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Any downside to buying a hybrid?



  • yesrohyesroh Posts: 290
    Oh I know that.
    I've been wanting to go back to a hatch for years but the companies still aren't making the hatchbacks in the nicer mid-sized cars and even in the smaller cars, you can't get a good hatch. They've become second-class cars. If they took my Honda Accord Coupe they could easily put a hatch on a car that size and probably have a better car. It would just look goofy.
  • yesrohyesroh Posts: 290
    Evansville, Indiana.
    I checked some local prices for used Prius's and they were quite a bit higher than the MSRP on the used ones. I don't know if Toyota has changed much but the two times I tried to go talk to a Toyota dealer I left angry and felt like I'd been talking to a jerk. At about the same time I also read Consumer Reports, although ranking Toyotas as their recommended cars, listed dealer satisfaction bottom of the barrel compared to all other car dealers. They may have improved. I just helped my girlfriend buy a used Corolla and the dealers seemed okay.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    The right dealer is sometimes hard to find. Best advice is a referral. Glad to hear you were able to assist.
  • yesrohyesroh Posts: 290
    And she thanked me so much for that assist too.
    It was worth it.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    "Can u find a post about a Lincoln bursting into flames?"

    Doesn't the Lincoln use the same cruise control switch as the F-150 and Expedition? I believe all since 1997 have been recalled due to fire hazards from that switch. So I guess Lincolns like F-150s have burst into flames or could at anytime.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Anyone who worries, argues, and disputes about a car bursting into flames has WAY too much free time !!!

    You guys are talking about something that is so statistically rare it's ridiculous !!

    But while we are talking about the Ford fire problems:

    "Ford Recalls 4 Million Trucks to Fix Fire Risk
    September 7, 2005

    After years of turning a deaf ear to reports of fires in unattended F-150s and other trucks and SUVs, Ford Motor Co. is finally recalling nearly 4 million of the vehicles to replace a faulty speed control deactivation switch that may cause underhood fires.

    Flaming Fords
    • Bronco
    • Crown Victoria
    • Dump truck
    • Expedition
    • Explorer
    • F-150
    • Other F-Series Trucks
    • Focus
    • Mustang
    • Ranger Pickup
    • Taurus
    • Windstar

    The estimated 3.8 million Ford vehicles affected by the recall are from the 1994-2002 model years and include the Ford F-150 pickup as well as the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Bronco SUVs."
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Between your 'belief' and falconone's 'venture to guess' you folks don't know jack about Lincolns.
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Thanks for that link. One of our VPs has one of those vehicles and may be unaware . As usual, the information gleaned from this site is very valuable. Thanks again for the useful post.
  • Jewel:

    The 01 is a completely different technology...There was no recall or massive problem with the was one situation where there was a problem and Toyota stepped up to the plate and picked up the full tab...The cost to the owner was 0

    The 05 that caught fire while sitting in a parking lot while the guy was at work, who knows why it caught fire...The guy never reported back...(IT COULD HAVE BEEN ARSON in fact that is more likely then spontanious combustion on a car that was just sitting in a parking lot) He did say he really liked the car so chance are he would have replaced it with another Prius...Or if it was some wierd thing like faulty wiring that caused the fire Toyota would have given him a new one and know what a class opertation they are it was probably an upgraded one.
  • Just Curous....What year were you reading Consumer reports and got the bad satisfaction rating from them on Toyota.

    Note: I have gotten Consumer Reports for Years and do not recall any Negative comments about Toyota Dealers relative to other dealers...
  • Jewel:

    Does Lincoln have a hybrid on the road???...NO!...Hmmmm...That could be why we on the Hybrid board have little interest in them....

    The Recall on the Lincoln Navagator seems an ample response to your Fire question...To my knowledge there has been no FIRE recall of the Prius...
  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    I think they may have one soon. I just don't remember the name. It's nice to see Ford taking the hybrid market seriously. I saw a commerical where they will have a car that runs on pure ethanol. I have no idea where you'd get 100% pure ethanol though.

    I had no idea that Lincolns were having fires. That's pretty serious. And there are millions of them on the road. I hope all the owners have been informed.

    Looking forward to getting my MidSize Prius in ten weeks!!

    WOO HOO!!
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Your responses are civil, thanks. I didn't come over here to push Lincolns, that's for sure. I don't think I even mentioned them until your birdman looked at my profile. (He's since been over to a Lincoln forum posting a nice big TROLL post.) I originally followed another of your posters over here after he made a sort of a troll post in the Navigator forum.

