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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Try adjusting your dash dimmer switch (to the left of the steering wheel). This can override the Nav brightness settings if turned all the way up to its brightest setting.

    -Karen in AZ-
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    My last SUV only had 2 screw holes for license plate as well but I didn't realize that most/all don't have 4 either so that is a great little plus for the B9 and its important we notice/mention those things along with the complaints.

    Speaking of which I do have a few just to get out of the way that may have already been mentioned. While at first I tried to defend no auto up window as not a big deal it is a feature I had on my 2001 Pathfinder and therefore something I noticed in recent use that I actually did miss. I don't quite understand how you have auto down but not auto up as I can't imagine it costing anymore if auto down is in place? Where as some of these features ppl complain are missing in comparing to especially the Murano would have added to cost and you have to remember the things it does have that others don't and the fact that it is less money comparably equipped.

    Now again for me coming from non electronic adjustable cloth seats I don't miss what I didn't have like memory seats but I did have time and temperature always readable and that seems to be a problem in the B9. You only see temp when in info so not when in the nav map or anything and I think my time is in 24 hr time (hopefully can be changed?) and also i believe only while in info or similar modes. This is a bit worrisome as i'm always keeping my eye on both and dont want to have to switch anything to see. Someone mentioned before they should have put temp in the auto dimming/compass mirror option and I agree and add that both time and temp should be always viewable in some other location then nav screen where again it is not displayed when in certain modes.

    Speaking of the Murano, I feel it seems to end up being the main "arch rival" to the Tribeca as they are most similar in styling, price and features. I find myself battling again Muranos on the road and parking next to them in parking lot, heh. I even parked side by side with a white one same color as my B9 as the ppl in that were getting out and loved it when i hit lock and it showed the side mirror blinker and puddle lights as they are 2 cool features readily distinguishable on the exterior that the Murano doesn't have. But this worries me that part of why I am competing with Murano so hard is that it is somewhat of a worthy competitor. I am/was somewhat of a Nissan/Infiniti loyalist and do like the 350 Z like tail lights of the Murano and the white lights on either side of the license plate (though lame Honda Pilot has those too). Overall I think I like the back end of the B9 better though somehow and it just looks a little more substantial or tougher or something. I love the B9 from behind as the rear wheel wells almost stick out a little (not unlike some porsche). Sometimes I hear the back end compared to the high up minivan looks of the Buick Rendevous and Chrysler Pacifica but I think it is much better then those as I dont care for those at all and again I personally like it even better then the Murano plus remember the Lexus RX has the high up tail lights on the new models and it makes the older RX with the lower down tail lights look bad now. Another example of styling growing on you which is the true test.

    A lot of these designs ppl reject at first all because they are not used to them but then later end up loving. Specifically the front end/grill of the B9, funny how many early opinion even on online forums was that it was so ugly and all this other stuff. Everyone that has seen my B9 in person loves the front end and thinks it looks great and I myself also don't even see it as being that extreme or "controversial" as it was called and actually think it is quite pleasing now. I will say Next to the Murano there was something about the flat hood shape and headlights of the Murano looked a little i'm not sure solid or even had a heigher height (it was on higher ground though in the lot). Overall though I think the sloped in the middle hood and headlight placement is different and cool and just needs getting used to as it is just a little sports car-ish like but then so is porsche cayennes hood & headlights. And, Muranos front grill straight across is kind of boring and minivan-ish or something.

    Its interesting how in some ways the B9 blends right in as some ppl don't even take a second look assuming it is one of the other ones they've seen. But you notice that the drivers of those similar SUV's do make second takes at it, stare and try to figure out what it is and try to read a brand. Even more reason I want to take off the small Subaru lettering, not that I am not proud of Subaru as i think they are a great make but just to leave some mystery because surprisingly as i think i mentioned before many don't know the Subaru wordless badge/symbol of stars by just that alone.

