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2009 Toyota Corolla



  • Please keep searching the web to fin more picture from corolla 2008 an post it!! :) DId you see the new yaris lately!!!looks like like somebody wash a Corolla and ShrinK!!!! :) :D
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This is intentional btw. Toyota does it all the time when a new major launch is being prepared. ( ses new RAV preparing the way for the new Highlander ) ( see new Avalon/XLE Camry preparing the way for new ES350 ).

    The Yaris sedan is a mini Corolla with more features than the CE but at the same price. A buyer can choose a stripped Corolla or a loaded Yaris. It helps to keep the Corolla insulated from severe price pressure.

    Now if a hard bargainer wants to buy a CE Corolla for $13000 he can get a loaded Yaris for the same price. It's very smart marketing.
  • I was checking the spec from corolla verso, there`s an diesel engine 2.2 DID, with 136 HP, that is faster 0-60 mph than the gasoline version, I ASk, How is this possible?? somebody please tell, Fast :) & Style ;) With the petroleum at US$75 Barrel, it`s much better think about economy and no to much in power. :(
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    I just read thru the last 100 or so posts here as I will be replacing my 2000 Hyundai Sonata GLS V6 in the next two years. I've pretty much reached the point where I'm either getting a Corolla or a Civic.

    But this stuff??? The posts about Xenon HID self-leveling headlamps? 200 + Horses and six-or-more-speed trannys? Or, from just above, Hopefully, they will manage to improve the fuel economy a bit at the same time, in relation to adding liters, horses, and still spending less time and cash at Exxon than does the owner of a Chevy Suburban?

    There is something Economists call "The Law of Diminishing Returns." Essentially, what this law boils down to is adding features and value (in the case of autos, bigger, faster, options, features, and gizmos) gradually produces a lesser result over time: there is a point where a product is "the best it can be" and all that is required from that point out is keeping the quality superlative, not adding features.

    The Corolla is just where it needs to be, "youse wiseguys."

    The Corolla is an economy car. ECONOMY car. It's a DAMN NICE economy car, but, at the end of the day, it's still an ECONOMY car.

    All you pavement-blasters out there? Either embrace the SEMA mentality and learn to do your own mods rather than whining for Toyota to hand them to you -OR- do like the Medschool Candidate and get the training for an income to blow $165 grand on a Benz SL because, from the sounds of it, that Benz is what you really want: it already has all the features described built-in.

    A Benz SL is *NOT* an economy car - and I think illustrates the feature difference between a Corolla and, say, pretty much anything else, far better than I can.

    The reason I'm piping up my two cents worth is this - like the MD Candidate, I'm getting a medical education as well and the reality is, I just don't have a boat-load of cash to throw around. I spend a crap-load of time at the university, a crap-load of time at the hospital, and a crap-load of time in libraries.

    And, realistically, I, too want a decent car. I like driving. I like comfort and style. I like features. I like some ooomph when I hit the gas.

    I want a car that has nice creature-comforts like leather seats, an integrated power package, and a good stereo. I want a nice smooth ride with really tight steering and handling. And, given my real-world life ADDED TO some predictions that gas will hit $4.00 a gallon this summer?

    I want to be pumping my already-limited funds into something other than my gas tank.

    The current Corolla can offer all those features AND the MPG I just described. And given the interior aesthetic is pretty tasteful (Edmunds and Motor Trend compare the quality to bordering on Lexus - and from what I see, I agree) and that the Corolla can now be had with "aftermarket" leather from a Toyota-approved, OEM, airbag-compatible supplier (Bartlett Corp,, I only have one hope: that Toyota takes what it already has and just makes it better.

    Having driven the Corolla S in a 5-speed and comparing it to the Civic (both 2006)? The Civic has more interior road-noise and engine-noise than the Corolla. And while the Civic may be a tad "tighter" in handling, the end-result is *NOT* better: unlike a Lexus where "smooth" and "tight" meet in a dream-like synergy, the Civic is just "tight" without the "smooth."

    For what it is, the Corolla is really good. I'm especially fond of the Corolla S model and would like to get that one in the 5-speed with curtain airbags, sunroof, aluminum interior trim and the Bartlett seats (probably two-tone, charcoal-and-tan).

    My only concern is that Toyota will turn the Corolla will turn into what the Camry USED to be . . . and that just ain't the car I want. And given I have to wait 'till next year to buy . . . I may end up SOL because, after doing the comparision between Corolla S and Civic LX/EX?

    I really do like the Corolla better.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    My only concern is that Toyota will turn the Corolla will turn into what the Camry USED to be . . . and that just ain't the car I want.