    In any case, I've certainly learned a lot about hybrids while here. As I said when I first came in, I actually considered and drove the Civic hybrid a couple months ago when I was in the market. I found it was just way too underpowered for me. Maybe I should have driven the Accord:>) The Prius is another story. Too many problems being reported, especially ones that could cause serious injury (dying on the road). I think it's a step in the right direction, but I'm not going to be a first adopter guinea pig for Toyota. Just MHO.

    On the fire thing, pre-2003 Navs have been recalled along wth other Fords which used a certain type cruise control setup that apparently could get too hot and cause underhood fires. Haven't actually heard of it happening to a Navigator and haven't heard of any total burn ups due to it, but will give your folks a touche for reminding me of it.

    Lastly, you all seem to have an almost surreal faith in Toyota that I find somewhat troubling. Toyota certainly has a reputation for building quality cars. But what is the company's long term goal? Is it good for the American consumer? the American worker? Do they play 'fair' in the global marketplace? Are they treated fairly or with kid-gloves by the "American" media? What will happen if they beat GM into the ground? What will happen if (when) a large number of hybrids have expensive failures? I alluded to drug pushers above and that's kinda what this is like to me - Toyota has a product that it wants badly to succeed - the hybrid technology. So early expensive failures are paid for by the company to keep customer good will and 'Hook' you on their product. But later, when you want more and more, well now you gotta PAY, just like an addict. I have my doubts about long term ownership of one of these cars. That's just MHO. Good luck to you all. Wave at me when I'm filling up my Nav and you're cruisin by:>) I'll wave back if I see you stalled on the road!
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 11,568
    Really? Can u find a post about a Lincoln bursting into flames?

    Not that its really relative to the discussion but my Lincoln caught fire early this summer. We had just parked it in the garage after having some work done on the engine. As we were walking away one of my friends started yelling "Its on fire". Seems the fuel line wasn't connected properly and some gas leaked onto the hot engine and started up. Not much damage to it thank god.

    There are three types of people in this world. Those who are good at math and those who are not.

  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 11,568
    I still don't think I'd buy a hybrid. The cost is just too high for the amount of gas you might save if you get the EPA mileage they are rated at.

    I agree that the initial additional cost of the hybrid is a negative towards buying one. The factors are what is the alternative to the hybrid and the price differences between the two, the price of gas, do you pay cash or take out a loan, if you take out a loan what is the interest rate and the term of the loan and how many miles you drive.

    The more you drive and the less the "premium" is on the hybrid the faster you will recoup the money. In some cases it might be in a little over a year. But if you look at someone paying a $7,500 premium for a hybrid they might never break even on it.

    In short for some its worth it for others its not. To be honest I think its not worth it for most people.

    There are three types of people in this world. Those who are good at math and those who are not.

  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Statistically the falcon (bird) may be coming to your rescue as you coast in the right lane with your car on fire. I'd still help even though you seem so determined to trash hybrids (namely Toyota). Your continued posting here intrigues me. Perhaps you really want a hybrid but are frightened of the committment. I know that my Prius won't be stalling as the software issue has been addressed. In the meantime.... I'll be flying by gas stations while your standing there pumping your guzzler. Can't wait to get mines!!!!! (sic)
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 11,568
    Geeze what is with you and transmissions? first off I know few people who have had any real transmission problems in the last 20 years. And the ones I know of had over 150k on their cars. I personally have put more than 170k on two cars and have 130k on one now and never did I have a transmission issue. Heck one of those cars I sold to a friend who put another 100k on it before the transmission gave out at nearly 285k miles and then only when he threw it into park going 45 MPH. Man give it a rest will you.

    There are three types of people in this world. Those who are good at math and those who are not.

  • SNAKE:

    The Premium for a prius is no where near $7500.....A fully loaded Midsized Prius, with Nav. a quality sound system with 7 speakers and through the dash 6 disk changer ...power windows and mirrors...Smart Key, Stability Control, ABS, 6 airbags, HID headlights, and a lot more cost me $28,000...Now if you truly believe that there is a $7500 Permium for that car...

  • falcononefalconone Posts: 1,726
    Who mentioned transmissions? Maybe a week ago. I can post as much as I want to inform people that SOME of the information posted here is false. Are you saying that I am paying a $7.5k premium for my Prius? Can you list a vehicle that gets 50mpg and has ALL the content of the Prius? I didn't think so. Your continued posts here are indicative of your desire for a hybrid as well. Why else would you be here? Looking forward to getting my Prius!! :)
  • HeyJewel:

    Real classy last sentance.
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