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Land Rover Range Rover Sport



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    On the other hand, Cayenne sales are down sharply in the last two years. Not sure how the RR Sport sales are doing.

    Inside Line

    Many of the premium SUVs appear to have below average reliability, according to Consumer Reports. The Cayenne and Range Rover Sport are lumped together in that comment at CR.
  • Honestly of all the Sports I have sold none of them have been problem cars.

    Of all the sports we have sold only two have been problem vehicles and both of those were early build units made in the first three months of production.

    One of those two has had no problems since the second month of ownership. My GM is actually talking to the owner of that Sport right now as he is buying a 2007 RRS/SC next month as well.

    The second one has had some minor issues over the past year but only two really serious problems. They both took a while to repair but it was more a problem of parts avaliablity for a low production new model then anything else.
  • We are almost out of 2006 Sports and will not be getting 2007 MY sports untill the end of December.

    The only sport we have left is a supercharged model with 1,500 miles on it that was the GM's demo.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    The Wall St. Journal (no free link, sorry) says that, as of November 1, Land Rover sales are up 6.7% for Oct. '06 vs Oct. '05, and sales for the year are up about 3,000 units (37,531 sold to date).

    Porsche car sales are up but Porsche truck sales are down 26.7% this Oct. compared to last Oct.
  • Here you go...

    Just scroll down till you find the Land Rover sales

    CYTD sales are up 8.2 percent for Land Rover and I know at one time we were the only SUV brand that had positive sales growth for the year.

    I am not sure if that is still true.

    Sport sales were up 26.7% last month and LR3 sales were up 27.6%.

    Range Rover sales were down a bit -17.4% for the month but I expected that as everyone knows the 2007 MY Range is getting a redesigned interior.
  • You are not going to believe it but Saturday will make 7 weeks in the shop trying to determine why some of the warning lights are staying on. My wife and I are growing very impatient. My comprehensive coverage will take care of the costs involved to fix the damage, but I will have soon made two payments on a vehicle that we haven't seen in two months. What's the longest someone has had a vehicle in the shop while the service department "diagnoses the problem"? I can understand body work and painting taking this long, but this is silly. I think if this was a warranty issue, it would have been fixed weeks ago. I should have realized when the service department was hoping the insurance would total the vehicle instead of having them fix it that I was in for an extended service visit. I called them a minute ago and now the parking brake light won't go off and supposedly there are two technicians working on the problem. I asked the dude on the phone what's the worst that can happen. He said that they will have to trace every single wire to find out if it's being grounded somewhere and that could take a while, maybe another week or so. My wife seems to think legal action is in order but I tried to tell her that they have us by the short'n'curlies because it's not a warranty issue. Anyone with any similar situations.
  • i just saw your message about the warning light issues...i went thru my own headaches with a 6mo new supercharged. over 60 days in the shop. they eventually replaced the entire rear diff. but they originally thought it was just "a reprograming issue". well, after all that, i asked LandRover North america to just replace the car, under the Lemon Law. that is not a fun course of action. this all began for me in April 2006, and i am just now getting the car replaced(purchased back) in Dec. 2006. Land Rover North America really dropped the ball for me on every issue. many many promises, and NO follow thru. they just hoped i'd go away. i didnt. i had to bring them to BBB arbitration just to get them to do what they promised me back in August...replace the car. if you end up in this kind of problem, let me know and i can give you some 'advice'. good luck.
  • I have a RRS Supercharged. When I go over sharp speed bumps at an angle,the chasis shimmies. It feels like it's going to vibrate right off. Naturally, the dealer says this is normal for the superharged models. I say BS.