    To clarify, I meant the original V-6 with 5-speed SE version that a lot of kids pimped-out after their dads cast the car off (late 1980s, early 1990s).
  • Hello SonataBeam!!!
    I`m agree with you, Corolla is a midsize car with FE vision in design mind. Some facts that you already now from corolla:
    Best selling car in history.
    Confort and soft to ride
    All mechanic knows how to fix it!!
    Yor can't find parts in a grocery store!!! (Is easy to find)
    Easy to sell and keep the price. speccially sedan.

    I Know about the crisis and the gas increasing prices, but think about competition: Corolla is nor fun to drive (except for XRS), if you check the Civic SI, Subaru, WRX, Mitsubishi Evo X, I want a Corolla Powerfull and fun to drive, and Keep ahead of competition, Corolla is losing market and Japanese market Manager Knows it!!! The need to create a new Platform with atractive exterior design, ergonomic and digital interior, a more powerfull engine, transmision, a better stability and brakes. thats why I am betting safe for a new corolla 2008.
    Mr. Sonata Beam, if you want an economic car, think about a toyota Prius or Yaris, maybe a Honda Fit. :P :D
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,696
    at its heart, Corolla is meant to be an economical car. The fear is that now that Toyota has Yaris and the little Scions to fill the roles of "economical" and "gas-sipping", it is going to lux up the Corolla to extract profits better, figuring it has the "bottom" of the market covered with other models.

    I hope not. I hope Toyota still remembers what Corolla is and has been for the last 30 years.

    With the amount of luxury features you are looking for, fastandstyle, I am not sure why you are looking for a Corolla. Perhaps it is out of the same wish we all have that Toyota had any genuinely sporty models left in its line-up? But molding the next Corolla to fill that gap is inappropriate, I think. It is primarily a commuter car, economical to buy and operate, and reliable at the same time. It is one of the few models on the market today to survive as long as it has with such a consistent mission.

    Now, with all of Toyota's global resources, it would be like the snapping of fingers for them to find some other model to import to the U.S. that could be fast, stylish, and luxurious by various turns. Look at the Avensis on whose chassis the Scion tC is based - how about they bring sedan and hatch versions of that here with hotter engines? Toyota is just not committed to this sort of thing outside its Lexus line, that is the problem.

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Yep - you hit the nail on the head, there, in my opinion.

    The fact one can get a Corolla with some added creature-comforts and even some neat exterior features (I'm thinking the "S" ground effects, wheels, and fogs) can even make for a stylish economy car.

    Now, with Bartlett getting the sanction from Toyota to supply the leather (Bartlett is actually the original OEM supplier for Toyota USA) via approved aftermarket restylers directly to consumers, one can even get a GROOVY economy car.

    What fastandstyle wants is a Civic SI or a Corolla XRS.

    Sure, there is a place for such cars.

    But there is a place for the decent, stylish economy car, too.

    Yaris is okay - but the weird center-stack dash gauges and the fact it's so darn small are more "first new car."

    I'm in the 30-something range; I don't want to spend more than 22 grand at most; and laying tracks on pavement is both expensive on gas and tires.

    It also leaves the utterly wrong image commuting to and from a hospital ER: namely irresponsible.

    I just hope they stick with what they have and make that BETTER.

    Fast just needs to bite the bullet and get a 3-year lease traded Lexus IS: that car, not the Corolla, is what he's describing.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    ...not to mention, I'll be trading a Hyundai Sonata V-6 with absolutely every possible option on this car.

    The reality is, the newer Hyundais are okay (mine is now 6 years old) . . . but the long-term quality is not the same as Toyota.

    Add that even 30 MPG is crap when gas is $3.50 a gallon, and the 'Yota Corolla looks better every day - especially given similar MPG numbers out of the Camary Hybrid cost about ten grand more.

    Which leads to the other point: the Yaris is a kid/starter car. The Prius is neat - but also has that damn weird dash design. But for decent options?

    Try a price near 30 grand US Dollars.

    Corolla S. With an approved Bartlett interior. 5-speed. Sunroof, curtain airbags.

    For me, that would do it nicely.

    I just hope that car I describe will be AROUND 18 months from now.

    Wasting time on forums is easy, huh (and fun, too)?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,696
    that's not consistent: if you want a Corolla S with those options, then you should be aware that a similarly equipped Prius will NOT be anywhere "near 30 grand US dollars". In fact, the most base model would have everything you want except the curtain airbags ($650 option) and the moonroof, which isn't available from the factory at any price.

    But the point is, the Prius is a luxury gas-sipper to Yaris' spare and spartan gas-sipper (and Prius has some more cargo space due to the hatch design).

    GAWD, I hope Toyota keeps its head screwed on straight and doesn't drop the FE rating of the '08 Corolla. The first time I get any inkling from advance reports that that will be happening, I am going to have to think seriously about grabbing one of the last of the '07s. Or just giving Corolla up as an future alternative for me.

