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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368

    man, that was a lot of work and took awhile to find a free site to post pics to and then another task to get an actual url from the sites interface to show the pic.

    Why doesn't Edmunds just allow you upload/post a picture from your pc instead of only allowing to post a picture from an actual url. At that point the person could just go to the link themself to see it.

    Edmunds, please add the ability upload/post pics from your own pc/hd and add email notification.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368

    wish there was a way to turn the side mirror lights on like the parking lights. might be able to catch a quick pic while they are blinking on from unlock but...... I really want to change the leds from orange to something bluish white to match the puddle lights though.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368

    can you tell the front windows are as dark as the back? Because of the interior light in the middle it actually looks like the back windows are lighter then the front but they are the same as I had the front windows tinted to match the back.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    is a free photo hosting site and even provides you with the url to copy/paste into a post for a normal sized pic and a clickable thumbnail.

  • ladywclassladywclass Posts: 1,684
    with many typos and incorrect info. It's also really long-winded

    I thought the same thing and just figured it was the "teacher" in my being too picky!
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    click on tv ad link in this page
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    "Even our Edmunds Maintenance Guide shows the oil change interval for the Tribeca to be 3,500 miles. I think the LA traffic has got the editors convinced that everyone drives in severe stop and go conditions all day long."

    Steve, I hope you can ask them to correct that info, because it would cause the projected maintenance costs for the vehicle to be artificially high.

    I just checked that guide for my 05 Outback XT, and it also has incorrect info. For instance, it calls for an oil change at 3000 miles, which is not required for this model (it is for some other Subarus, but not the XT model Outback, a change starting in 2005). And then it calls for oil change intervals every 3750 miles, which is only for the severe service schedule (most people should be doing it every 7500). Finally, on top of the incorrect 3000 mile oil change, they list the next one at 3750, which is really nuts! That is basically the worse possible combination of services for any Subaru model, but clearly does not reflect the specific model. I bet the same goes for the Tribeca.

    I also checked the info for my wife's 04 Acura TSX, and it is incorrect as well. The Acura schedule in the owner's manual calls for oil-only change at 10K intervals, and oil+filter at 20K intervals. Edmunds shows 5K/10K intervals. It would seem that they are arbitrarily cutting the normal service schedule in half.

    I really think incorrect information like this is worse than no information at all. People would be better off looking in their owner's manuals. By recommending too much maintenance, it inflates the ownership costs of the car, wastes money, and pollutes the environment. I think Edmunds is actually doing a disservice by posting information like this. If it can't be posted accurately, it should not be posted at all!

  • shane850shane850 Posts: 36

    Thanks for the information on the seat beat chime. I really hated that thing and now it is gone!

    I cannot thank you enough....sitting in the car is much more enjoyable now.

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    You'd get pulled over and ticketed for any blue lights on a moving vehicle in my state, so check your laws before trying this.

    The Tribeca shares the same side mirror marker as other Subaru models. The LED assembly is sealed, and sold as a separate part, 84401AG020 (right) and 84401AG030 (left). Cost is $162 each.

    I seriously doubt the dealer would do this mod for you, especially if it's illegal. First there's the issue of modifying DOT lighting, and then the blue light issue.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Why doesn't Edmunds just allow you upload/post a picture from your pc instead of only allowing to post a picture from an actual url.

    That feature will become generally available in the near future. It's in beta testing right now.

    tidester, host
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,921
    I hope you can ask them to correct that info

    Please take a couple of minutes and send in a Contact us form. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    20.7 mpg
    22.8 mpg
    19.1 mpg (on regular fuel)
    21.3 mpg

    Not bad - still seems like most reports are in the low 20s.

    Charlie - I didn't have a problem with the steering wheel buttons, but I use "shuffle steering" as opposed to the more common "hand over hand" method.

    I will have a loaner on Thursday for a more thorough test, real-world too because we're taking 7 people to the beach in it, about 3 hours each way. Of course I'll share a full report.

    How do you zero the trip computer so you get average mileage for a trip?

    Love those puddle lights, how cool is that?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Besides a slightly better rear view (see pic of Tribeca's), I don't see that a Highlander doesn't have most of those issues as well (small 3rd row, plastic interior, etc.).

    Everyone and their aunt has a Highlander, and they're not a whole lot of fun to drive, but I don't think they're a bad choice either, just a conservative one.

    Love that Subaru ad BTW, just as bold as the design of the Tribeca. We got to see that in Valley Forge on a big screen.

    Pics of the view attached.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    See pic.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Though Zap got there after the hard points were fixed, the influence of the grille is undeniable.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,444
    ateix... puddle lights. expeditions had those back in '97. do they do the opera dim too?
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    I have no idea what the reality is with oil changes.

    Some time ago I read an article that claim if use use a high quality oil - rather than perform oil change at the factory intervals, you could change the filter and top off the oil only. They claim that if you did that evry other cycle it not have any effect on the engine.

    Who know's =
  • movedormovedor Posts: 65
    I live in Redmond and the closest dealer is Eastside. alextrif, how was your buying experience with Eastside? I've been there end of last year doing a test drive of Outback XT and see how the dealer would treat me. I felt the salesperson was not very knowledgeable about Subarus (maybe a new hire, I didn't ask however). Also the guy left me waiting for a long time to check something unrelated to my business. In the end I was so disappointed with their low offer on my tradein that I decided to leave after I thanked them for their time. They guy tried to remedy things saying they could "work" on my tradein value, but I was already leaving.

    Now back to the Tribeca: in the June 2005 sales report from Subaru, there is a -%6 growth for Washington state relative to June 2004. I think sales have really slowed down around here for all models some reason. Tribeca sales just suffered because of that.

    However, when demand is low, prices should be more attractive. I have been to another dealer to pick the Tribeca brochure and check the car interior and other details. At that time, beginning of this month, they quoted me full MSRP. I just nodded and thanked for the brochure. They might be now more inclined to deal at invoice price than MSRP due the low volumes.
  • krusty_krusty_ Posts: 11
    Yes, im sure that Subaru is ready to deal, the TriB came out right when everyone is offering Employee sales. How can they stand in from of a car that has been on the lot since the release and ask for full MSRP. No wonder i can not sell my boring Pilot. I do have a new Idea. Im going up to Carson City NV ( 140 Miles) to try to deal. Small Mountain town, and they are a Honda Dealer too, perhaps they will hook me up on the trade. .....Or not, My in- laws are living there so not a wasted trip if it does not work out.

    Wish me luck i want the Beca bad.

  • alextrifalextrif Posts: 7
    Movedor - Eastside was adequate. In the past 6 years, I've purchased cars at Eastside, Lynnwood Dodge and Bill Pierre Dodge. Eastside was the best of the three, but that does not mean they were not in this to stick it to me. They insulted me with the trade-in offer, so I took that out of the equation - I'm selling my 2003 Durango private party. Financing rates were acceptable. I got a 5 seat LTD for about $500.00 over invoice. It has the roof rack, mirror/compass and alarm. It is Silver. I did this on 6/30 - so that helped with the pricing. My salesperson's name began with "A" - I hope that helps. When it came down to to "negotiating", I was moved over to the "sales manager". I was there on 6/30 from 2pm until 7pm - what a long day.They did not have the car I wanted and got it from Skagit County. They delivered it to my home on the next day. I was told this was the best price anyone has paid on a Tribeca at Eastside - wanna by some property in the Everglades? :P

    Also, Eastside gives you free oil changes for life. My neighbor says Eastside's service department angered him and he now has his 2 Subs serviced at Carter.

    Pulling no punches - I despise car dealerships, but Eastside was adequte. If you have any questions, let me know.
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