    Anyone else having this issue?
  • "Rodent" Damage update - possibly the last one blamed on the rodent. I finally got in touch with Land Rover North America to complain about how Land Rover New Orleans was handling my repairs. My complaint must have made it back to New Orleans because within 5 minutes of each other, I received a call from LRNA and New Orleans each saying that the problem is a fuse box of some sort causing the Parking Brake light and others to flash. However, the last time I talked to my technician, he told me the active suspension light was staying on and they were in the rear end diagnosing the problem. Now this is all supposed to have been done by a mouse, squirrel, or something. Why didn't they check all fuses and electrical things FIRST? To top it all off, the Service fellow called me last Friday like I said, and put it to me like this, "I've got good news and bad news. The good news is we've found the problem, a fuse box is blown. The bad news, the part is on backorder and has been for quite a while." I asked, how long? He said, " I don't have a clue." I then call LRNA to find out about the backorder situation. Sure enough, the subcontractor supplying this part to Land Rover is running behind or having trouble with the final product. So, now we've gone from them taking forever to diagnose, to waiting for the backordered part. My insurance agent is trying to find out more and trying to get me a vehicle to drive. My wife finally had enough the other day and contacted an attorney friend of ours. He seems to think at the least the Insurance company should pay for a portion of our car note. We'll see what he can do. I'm tired of talking to both my insurance and the dealership. Saturday will make 8 weeks. (Not that I'm counting)
  • I have a similar response to speed bumps at an angle but not enough to open up a debate with the dealer - yet. The suspension system on the RRS is delicate and prone to having 'issues'. After one week of having the vehicle two suspension sensors were found to be faulty and had to be replaced. I have now completed 8000 miles with no further problems.
  • Did you ever find a solution?
    I have the same issue with my Range Rover
  • After just 6500 miles my engine light is now on, my steering wheel makes a whining noise when I turn it, my car still ticks like crazy, my parking sensor will time time just beep and not turn off unless I turn the engine off. Anyone else run into these problems?
  • eelpouteelpout Posts: 32
    Wow, has this thread died. Has everyone gone to the 2007 BMW X5, Acura MDX or AMG ML63? ;)

    I'm curious if anyone has heard any rumors for changes for 2008 and the Sport? The new LR2 has push button starting and a different navigation system (though without voice control), wondering if any of that will float over.

    My lease will be up in the summer and I think I'm going to be hard pressed to repeat with the Sport unless they make it worth the $65K compared to the competition available today. I still can't believe for the price they don't have dual sun visors, instead saving that prestige feature for the big Rover. :P
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Nope none of those changes coming to the RRS for 2008.

    All of the 2008 RRS specs, or at least all of the ones they have given me, are on
  • rrsfanrrsfan Posts: 6
    I was looking into purchasing RRS. On LR website they tout the ability to write off RRS at alrmingly higher pace. Has anyone tried & got away with it? What I understand is if gross vehicle weight rating is in excess of 6000.lbs than the std depreciation schedule does not apply & can be depreciated at a higher rate. I believe this clause was for trucks. Any experience?? I would prefer not to lease.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    I have a certificate that will save you $2000 or $1500 I will sell. Make your email address public and reply and I will email to you. I can send you a scan of the certificate and the cover letter if you would like to see it.

    There is a place on the certificate where I can sign and transfer it to a friend.

    Exact wording on the certificate is as follows:

    Save $2000 on a new 2007 Range Rover HSE*
    Save $1500 on a new 2007 Range Rover Sport HSE**
    Save $1500 on a new 2007 LR3 V8 HSE, SE, or V6 SE

    *Offer valid on purchase or lease of a new, previously untitled 2007 Range Rover HSE (excludes Supercharged model) from 4/16/07 to 6/30/07. **Offer valid on purchase or lease of a new, previously untitled 2007 Range Rover Sport HSE (excludes Supercharged model) from 4/16/07 to 6/30/07. Offer valid on purchase or lease of a new, previously untitled 2007 LR3 V8 HSE, SE or V6 SE from 4/16/07 to 6/30/07. Present this certificate to Retailer and take delivery from Retailer stock by 6/30/07. These offers may not be combined with any other private purchase offer. Limit one redemption per household. These offers exclude demonstration vehicles and service loaners. For current lease customers, these offers may not be combined with the Early Lease Termination offer. See Retailer for complete details.
  • matisse1matisse1 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. I am strongly considering a 2007 RRS HSE. I would like to know what kind of overall experience you guys have had in terms of reliability and service. My main concern is time, not money since it will be covered by warranty. Feel free to share your overall time spent in shop and number of problems you may've had(or not).

    Thanks sooooooooo much! It will be a great help coming from actual RRS owners.

    You can email me directly to at this address:
  • byoloyebyoloye Posts: 1
    I am interested in your offer. I am buying a Range Rover Sport HSE this week By God's grace and the voucher would be a real blessing. My address is

    Many thanks
  • I am definitely close to pulling the trigger on the RRS HSE. Email address:
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Sorry standardauto. I sold it already.
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