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Land Rover Range Rover Sport



  • Does anyone know how to activate this service? Is it useful?
  • I am signing the papers today, RS w/ Lux, Sat, PTI rubber mats, rubber loadspace mat and cargo cover.- $57,500. This is the GM's car w/ 1,000 miles on it(not titled). comments on pricing are appreciated.

    Has anyone got the info on the Motorola V710 PTI Cradle.
  • acole10000, regarding the Motorola V710 there is no cradle available from Land Rover (and I would not hold my breath for one, considering the PTI system is manufactured by Nokia.) But, as long as you have the latest software, 8700_01.40.0R - available at no charge from Verizon if you have an older version - the phone will work fine via PTI's Bluetooth interface, with the known limitations of BT vs. cradled phones of course. I use a V710 every day.
  • lexi4lexi4 Posts: 8
    I have the vesuvius and really enjoy it. DO NOT sell yours to the dealer. Sell it or the Vesuvius to someone else and do not take the hit. Dealer in CA Rockville(?) has a black SC for $84k. I have driven into 3 other Rover dealerships who only got one Vesuvius and even the service people come out and look and comment on my SC.
  • lexi4lexi4 Posts: 8
    You might think about some lower profile wheels and tires that should help. Mine has the Dynamic system and it is awesome but my last truck was much improved by changing the wheels and rubber.
  • lexi4lexi4 Posts: 8
    I fought with the 650 and the bluetooth. Upgraded the treo software 3 times (latest for Verizon anyway 1.04) but I finally gave up.
    Bought a #3 cradle and went to Cingular so I would have a world phone too and tried phones. They had one, the Nokia 3120b. It works great. So I have a treo and the nokia which stays in the car until I go out of the country. Pretty cool seeing everything phone book, received numbers, missed calls, and voice dialling through the radio and system. Calling restaurants from the nav is ok too. Not perfect but better than having the treo not get anycalls when I pretended to have in paired with the truck.
  • is there anyway to hack the computer system to maintain the low ride over 25 mph? although the car does lower itself about 1 and a half inch on highway, but is it possible to lock it in the low position at all time?
  • I have had this happen to three customers now with bluetooh integrated cell phones. They have phones that do not have an option to disable call waiting and so when a call comes through and they try to switch over to it their phone to car link is scrambled.

    If you can't disable call waiting on your bluetooh phone then just do not pick up the incoming call it will scramble your phone and possibly do other funny things to the cars systems.

    If you do happen to pick up a call by accident and things get scrambled you can probably correct the problem without bringing it to the dealer. Simply shut off the car and then disconnect the bluetooth phone from the car. On your phone somewhere there is an option to drop bluetooh connection. Once you do that it should descramble the connection and you should be able to reconnect the phone. This should also shutdown the navigation screen if it was staying on with the car off. I have seen that happen a couple of times and seems to be a side effect of trying to use call waiting with bluetooh connection.

    I am reposting this on all Land Rover boards.
  • british_rover, I can confirm that disconnecting and re-pairing Bluetooth connection seems to fix occasional hang-ups in the BT interface, at least with my Moto V710 (Verizon). In fact, I have added a short cut to the "Land Rover" Bluetooth connection on the main menu of my phone, specifically to be able to quickly unlink and reconnect without scrolling through the phone's sub menus. I can do that without even looking at the phone...

    Call waiting is a good example (and I have learned on my own that trying to answer a Call Waiting always wreaks havoc with the PTI, so I just don't do that anymore). Disconnectng and reconnecting always fixed it for me.

    Another hiccup that has occurred a couple of times is that while the "Phone Attached" message appears on the radio's LCD when I start the car, when the phone does ring PTI does not pick it up, or I get the "Phone not fitted, Command Cancelled" response when I try to voice dial. In those instances too, unlinking and relinking the Land Rover Bluetooth connection from the handset seems to fix things.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Does anyone know if these BlueTooth gliches could ever be fixed by a Land Rover update to the firmware in the phone/nav system?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Of course, but don't bet on it. :) Basically, avoid 3-Way Calling and Call Waiting, as documented... the other glitches are rare, and may not always be the fault of the vehicle PTI. Performance will vary between phones. Bluetooth isn't perfect. For best performance and the most functionality, you need one of the few phones that has a cradle available and avoid Bluetooth entirely. (FYI: The system was designed by Nokia.)
  • can anyone get the pinout diagram for the cradle receiver? Since land rover didn't include a power port in the armrest, I was thinking about tapping in to the power provided for the cradle so that I can charge/power my motorola phone. The cradle is a great idea, only supporting Nokia phones is kind of lame.
  • Anyone offer advice on any TMobile phone that works with the cradle? The current RR PTI list does not have a match with any currently offered by TMobile.
  • Did you find any quotes yet?
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Can anyone provide the Land Rover link to the list of supported cradle phones for RR and RRS ?
  • ert1ert1 Posts: 1
    are there any verizon phones that have cradles for the car?
    nokia model 6256i? nokia 6236i? or other phones?
  • Nothing from Verizon. In fact, most of the phones on that list have eiter been discontinued by US carrier months ago (the Nokia 6230, I think Cingular carried it months ago but replaced it with a newer incompatible model, although you may still find the 6230 on eBay) or were never available in the US to begin with. Although additional cradles and phones will eventually be added to the system, don't hold your breath for any Verizon phones ever making the list. Verizon Wireless is not exactly a big customer of Nokia (the company that makes the PTI system for Land Rover) and it is not GSM. Many Bluetooth enabled phones offered by Verizon - Moto V710, E815, probably the new Samsungs - seem to be working just fine with PTI, despite the known limitations of this type of interface and even though none of them have been "tested" and approved by Land Rover, not yet anyway.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    Not sure I understand the limitations:
    1. there is a jack in the phone compartment (I have a RRSC) does the phone plug into that directly, or do I need to get an additional interface?
    2. If I get a regular Bluetooth phone: can I use the touchscreen to dial (and....I know I cannot access the phone book, but can I create a phonebook on the touch screen?)
    3. With Bluetooth, I understand that the callers number may appear on the touch screen. Is that everyones experience?
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