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Honda Civic Hybrid Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • garyr5garyr5 Posts: 5
    I opted out of the antitheft. Instead since I put no money down on the car, I got my loan financing from my credit union and purchased GAP insurance. That way when the car disappears, the coverage will pay off the difference between what you owe and the pittance the insurance company will give you thereby leaving you in a position to get yet another new car. You should not have to pay more than $300 for it. FYI, this is a very profitable venture for your dealer and theirs is no better, they still pay the loan off.

    As a point of full discloure, I am an exec in the credit union with GAP being one of the products I am responsible for.
  • garyr5garyr5 Posts: 5
    Make that disclosure. My bad
  • secondrigsecondrig Posts: 21
    We have a 2003 Civic Hybrid that's been terrific. Then, a few months back, it began to have a significant but intermittent problem. In brief, the key won't move and can't be removed, the transmission won't move, the dashbord indicators all light up and spin, and the car, therefore, can't be started. This happened the first time after a long drive. Within a short time the key could be removed, but the immobilization continued until the following morning. Since then, and after the dealership could find no problem, the issue has happened a handful of times under varied conditions (as soon as the car was turned off, it wouldn't restart; after an hour or so, it wouldn't start, etc.) We tried using a different key, thinking something in the key might be the problem, but no luck. We thought at first it was connected with the cooling fan running after the car was turned off, but the immobilization has happened when the fan wasn't running, too. Has anyone had a similar experience and found a solution?
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 55
    Check your under the hood battery, things starting going funny for me when that was dying.
  • unathunath Posts: 1
    I just bought a 06 HCH and prior to buying the vehicle, I had done some research as I wanted Blue Tooth and a decent Navigation system with traffic. I live in LA and traffic seemed like a useful feature. I settled on the Pioneer AVIC - Z1 which is an expensive unit. My installer found that there is a kit for the Civic, but in calling Pioneer, found out that there is no digital interface kit available for the climate control unit which is linked to the Radio. Since the original Radio has to be pulled, he says that I will not be able to control my air conditioner / climate control unit. Has anyone installed a non-Honda Navigation system with Blue tooth that plays DVDs and CDs?
    Any advice would be useful. Apparently the Civic does comply with a double din?? mounting and hence the aftermarket units need some special mounting brackets.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    The question about the nav display being stuck on the open screen has been moved to the Honda Civic Hybrid: Navigation System Questions discussion.


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  • captb93captb93 Posts: 3
    Has anyone experienced this?

    I consider this problem to be very serious. I recently drove from Phoenix to my residence in Central AZ (about 100 miles) and experienced the rear right seat and seat back become very warm. Too warm to sit on. I noticed the A/c failing to maintain cabin temps and then a passenger in the rear noticed the hot seat. I checked the trunk and the right side was very warm. When it is 100 degrees outside - the hot seat is a big problem. This is the second time that the A/c has failed to cool properly on the same trip. The trip consists of an elevation change of nearly 5000 feet which is very draining on the engine & A/C. I learned that the A/C indirectly cools the battery pack - so a problematic A/C leads to the hot seat.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Have you taken it to the dealer. My dealer has checked out my A/C and reports that it is working properly. A pure guess by the service rep - the computer is detecting the hot engine & is turning off the A/C to conserve power. They can not duplicate this in the shop

    Very frustrating.

  • mwowmmwowm Posts: 4
    give up on getting an answer from Honda. Their customer service is pathetic. They may have fixed my wifes hybred (for now) but my communications via fax and phone -w- their customer care have gone unanswered and the dealer support is nil. :lemon:
  • I've found a very annoying design flaw in the way the 2006 HCH's roof rain gutters function. anytime there is water on the roof and I have my windows cracked, when I make a left or right turn a cascade of water comes pouring into the cabin soaking the door panel, armrest, controls, seat, and passenger/driver. It is truly astounding that something like this can get through the entire design process. :mad:
  • cybunnycybunny Posts: 2
    Can you say what year your Hybrid is? I have an 06 and haven't noticed this..
    thanks in advance,
  • For those of you tracking problems with new HCH's, here's a rare one:

    Ever since I took delivery of my 06 HCH in July, I've been hearing this creaking sound coming from the left-front suspension. You can really hear it below 20MPH. I kept hoping it would go away as the car loosened up - but it didn't. Last week I returned from vacation and had left the car in my garage for 10 days. After the car was out, I noticed a small puddle of oil where the front left tire sat.

    Curious, I took the front wheel off to see if it was brake fluid and found the brake connections were dry and clean. I followed the oil trail up the back of the strut tower to the shock.

    At the dealer this morning I demonstrated the creaking sound to the mechanic. After their analysis in the shop, they agreed the cause of the oil leak and the creaking could all be traced back to the shock. They have ordered a new shock (which apparently coming from Japan since no one has had to replace 06 shocks yet). In a couple of weeks I should be good as new.

    On another note, I just finished my 4th tank and got 53.75 MPG and 594 miles. I worked hard to get that. With my new tank I'm driving like a normal car to see what kind of FE I get. After 40 miles its about 38 MPG. This is interesting since the people who complain their HCH doesn't make the numbers usually see something similar. This supports my hunch that the cause of the poor FE complaints is driving habits.
  • mlv2mlv2 Posts: 1
    Might be same problem I just experienced - IMA light comes on when driving and if parked overnight or after several hrs, has to be jump started. After 2 trips to dealer, discovered there is "parasitic battery drain" problem published by Honda in which weakening 12v battery can cause IMA draw with subsequent relay(s) failure - I have 03 HCH with 62K. Resolution seems to be replace 12v battery and relay(s).
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,679
    Do you have an extended warranty? If not what will it cost you?
  • Just wanted to let you know that my local dealer had my car for 2 days and I found them to very responsive and concerned. They updated at least two computers on my car: A/C Compressor and the CVT Transmission. Since then I no longer have the rear seat overheating problem and the CVT works smoother.

    So all of you (especially in Arizona) in warm weather states should look into getting the newest A/C update. Should help you with more efficient cooling.
  • did you ever figure out the problem? I have a 2006hch for which I am trying to get a navigation as well. Thanks for your help.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    You may have noticed all the new discussions being added all over the forums. What we're doing is moving away from large discussions like this one, and moving towards smaller, more focused discussions. For example, tire and wheel questions should now go in the Honda Civic Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions discussion.

    I'll be closing this one down pulling some posts out of here to get new discussions rolling, so if you think some have disappeared, they been moved to start up the newly created discussions.

    Please check the discussion list here in the Honda Civic Hybrid Group to find the approriate discussion for your posts. If you have an issue or a question for which there appears to be no discussion, feel free to add a discussion. We can correct any duplicate discussions as we go along.

    Thanks for your understanding and help as we slide the furniture around a bit! :)


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