    Speaking of Subie, I hope if they do come out with an STi, XT, or other higher performance even Turbo B9, in some ways that it is long enough from now that will make sense for all of us early adapters of Tribecas that took the risk on a new model to trade in for the higher performance model. Because if its like next year then that wont make sense to trade in for it whether your stuck in a lease or bought outright and would therefore suck if you really wanted to upgrade but just bought the old/regular version B9. Also, I imagine at least some of these other minor complaints and issues as you see in any new model (and even ones that are not new and supposed to be perfected) might be addressed. Again that is a good thing but will just suck for us early adapters unless they are things they can somehow add/fix on existing models but i doubt that will be possible or happen on many of these even minor issues because I don't know/haven't heard of that happening very often in the past.

    To end this diatribe on a good note, The truth and bottom line is that I love my B9 and that it is an improvement in almost every way over my last SUV. It really depends what you are coming from into a B9 and what you are comparing it to while remembering price differences, but regardless it is a great car overall. I think what will really reassure myself and some others is seeing Consumer Reports not only recommend the Tribeca but rate it above the Murano and right with the Highlander, Pilot and RX at which point I will know for sure I did the right thing. Going by Subies track record and the car(s) the B9 is loosely based on, the odds are in its favor for being recommended and getting a good overall rating.

    In the meantime the risk of being an early adopter has been well worth the fun.
  • papahawkpapahawk Posts: 24
    Even though the Tribeca will never become a "me too" vehicle.... me too on the chrome wheels!!!

  • papahawkpapahawk Posts: 24
    My wife complains about the incessant cleaning as well, and I too have a collection of microfiber towels (aren't they the best? no dust!). I hand wash the towels after use so that they do not get mixed up with my childrens' dirty clothes in the wash. Don't want any dirt or grime touching the new "baby" ya know?! :D

  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78

    The time display can be changed from 12 to 24 hours (in the setup I believe) and is always visible in the top left corner of the map. did post earlier, the outside temp should be visible to the driver at all times, either in the mirror or in the dash... safety.

    Nice write-up. I suggest that you do not put much credibility in the CR write-up. You clearly love your B9, as do I. Subaru has been making quality products for a long time. Don't worry about the magazine article and go for a drive!

  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    The time is displayed in the upper left corner of the nav screen. It can be changed through the set up routine to display in 12-hour format. I also wish the outside temp was always visible. I guess the simple answer is to have the audio or info screen up instead of the map, but the map provides entertainment to the passengers, so I tend to leave it up. I especially like to keep an eye on the temp in the winter when it is hovering around the freezing mark. Maybe I'll be tired of the map screen by then.
  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    Thanks Karen! Yes, that does dim the nav but shouldn't it dim when in 'auto' mode when the headlights are turned on also?

  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    Thanks Karen - that did work. It turns out there is a setting past Ill.6 on the dimmer switch that overrides the nav map mode. I had it cranked all the way past Ill.6 and was overriding the nav setting. Thanks again!!

  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Yep...that's what I discovered, too.

  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Just came back from a little shopping jaunt, and a short stop at Starbucks. I parked right in front and then sat in the coffee shop where I could see out the window. It was very entertaining watching and listening to folks staring and commenting about my car, especially when they didn't know I was watching. I've noticed it quite a bit when driving, too, but this was more fun :-)

    Anyone else noticed the stares?

