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Bluetooth Technology



  • raywinn1raywinn1 Posts: 1
    Anyone know how to connect the 8700c to a Bentley Flying Spur? '06 model.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have the 8700g model, but they should be similar.

    I have a Bluetooth headset but have not set it up with this device yet, because I just got it and the backlight it defective so I'm replacing it.

    Any how, I just looked and on the BBerry it's under Options, Bluetooth, click the Thumbwheel and then Enable Bluetooth. Click again, and choose Add Device.

    That's as far as I can help you. At that point it looks for devices to pair up to, but mine isn't with me. Get your Bentley to the same state, i.e. looking for devices to pair up to.

    For my headset, the PIN was 0000 from the factory, not sure about the Bentley, a dealer could probably tell you or maybe you can look it up. I'm wondering if they use Audi's MMI system? I'm not familiar with that, either.

    Good luck.

  • oroscoorosco Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 2007 camary with Bluetooth capability, but from the reviews I found out that only Motorola and singular are the recommended phone that a compatible for full capability usage. I have a sprint phone and I understand that I will not be able to have voice command capability. I wondering if any sprint user have had full user compatibility with their bluetooth system. I really don't want to change my carrier. Please respond if you can help.
  • djpdx1djpdx1 Posts: 30
    I use the Camry's voice command feature to dial on my Sprint phone. Seems to work just fine--
  • nachalniknachalnik Posts: 4
    Pairing of my PEBL and MDX went very smoothly. The problem is, it doesn't look that I can call from my phone when I'm in the car. Do I have to use Bluetooth? I don't have any problems with incoming calls but when I try to place a call I run into all sorts of problems. The phone doesn't ring but I can't hang up either. Any advice?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I suspect that yes, you'd have to use Bluetooth to pair them up completely. Give it a shot. Check the instruction manual that came with the PEBL.

    I set up a headset for someone that has a PEBL, the headset's default password was 0000, the PEBL found it right away, and it worked.

  • berg32berg32 Posts: 56
    Has anyone been able to transfer his/her phonebook from a Verizon Motorola E815 to a Toyota or Lexus? We just took delivery of a '07 Camry; I am having no luck, would like to know it is possible. Anyone?
  • vdocvdoc Posts: 23
    Does anyone know how to temporarily mute the bluetooth system in the 400H so that someone riding with me can't hear the other party?
  • jherbstjherbst Posts: 19
    I have an '05 Grand Cherokee with Uconnect and a V3 Razr via Cingular. The problem: Whenever I am on the phone and a call comes in via call waiting, if I do not answer the 2nd call (let the call go to voicemail), when the 2nd caller disconnects, both calls disconnect. I called Uconnect and they said to disable call waiting because the Razr phone software is not compatible with Uconnect/Call waiting. I asked for a list of phones that works and he said to call the cell provider. I won't bore you with the rest of the not so pleasant conversation.
    Has anyone ever heard of this? Specific phones not being full featured with Uconnect?
  • tori9788tori9788 Posts: 1
    I have been working for month's to get my dad's bluetooth to function correctly. I have gone to several dealerships and contacted Siemens to see what the problem is. The phone works fine until you try to send a call directly from the phone- the cars system never picks it up. My moms Razr however, picks it up after a few second overlay. Is there any way to fix this or to disable the phone function so he can dial while the car is moving?
  • ddeloysddeloys Posts: 1
    We are having the same issues with a V3 Razr and our Volvo XC90 with Volvo For Life. Volvo has stated the exact same solution. Cingular is clueless. Have you come up with any other solutions/work arounds since you originally posted this note?
  • Don't know about Sprint, but today I paired my Verizon Wireless Treo 650 via bluetooth with my 2005 Audi A6. Did it all from the phone. Went to set up devices, nearby devices, waited for Audi MMI to show up, selected it, entered the four digit code. I tried a few, since no one on earth can actually tell you what code to use. For me, the code 1234 unlocked it and paired it up. Still playing with how to sync and so forth, but if you're the kind of person who can learn by doing, that worked for me. So far, this post is the only place on the Internet where you can read how to pair the A6 with the TREO 650. I know 'cause I looked everywhere! Good luck.

    With my 2006 Audi A6, there is a good explanation of setting up Bluetooth cellphones, starting on page 85 of the "Infortainment/MMI" manual -- including (top of page 86): "The Bluetooth PIN is 1234".

    I just upgraded to Verizon Treo 700p (from 2+ year-old Treo 600). Here are steps I went through to "pair" the phone and the car:

    Tapped "Bluetooth" on phone's "Favorite List" (shows up on phone's opening screen) but could also have gone through "Applications" to get to "Bluetooth".

    Selected "on"

    Left name of device as it was (my initials) designated by Palm software when I downloaded old info from computer to new phone.

