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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • eps105eps105 Posts: 216
    Saw the Tribeca today at the Philly auto show. Got there when the doors opened and the girl let me sit in it briefly until she was told by another person to stop letting patrons behind the chains. No matter, I'm headed back down there Tuesday for one of those VIP invitation sessions where I'll get to sit in it a lot more.


    Just want to back up Juice with my very first impression -- like he said, when I saw the nose in person, it just didn't look as bad as the pictures, period. I really does look smaller than the photos and fits the car quite nicely. The bright lights made the chrome look classy, dare I say. It really was a great looking car all the way around, and everyone I overheard looking at it was making positive statements.


    The only thing I can add that I haven't seen in the hundreds of pictures and posts is that I confirmed that the headrests in the 3rd row do in fact slide up so that an adult sitting there would be protected.


    Oh, and while some have criticized the sculptured headlights, the bubbled shape on the top makes them visible from the drivers's seat, which gives me a better feel for where the front of the car is. That's my #1 gripe with minivans -- can't see the corners -- and that's why every minivan I see on the road has dents and scratches on every corner!


    Bottom line is that, while I am a huge Subaru fan and think the B9 will be a success, I still saw a lot of good competition from the Pilot, MDX, XC90, etc., and the bar keeps getting raised, E.G., the Pilot is getting refreshed for 2006 and will have side curtains, and I would guess some tweaks to the styling.


    Oh, and no one has a better looking center console, period. First class all the way.


    My $.02


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Thank you, E.


    Note that of a large group of people that have now seen the Tribeca in person, only two felt their opinion on the styling did not improve. And one is a died-in-the-wool Honda fan.


    That says a lot.


  • Well, Subaru has taken the raps off this car and introduced it to us. Now, where is the followup information?


    I have read several articles about the origin and engineering of this new vehicle. The latest Car & Driver says its based off of a modified Outback platform. Another website I read said it was based on a new platform that would eventually serve as the platform for the next GM minivans. Yet another website says it is an all new platform that is not shared, nor will not be shared with anything else.


    Subaru wants us to buy a new $30k+ vehicle, offer no engineering details, offers 'odd' styling and we already know that there will be a Saab equivalent.


    Sounds like the Subaru SVX all over again. However, at least then, they were offering lots of engineering details.


    I'm betting on a failure.



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  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,611
    I showed a picture of it in Automobile to my wife. She didn't have a problem with the nose but said no way to the rear quarter.


    The nose has grown on me but I'm still trying to get used to the bulbuos headlights. I'm not a fan of that design on any vehicle.


    Oh and no scratched bumpers on my mini-van either.
  • SAAB says that the primary for the center console ignition is for safety purposes. In case of an accident, the key doesn't get lodged in the knee of the driver. I had a couple of SAAB's in the past and liked that location for the key (never had an accident to validate their claim though).
  • Just so everyone knows. It's 100% its own platform and it's all new. Anything else you read is wrong. Fuji / SIA actually spent like $$100 million plus to redo the Isuzu side of the plant to be able to create this new and very flexible platform. Unlike many of the Japanese companies, like Honda, Toyota, they can use one platform for many things...even different size vehicles Aka Odyssey, Pilot, MDX, Accord, Altima, Maxima, 350z, etc (there is a great article in Automotive News like 3 years ago about how Honda can do that, how they can make these adjustments to the Accord platform and create an Odyssey at the same plant)...They can manufacture many different cars from one similar platform, although some might say the Odyssey and Accord are different platforms..that's true but they are just adjusted for size. Subaru has not really had this capability yet. I know Forester and Impreza are one and obviously we all know Baja and Legacy, but there technology was very limited to size of the vehicle in the factory. Now with the NEW Tribeca platform they can do much much more after the improvements to the plant. So for example Subaru could produce a larger sedan off that platform or something else. It's really a huge advancement for them. (there was an article in the Lafyette news paper from last year discussing how they made this huge investment to have this new awesome line and platform. Anyways, it's just a much bigger deal then most really even know, and it is a Fuji platform and it's all Fuji. There will be only the Saab sharing as we all know so far.


    Go Subaru!!!


  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    It's definitely a "new" platform based on the Legacy/Outback -- the wheelbase and track were enlarged. The core Leg/OB platform is used worldwide, hence it's kind of small. The Tribeca is the first Subaru I know of to have a larger platform specifically for the US market. I'm sure it will get exported at some point.


    The vehicle is not on sale yet, so cool your jets. In fact, they don't even have EPA gas mileage numbers, and they have not announced trim levels or pricing. This sort of pre-sale lack of information is typical. In this case, being a US-only model, we can't even look to global sales for clues, like we could with other Subarus that went on sale outside the US first. That said, there is a ton of info on the vehicle if you are willing to spend some time researching on the internet. You can certainly ask here (or read the post from the last month) if you want to know something -- we know quite a bit already.


