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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • Howdy! Once the B9, 5 pass unlimited becomes available for '07, my bride and I will grab one. The question is (could'nt locate any discussions with search)this. Has anyone had experience with the synethic oils in this model. I've had Mobil One in my previous cars and I experienced improved mpg (2to4 miles)and longer oil change periods.
    I appreciate any input and thanks.
  • spence66spence66 Posts: 39
    Thanks for response about Bluetooth(R)
    i was hoping their might be some Uconnect(TM) Hands-Free Communication-that allows callers to hear us talking
    and really makes it a smooth operation while driving

    I was also trying to find out about an Electronic Parking Aid

    thank you :shades:
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    We picked up a Black w/Beige, 7 passenger, Nav/DVD, and splashguards last week. We love it. Took a road trip to the Iwo Jima Memorial the next day and promptly got lost in SE DC. Not pretty. Learn to use the nav before venturing out.

    I'm in the process of installing Sirius satellite radio. Would be nice if I could pigtail it off the RES from behind the dash. Has anybody had any sucess with that?
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Posts: 181
    Changed to Mobil One at 1,000 miles, changed at 5K, will do so at every 5-7k depending on conditions. Getting 19.2 around town , mostly suburban driving and 22+ highway at 75-80 MPH. Use 92 or 93 octane fuel. May change if it hits
    $3 per gallon.

  • I mean that they were able to have the sound coming in through the car speakers but the caller was not able to hear them in reply.

    The in car Motorola unit I have does that,if it uses the external speaker or if tied into the car sound system.

    There is a mute button on the small control panel attached to the dash. When on a call, just press mute and it kills the mike. Press it again and the goes active again.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Awesome, congrats!

    I know enough about SE that I'd want to avoid most parts as well! If you think you heard the Tribeca back-firing, trust me, it was gun fire! :D

  • Checked out and drove the Tribeca for the first time yesterday. I loved it! What a tight machine. I think the grill's fine too. Too bad it's front end looks don't attract consumers, cause once you're up close and personal, this vehicle is sublime!
  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILPosts: 680
    When a friend who owned a Murano was ready for a new one last week he tried out a Tribeca and gave me a report on the experience.

    Smooth, comfortable quiet ride
    Nice seats
    Underpowered compared to his Murano
    "Less responsive transmission"
    No way to transport 4 foot wide building material
    Less knee room for his oversized person
    No rear camera available for tight parking

    He bought another Murano, but with a backup camera this time. I rode in his new Murano and found its ride less objectionable than previous ones, but still not nearly as smooth as my VDC wagon...which he agreed.
  • I agree! I love the front grill. I dont like the back! But either way... I love my tribeca =)
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Underpowered compared to his Murano
    Must be mostly perception: these vehicles have nearly identical HP-to-weight. Maybe it's the "less responsive transmission" that makes it feel like it has less power? I also wonder if he bothered setting the transmission to Sport Mode?

    No way to transport 4 foot wide building material
    Roof rack?

    No rear camera available...
    This one's solved in a month, when the 2007s come out. Rear sonar will also be an option. There's always aftermarket, too.
  • Rear sonar will also be an option. There's always aftermarket, too.

    And in most cases - the after market solution for say rear sonar is equal to the factory version for probably $300 to $400 less. Just don't get the aftermarket from the new car dealer and you will save big bucks.
  • Does anyone know how the back of the radio looks on the b9? On the front it says that there's an aux input, which is usually located in the back if there is a rear entertainment system, however, I dont have that. How do they usually connect the rear entertainment system? Do they use a different radio? I doubt it. But it's possible. Does anyone know if there are any RCA input's on the back of the stock radio that comes with a Limited 5-seater b9?
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    I would like to know this also. It would be a lot nicer to hook up to behind the dash than to run a cable to the cargo area.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    If you do a search on previous posts, or scroll through previous messages there are detailed instructions on how get to the stereo, and yes there are A/V inputs back there. I have never tried to get back there, I have the 7Pas, NAV and DVD, so I just use the inputs in the back for Xbox or my i pod.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Jeff, you beat me to it, and I was going to point out the exact same two things.

    Roof racks baby! My Forester can carry 5 sheet of plywood easily.

  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    Thanks aka1. I haven't found detailed instructions but I did find some references. I have the Nav/DVD 7 pass too. I've been looking for some decent cables that aren't incredibly expensive to come from the RES inputs but so far I've only found crap or $35+ Monster cables. I've grown fond of my dangley parts over the last 45 years and prefer to keep them intact. If my wife (who I am also fond of) finds out that I spent $35+ on cables I will no longer be able to describe them as intact.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    cables... Radio Shack used to sell at long run of Audio Cable that was OK quality for cheap (not their high end line). that way you can run it along the floor line more out of the way.

    interior space. I found that the interior space of the Tribeca is more useable. I have a large dog cage that fits in the Tribeca and Highlander but would not fit in the Maranno because the width on the top of the Nissan is much more narrow. We can fit a square box (like much of my purchases tend to be) (ie large snow blower box, large TV box) have been square and tall. they would not have fit in the Nissan. :shades:
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Has anyone found a discount place on line selling the Limited edition Mesh front grill? I would like to replace my grill with the Mesh Style Grill painted in black :)

    I think leaving the side grills stock but just the center Mesh would look nice... hope its a direct retrofit to the 2006 B9s
  • Does anyone know where I can get and extra set of headphone for the rear seat entertainment dvd player?
  • My parts dept said they would not have price or availability info until mid-summer.

    SOA rep at show said mesh is directly replaceable on 06.

    I will predict that center piece will cost 300 to 350 & side 100 to 150 each.

    What do you think?
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