? Anyone know how to get this feature working? None of the many manuals say anything about this other than to be on the Audio screen.

    Thanks in advance.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Any recommendations for the reverse system? Consumer Reports only listed three (Grote, EchoMaster, and Rostra, all around $300+). I hate the idea of letting someone drill holes in my bumper, but it sure would help my piece of mind.

    -Karen in AZ-
    Reviews Links:
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    I too had the same issue on the DVD. I believe I simply hit the Audio button again... Gosh I hope that is what it was... or mayber the RSE/AUX again... I know I had to press a button a second time..
  • tpalmertpalmer Posts: 3
    Thanks for the assist. But alas.. that didn't work. :confuse: Pressing Audio a 2nd time just brings the map back, and RSE/AUX a 2nd time does nothing. Hmm. Well, the dealership is holding a "new owner orientation" Thursday night. Maybe I'll ask the techs then if I haven't figured it out.
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