    Having seen/sat in the Tribeca at an auto show and researched it, there is no doubt in my mind it will be a success (and how much of a success depends on the pricing). Subaru has managed to come up with a unique vehicle, which means it will be different from the pack in several ways, and that's good. I really see nothing about the vehicle that remotely suggests it will be a failure.


    If the 5-pax version stickers for $30-32K as the facts point to, and the usual Subaru discounts apply, it will be a compelling vehicle with a very fair price point.


  • Saw the Tribeca yesterday. It looks much better in person than it does in pictures. I found the infamous "nose" to be a bit odd, but not annoying. No "wow" factor for me, but the design, inside and out, could grow on me. As others have said, it looks well made, and roomy (but I wasn't able to sit in it.) Thought the light-colored leather interior will require lots of work to keep clean and hope there's an option for dark leather. There were a number of families looking at the car, people new to Subaru who didn't know one from a Suzuki and number of local Subaru sales people (no one from SOA) and they were busy explaining the car's features. One salesperson was telling people the car came with a V6, the same engine as in other Subarus. Thats a new fact for me. I also looked around at the competition. My quick impressions were that the Tribeca is not a "love it or hate it" design like the Murano or FX 35, and is put together better than the Murano with better materials , lacks the interior roominess of the Pilot, is similar in luxury to the MDX and not quite up to the Lexus 330. Even if the Tribeca is well made, is fun to drive, comes loaded up and gets great reviews, with a 40k price point, it will be a tough sell. People don't know Subaru and its not thought of in that price range. I remember when the VDC came out in 2000, and the reviews were "Nice car, but $32k for a Subaru?" I know others have different opinions. Martin
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,653
    Martin, what show was this?


    BTW, it's an H-6, not a V-6.


  • Bob: Syracuse, NY, and SOA didn't even send me an invite even though I registered. I was being sarcastic. I know its an H-6. We have two in our garage. You would think a Subaru salesperson would know what's under the hood.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,653
    Whoops, sorry. :)


  • No problem Bob. I also overheard this salesperson telling people that they "had just learned this week that Tribeca was a neighborhood in NYC." The Tribeca here was Atlantic Blue Pearl which is a great color, but doesn't do as well inside under the lights (I think).
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,653
    were the Mahogany Red (tan interior) and a light silver-green (black interior). Both are great colors. I prefer the black interior, although juice prefers the tan interior.


  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    1. yes, they have dark gray interior (which i saw in RI show).


    2. I think they are merely targetting Subaru customers & entice them to sell their OBs, Minivans & SUVs & buy this. So, the fact that they are NOT known to a lot of people shouldn't be a problem


    3. You can see from Reviews on OB/Legacies, that a lot of new folks bought the 2005s & very impressed. So, why wouldn;t Tribeca do that as well ?


    4.Its unique styling will raise eyebrows & get people to go see it.


    5. I have a feeling, if this is priced right, this vehicle will slow down LUX SUV sales & force them to reduce prices/offer incentives.


    Good Move, Subaru !!!
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    FYI, unless there is someone there from headquarters, the rep is usually from a marketing firm and not necessarily a salesperson.


  • In this case, the 4/5 reps hanging around the Tribeca I saw were all salespeople from a local dealership.
  • Just came back from the Phila Show on Sunday where the new Tribeca was on display accompanied by a very informative public introduction done expertly by an enthusiastic individual from the Subaru Team. Then today, out of curiosity I decided to research this vehicle on the Web. I searched around for photos of the Tribeca and was confronted by a hideous front view of some monster which strangely resembled the Ford Edsel! I thought to myself “No, This can’t be true! This can’t be the Tribeca! But sure enough, What Subaru did the the Phila Show was place the Tribeca on display with the front of the vehicle facing the wall, hindering anyone there at the show from getting a look at the vehicle from the front! I’ve never visited this site before and I signed on to post a message wondering if anyone out there had the same shocking experience that I did?
  • The Tribeca I saw was in plain view, although parked in a way that you'd most likely see if from the side first. I think the consensus here is that the "nose" isn't photogenic and that the car looks pretty much ok and maybe even better than that in person.
  • lark6lark6 Posts: 2,565
    What Subaru did the the Phila Show was place the Tribeca on display with the front of the vehicle facing the wall, hindering anyone there at the show from getting a look at the vehicle from the front! I’ve never visited this site before and I signed on to post a message wondering if anyone out there had the same shocking experience that I did?


    That's odd, I was at the Phila. Show this weekend as well. There were two Tribecas there; one was on a rotating stand and the other in the middle of the show floor, facing outward into the middle of the Convention Center floor.


    That fact, combined with the fact that you refer to the Edsel as a "Ford Edsel" when, in fact, Ford Motor Company never did so itself, puts your credence in doubt. In other words, what I'm trying to say nicely is: You're a troll.
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