    I really hope Toyota keeps some sort of Corolla hatch in the line-up though. I am just going to keep on repeating that here in the hopes that the psychic vibrations of my words reach the product planners at Toyota! :-P

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Diesel engines generate lots of torque at low RPM, great for get up and go situation. 2.2 D-4D 140 (134 HP)engine genarates 310 N-m (228 lb-ft) @ 2000 RPM, but 1.8 VVT-I (127 HP) only generates 170 N-m (125 lb-ft)@ 4200 RPM. Maximum torque is only available at high rpm for the gasoline engine. That is why diesel is faster than gasoline for the 0-60 mph.

    1 N-m = 0.73756 lb-ft
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    that's not consistent: if you want a Corolla S with those options, then you should be aware that a similarly equipped Prius will NOT be anywhere "near 30 grand US dollars". In fact, the most base model would have everything you want except the curtain airbags ($650 option) and the moonroof, which isn't available from the factory at any price.

    Ummmm - try again.

    Prius Base: $21,725

    Package 8 (only one with leather): $6890

    Shipping and delivery: $580

    Accessories: $470

    Subtotal: $29,665

    You can confirm via
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    To insure an accurate result;

    Corolla S: $15,150

    Option D: $2,960

    Shipping and delivery: $580

    Accessories: $768

    Subtotal: $19,548

    Casback (500)

    New subtotal: $19,048

    Bartlett interior: 900-1000 installed

    New subtotal: 20,048.

    Just shy of ten grand less.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,696
    I missed the part about needing the leather. But of course, you can go get the Bartlett leather for around $1000 in any car, can't you? Why buy some huge awful package for the Prius? Just get the base car with SAB and curtains for $22K, spend $1000 putting in the leather seats, and voila! A $23K alternative to that $20K Corolla you just built. :-)

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    I mentioned earlier that 22K was my upper limit.

    Part of my own personal plan is moving from the current house I have about 20 grand equity in to a neighborhood closer to both the university, the hospital, and my community affiliation. I plan to sell the current house in the next 6 or so years.

    Given a similar home in that particular neighborhood would increase the mortgage by 50%, why even waste a grand on something that, in the end, just depreciates???
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    I clearly have a liking for a nicer car with some creature comforts. I also clearly like reasonable punch and decent handling.

    Being a car fan is not an issue: I am a car fan.

    BUT - until I have cash to blow without worry, budgetary sensibility has to rule, too - whether at purchase, at pump, or in upkeep.

    I mean, outside actors, Republican-affiliated petroleum execs, and Hollywood plastic surgeons, who has dough to blow these days?

    I know I don't! Ergo, my ultimate goal being a goovy, well-appointed, decent-driving economy car.

    I also think you may have missed my comments about finding the Prius dash annoying. Splitting a series of digital readouts across a dashboard and center-stack may appeal to the "Jetsons" and "Star Trek" fans in the driving community . . . .

    I like gauges. Real gauges. With needles pointing at numbers.

    The Corolla, in current form, is perfect.

    Given I also spent 12 grand on putting a new roof on this home I want to sell in 6 years or less, though, means no Corolla until at least next year.

    If, in design, the Corolla goes the way of the current Civic?

    I'll just keep the Sonata and start taking the bus.

    Seriously - I'm not kidding.

    I love the Civic sheetmetal . . . but it's much louder and harsher than the Corolla.

    And it has a weird dash, too.

    I guess my ideal car would be the Camry Hybrid, but loaded that is over 30: no go until better cashflow!

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    This isnt accurate since there is much more of everything in a Prius at $30K than a Corolla at $20K.

    It's the wrong comparo ... but if you do compare the two you should take a base Prius at ~ $22300 add pckge #3 ( $1500 ) and then add the same Barlett interior ( $1000 )then subtract the $3150 tax credit.. It's more like $1600 difference.

    While the Corolla looks and drives sportier the Prius is more comfortable and about 30% better on fuel. Each tho appeals to different buyers so both are correct.

    It's not $10000 it's $1600 difference in price.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,696
    Camry hybrid, now we're talking. The leadfoots at R&T just did a 300-mile test, managed to get 37 mpg from the Camry hybrid. That's about what I would expect to get from a Corolla stick, maybe a point or two less. Too bad there's no stick for the Camry hybrid, and yes, there's the small matter of the $30K price tag and what will undoubtedly be long lines and no deals under sticker, just like Prius. :-(

    But if Toyota can just (please, please) hold the line on the 32/41 EPA rating for the '08 Corolla redesign (adjusted, of course, for the new EPA testing procedures that will take effect 1-2-07), I will be satisfied. I think they can do it, but I am not sure there is the will to do it, now that they have the 34/40-rated Yaris below Corolla in the line-up. More power and luxury features may help the new Corolla better compete with the up-and-coming new Elantra and the new Civic (not to mention Sentra - who knows what it will look like for '07 arriving this fall, but with the pretty nice Versa below it in the Nissan line-up, it will probably be loaded up with nice stuff in base form), but will probably result in a 5-10% slide in fuel economy, is my guess. It used to be you could count on Toyota to improve the fuel economy of its models with each successive generation, but no more.

