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Chevy Cobalt vs. Ford Focus

hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,167
edited April 10 in Chevrolet
Let's discuss these all new (Chevy) and refreshed (Ford) domestic sedans.


  • Not enough meaningful data yet on the Cobalt to make much of a comparison other than the fact that I think Chevy blew it big time by not offering a hatchback version.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Cause hatches sell like hotcakes. Take the Malibu Maxx for example.

  • I actually know nothing about how the Maxx is selling.. personally I think it is pretty butt ugly, but 5 door hatches certainly are popular enough that most of Chevy's competitors offer one.
  • Maxx is being way outsold by the Malibu Sedan. Maxx forum confirms this.
  • Of course the Malibu is in a different category than the Cobalt and will in general attract a different buyer. The younger crown in general tend not to be turned off by hatchbacks. Still I think Chevy might be selling a reasonable number of Maxx's, even with the weird styling and the odd shifter.
  • The real winner here (to me) seems to be the Mazda3. It Looks better than either the Cobalt or the Focus, and in @ form, has more power (with the exception of the Cobalt SS).

    The Cobalt's interior looks promising, if a bit generic. The 05 Focus interior is just embarrassing - bland, and with HORRIBLE seat fabrics. Ford uses decent fabric in the Escape XLS, and they should have used it here. I'm also NOT a fan of the Focus' pot-bellied dashboard stereo. If it stick out that far, make it into a flow-through console.

    On the outside, the cobalt reminds me a little of the direction Nissan took the maxima when it lost its way in the 90's. Kind of round, but not really inspired by much. The doors, especially around the C pillar, really really emphasize the globular nature of the Cobalt. The Focus fares better, but still has a few to many lines and bumps IMO.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    you hit the nail on the head here about the mazda3. it's based on the next generation focus (the one in europe, not the one here).
  • Agreed, and in fact all the Japanese and Korean small car makers... We will have to see about the Cobalt, but Ford needs to realize that if they are going to remain competitive in the small car market they can't just do face lifts every 5 years; they have to do complete redesigns. The fact that they did a redesign and we are not getting it is even worse.
  • agreed on that. the mazda 3 is a no brainer. as far as the cobalt goes, it kinda looks like a cavalier to me. anyone no if its based on the same platform?
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    The Cobalt only resembles the Cavalier on the exterior. The interior is light years ahead of the Cavalier and it rides on the Delta platform shared by the ION and the 5 speed manual transmission comes from the Saab 9-3
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    I don't know what you are looking at, but there is a difference in looks, both interior and exterior, between the Cavalier and the Cobalt. Looking at the interior of the Cobalt, it looks like a Ford interior. I think the interior of the Cavalier is laid out better.

         Also, the interior of the Cobalt is smaller in size.
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    Was quite impressed with the Cobalt SS. The car looks more substantial at the LA autoshow than just a beefed up compact. The interior looks light years over just about anything Chevy has done in years. The overall presentation of the car looks like a job well done. That, and Car and Driver says the car felt much more liveable and refined than other competitors (aka the Dodge SRT-4), it could be a big winner.


    Now if the other Cobolts are done with the same degree of success, and GM can get the reliability of these cars to be somewhat close to the Japanese, then they might have something.


    The recent recall of over 300K Focuses still makes me question their reliability.
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    Dude, the focus recall is for rear door latches. I seem to remember a HUGE recall on Honda vehicles last week. The focus has had a VERY good record since 2002.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    What are you talking about. Did you even read my post? I said the "Cobalt only resembles the Cavalier on the exterior" and I also said that "the interior is light years ahead of the Cavalier".


    If you put a Cobalt and Cavalier next to eachother (without name tags) on a lot and asked someone who cares nothing about cars but knows of the Cavalier would most likely think the Cobalt is an updated Cavalier.


    And as far as im concerned the interior of the Cobalt looks nothing like that of the Focus. Where the hell did you get that from?
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    I think you better read what I said. I stated the interior looks like a Ford not that it looks like a Focus.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    In that case I guess an apology is in order. I'm sorry I thought you referred to the interior of the Focus. :-)
  • My second Focus 4 door a ZX4 "S" is much improved over a 2000 4 door LX we owned several years ago. My wife always takes the car away from me, leaving me to drive her Honda Pilot EX-L sometimes. This redesigned Focus is the best low-end car around. Fun to drive , and with durable looking interior materials. As for the assembly gaps (low quality for some,or industrial strenght to me). Great car.
  • The cobalt is not even remotely close in looks inside or out to the cavalier. I drove a cavalier, and chevy didn't even make the cobalt to be anything like a cavalier. The exterior has no resembalence to a cavalier, the back is much more square and the front has no comparison whatsoever. Comparing a cobalt to a cavalier is like comparing a civic and an accord - totally different shapes!
  • daniel10daniel10 Posts: 1
    I would agree i own a cobalt and it is 10 time better than any cavalier it has more head room more horsepower as well as better interior . on looks issue i think it looks like a civic in the front .
  • I agree with the person above me I own a cobalt and even though the price range is around that of the cavalier (on the base models) I would have to say that the cobalt out does the cavalier on so many levels the cavalier looks as cheep as they come. when buying a cavalier you get what you pay for but when buying a cobalt you get so much more. Bottom line Sunfire's and Cavalier's suck [non-permissible content removed]. I would know because I just traded in an 03 sunfire on my cobalt. The cobalt is SO SWEET it really gives imports a run for their money you can read any car review and it will say the same thing. The cobalt ranks right up there with the civic and the carolla but it has more horse power. Research it on any car review and you will get the same thing. I read about 10 cobalt car reviews before purchasing the car and they all had nothing but good to say about the cobalt, and when reading the car review on a cavalier and sunfire they both had many negatives. All the important car critics out there say that Chevy has indeed out done themselves with the new cobalt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cavalier suck COBALT RULES!!! And buy the way there is nothing wrong with the interior of the cobalt it does not look cheap it looks very detailed for the money. my BF's 350 doesn't have as much chrome on the interior as my cobalt!!! and as for the person who is talking about the mazda 3 having so much more power than the cobalt. I looked up how much power a mazda 3 has and I quickly figured out why it's called a mazda 3, because it has 3 more horse power than the cobalt. 3!!!!! Thats it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :mad:
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