    -Karen in AZ-
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    saw one on a car carrier. the back looked like a '49 ford wagon(don't know if one was made back then), not that it is bad, just not original. did not see the front.
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Posts: 188
    They did make a '49 Ford station wagon :) ... haven't seen one lately. But how did you know what it looked like if you didn't know if they made one? :)... I like the comparison with Saab station wagon of the late 50's and early 60's. Don't know if pics have been posted , if not perhaps someone could post.
  • wvroadswvroads Posts: 23
    We just took delivery of our new silver 5 passenger Ltd B9 on Saturday. It came with the puddle lights and the rear bumper cover. I had already ordered and received the auto dimming/compass mirror, the front bumper cover, and some cargo nets from an online Subaru parts dealer (my dealer didn’t have them or couldn’t get them soon), and I spent some time in the afternoon installing the mirror (the connector is sort of hidden but it is there), and the front bumper cover – looks nice but NOT worth $120. I also wired up an unswitched 12V outlet for my Garmin 2610.
    For any of you that didn’t get or can’t get some accessory items, they are available on line for less than the dealer prices and are easy to install. I am just glad I was able to find a B9 with the puddle lights as they are not a dealer add on. My wife and I just think they are the coolest looking things!!
    We headed out Sunday afternoon for a short one night getaway down to Frederick, Md and we are VERY pleased with our new Tribeca. We now have a little over 500 miles on it and have no major complaints. The terrain in WV and western Md is very hilly and that does take a toll on gas mileage in any vehicle but we still managed to average almost 21 mpg with a fair amount of stop and go driving included with the highway miles
    The B9 is very comfortable and it rides great. It is a very quiet vehicle and it handles very well.
    Concerning the gas gauge and low fuel light, the low fuel light came on when the info panel showed 50 miles to “out of gas”. I continued on hoping to make it back to town and the gas gauge finally showed “no bars” at 20 miles to go till empty, so, not wanting to run out of gas on my first outing, I filled up and it only took 15 gallons to the brim, so there was another 1.8 gallons still in the tank. At least I won’t panic the next time the gas gauges shows “zero”.

    For what it’s worth we just came out of a 2000 Outback and a 99 Dodge Intrepid (nice road car) – sold them both to get the Tribeca. Just keeping the Ford Ranger truck and the Tribeca now that there is just the 2 of us at home.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I take the weekend off and it seems about 3-4 people took delivery, so let me say congrats and I'm envious! :-)

    Don't sweat the Motorweek 0-60, they were way off from the best times for the Forester XT when it came out also (6.2 vs. 5.3 for C&D). Even Subaru's own conservative time was quicker (same with the Tribeca).

    9.7s sounds way off for anyone who has driven one.

  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    I am officially leaving on vacation to drive the new 'beca from Arizona to Montana later this week. I have friends who own a cabin in a remote area of west central MT and have invited me up there. They don't yet know I have the new Subie, so it'll be a fun surprise when I drive up the lane.

    I am anxious to see how the car handles on a long jaunt. I can't wait to play with the Nav. It did pinpoint their property about a half mile closer than MapQuest or Yahoo Maps. Unfortunately, there aren't many Starbucks showing up that-a-way :-)

    I am planning on driving through Yellowstone on the way back. Think mine will be the first Tribeca in that National Park?

    I haven't been as far north as SLC, but have seen eastern Utah and eastern Wyoming. Any car or geographical travel tips for traveling I-15 from our readship?

    -Karen in AZ-
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    Depending on the time of day you pass through (and whether you want to eyeball town), usually the I-215 bypass on the west side is a bit quicker through SLC. If you head to Yellowstone via the Beartooth, get some road info - they are rebuilding the road and had a bunch of mudslides early in the season (link).

    Tidester's close to Yellowstone, so if you get stuck give him a yell. :)

    Steve, Host

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I am planning on driving through Yellowstone on the way back. Think mine will be the first Tribeca in that National Park?

    You'll definitely want to exit via the "South Entrance" and head toward Grand Teton National Park. At the very least you'll want to drive through it . I recommend "The Bunnery" in Jackson for breakfast! If you have the time and the inclination there are some fantastic trails for hiking and the lift to the the top of Rendezvous Mountain provides an utterly fantastic view.

    Unfortunately, I don't think yours will be the first Tribeca to pass through these parts but at least you can say you were one of the first. Let us know how it performs on the mountain passes! :)

    tidester, host
  • newtosubienewtosubie Posts: 39
    Long time reader, first time responder. Being in the SLC area, I would go straight up I-15. There are some construction projects going on around I-215W. I-15 has improved lots since the Olympics, nice carpool lane w/out much traffic in it. Just my thought. Love all the info on this forum about the B9. I know there are very few of them purchased in this area (been watching the inventory) so you should get lots of stares passing through town. Hope to be an owner w/in a year (crossover from a '99 Passat). :)
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