    Side-stepping, that's the best I am hoping for, side-stepping. :-/

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Am I mistaken, or are those credits being phased out over 2007 thru 2010?

    If I am, then I stand corrected - but the last time I checked, the credit was scheduled to diminish over time to zero.

  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Camry hybrid, now we're talking.

    Yeah - I know a doc/faculty member who manged to get one just a week or so ago via some mad genuflections and a relative who owns a dealership in one of the nearby states (Jersey, I believe???).

    VERY nice vehicle - she got it utterly loaded: JBL stereo, leather, aluminium trim, the whole damn thing.

    So far, she's getting an average of 39 (not a lead-foot) and the car is probably not even pushing 1,000 miles.

    I really liked the interior in it: tawny leather with brushed aluminium trim. VERY "Lincoln," but with a sort of Toyota-European kind of flavor. I think her sticker with tax, title, and plates was floating just over 35, though (she won't give an exact number - and yes, I know I was rude to ask).

    Money does seem to cure a lot of ills, no???
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes through the beginning of 2007 for Toyota... unless the movement afoot in Congress to extend them suceeds. But then the new Corolla will be out and it may even have it's own hybrid version. Time will tell.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    I just reviewd the Camry Hybrid forum.

    Seems everyone is paying 30 for a Camry Hybrid with all four possible packages added.

    Thanks to a relative who moved to CA, I know it costs about 5 grand to ship a car via flatbed from Atlantic to Pacific coast: that Camry I noted above?

    I'm betting the whole house she bought it in CA and had it shipped here to New York State on her own dime.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,696
    there won't be a Corolla hybrid. Just a gut feeling, nothing more. If there ever is a Corolla hybrid, I'm betting it's the very last hybrid model Toyota phases in after it has done the hybrid treatment on all the others.

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    there won't be a Corolla hybrid. Just a gut feeling, nothing more. If there ever is a Corolla hybrid, I'm betting it's the very last hybrid model Toyota phases in after it has done the hybrid treatment on all the others.

    I bet you are right, too. Makes a good deal of sense.

    I'm betting Avalon is next for HSD.

    On reflection, I think the desire for, say, two (or even three) Corolla lines makes sense.

    For people like me, the LE and S to compete with the Civic DX and LX and also the Civic EX.

    For people like the rubber burners, the XRS to compete with the Civic SI.

    Coupe, 4-door, and either wagon or hatch bodystyles would be good too.

    That way, everyone can get a "perfect fit" Corolla (and Toyota could limit option packages at the same time to help keep costs down).
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    HSD schedule..
    Sienna is definitely first
    Tundra is second
    Updated Highlander
    Corolla is in the wings IMO
    Gen3 Prius

    Toyota is committed to 'having a hybrid option for every segment' ( key word ) according to a recent statement.

    At the moment there is no small vehicle hybrid, although the Prius could be shrunk into this segment now that the Camry is out.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,696
    I am surprised there will BE a gen3 Prius. Once HSD is spread out across the line, why continue it, unless there is some other new Toyota tech that the next Prius will showcase?

    Just drop HSD in the next Matrix, and be done with it.

    2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    As I understand it the Prius is intended to be the 'launch platform' for all new techie developments.
    Gen2 - BT, affordable Navi, SKS + push start.

    Gen3 - ? Rumors rampant about PHHEV with up to 10 mi range on electric; 90-100 mpg, Li-ion batteries, plus???
  • Hello show new pictures corolla 2008!!!!

    Sonata Beam, don`t you think corolla is losing market with the new "spaceship" Honda Civic Si, The new Mitsubishi EVO X, Sentra R, Subaru WRX and Mazda 3S.

    Okey I am agree with you about a FE and afordable price, but I need a corolla ahead the competition, Why Not?
    Maybe is going to cost 25K to 28K. A Price range to this car range. :)
  • If yo check the exterior design from corolla 2003, looks pretty close to Lexus IS200 from 2002. Maybe the new Corolla 2008, will have a similar exterior design like the new LexusIS250, 2006.
    Because the current 2003 corolla design it`s being transfer to the new 2006 Yaris.
    Give me some feedback about my new guess, Has some logic??
    :) :D
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