    Left "visibility" set to "hidden" (that appears to have nothing to do with Audi being able to detect phone; it seems to only mean that other bluetoothers in the vicinity won't pick up my phone's presence).

    Tapped "Setup Devices" and on screen which then appears I tapped "Hands-free Setup".

    On "Add Device" screen (after a few seconds) the Audi appeared and I tapped it's name. ("Show pick list" and the "Nearby devices" might have had to be tapped first).

    Entered same passkey (1234).


    Car kept asking for "SIM Card," but phone had none. Gave up. Drive home.

    Put in SIM Card I had at home. This might not have been necessary. I was making initial attempt in area where my cell phone is not at its best.

    Next day, once I was in decent phone reception area, I turned on Treo 700p. I pressed Telephone button on Audi. Car MMI screen showed that the car system was picking up presence of "Verizon" phone.

    First tried voice entry of my home phone (digit by digit) and successfully called home.

    Didn't notice if "Phonebook" from Treo had downloaded to car and was a lighted-up selectable from "Memory" menu on car screen. Later, did notice it was and that it had my list of "Favorite" phone numbers. Selected one and called it and talked without problem. Received calls fine all day.

    Noticed that I have to turn Treo on (you know, if you have one, it's sort of "on" but screen is blank. Turned it on, hit middle button to keep it on.

    This seems critical. Treo, as you know, turns off, if not used. So, it was turned on and car showed "Phonebook" was lit up and available to be selected. But I didn't do anything and Treo turned off and car said it didn't find any phone. Turned Treo on, hit telephone button on car and again car and phone said hello.

    Made a call. Now Treo stayed on because it was doing something (connecting with car bluetooth system).

  • Can anyone help me? I have the Leux es350 with navigation.I'm able to send and receive calls fine. I can't get the navigation system to give me the choice to not answer the call. It always answers on the first ring. I went into the bluetooth and phone settings,then screen and told it to not answer automatically. It ignores the setting and still answers it.
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    Has anyone tried using the Verizon LG Chocolate phone in a 2006 Infiniti G35? Is the phone fully compatible with the car's Bluetooth interface? Thanks!
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    This Saturday, AutoScoop will be talking about cell phones while driving. As you know, we have a busy discussion on this "Should Cell Phone Users be Singled Out"

    Tune-in to your local station - or go to the AutoScoop site or listen live on the web

    The show is from 8am-1pm EST. Call-in toll-free at 1-877-444-1994 to sound-off about this issue on the radio. Be sure and mention your Forums username!

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  • My wife has a nokia 6102i that she uses in her 2007 Acura MDX with blue tooth. The main problem is that she can’t use the actual cell phone once it is paired with the car’s hands free link. She can only use the phone through the car. When she tries to make a call using the phone (instead of the hands free link) she just gets dead air, no dial tone, and usually the call doesn’t even go through. Additionally, once it disconnects with the hands free link, she can not connect it again without turning off the car and starting it up again. Anybody have any thoughts? Dealer and Cingular Wireless are WORTHLESS. Thanks.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's a shame. I bet the dealer uses BT as a selling point when a purchase is being considered. :mad:

    Google "MDX Nokia 6120i" and see if any tips come up. Hopefully someone else has that exact combination. Did anyone in the Acura threads speak up?
  • Ateixeira-
    No reply on Acura yet. Good thought on the Google. Will go try that now. You are SOOOOO right that they use BT as a selling point. Once you are done buying they tell you it doesn't work with every BT enabled cell phone AND, as we have learned, it doesn't work perfectly at all. For example, with Acura BT one can NOT dial from their phone. You have to use the Acura BT voice command. Try doing that with a 2 and 4 year old in the car. Not easy! Oh well... live and learn. Thanks!
  • cyberkeithcyberkeith Posts: 1
    Would someone please explain how a SIM Card can be put in a Treo 700p with Verizon service? I've nearly pulled out all of my hair trying to find a FIX for the bluetooth connection between the Treo 700p (Verizon) and the Audi Q7 with the MMI - I can get it to work, but it constantly repeats soft resets, rendering the phone nearly useless. I have learned that Palm is supposed to provide a Maintenance Release for the Treo 700p during the week of May 28, 2007, which will be the first MR since the phone was originally introduced. Message 337 describes inserting a SIM Card, but, for the life of me, one of the reasons I switched from Cingular to Verizon was to get away from Sim Cards. Therefore, I'd have to conclude that the author of message 337 was having a brain fart when he described the insertion of a Sim Card, OR, it is I who just simply doesn't understand.
  • baxterdownbaxterdown Posts: 36
    It is my understanding that the voice dial feature of the 2007 Audi Q7 BT does not allow you to dial a number via voice. In other words, one cannot say "Dial 212 569 9004" Does anyone know if this is true?
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