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  • I traded my 2003 M3 in Sept for a 2004 and discovered one week later that most of the 2002 and 2003 M3's were recalled to replace the connecting rods. If you remember there was some problems with engines blowing up and the problem was discovered as bad connecting rods. the problem is that the entire engine has to be taken apart and its a full uninterupted days work. Be careful buying a used 2001 to 2003 and make sure the service has been performed. It is covered under warranty and your engine gets a 100,000 mile warranty. I got this information in a letter from BMW because I actually owned a 2003 coupe and a 2002convertible. I traded the convertible on a z4 3.0 which I love.

    The 2007 has the 4.0liter 400 HP chopped block from the 5.0 V10. I also read where it may be magnesium/aluminum combo like the new 3.0 and 2.5 to save weight and fuel economy. I'm sure the price will go up and if the don't offer a 6 speed I will keep my 2004.
  • iancariancar Posts: 31
    I dont believe horsepower alone can sell a car. If you want to have a GTO, good for you, because a lot of them just sitting in the inventory for more than a year now. Porsche is able to sell dorky interiors and inline-six for some ridiculous price tag. I can surely tell you that people who loves American cars may cross shopping to see Japanese and German cars, but European lovers wont even consider American options (especially Chevy and Pontiac).
  • I'm close to buying a 2005 M3 coupe. As it is nearly at the end of its model run, I was wondering if there are any educated guesses on what to expect in the new '06/'07 M3 (or whatever it will be called). I hear that it will have a V8. Does anyone have an idea on how the pricing will be affected, how worse the the mpg will be?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    There won't be a new M3 until '07, at least.. No info as of yet..

    The '06 shouldn't be any different than the '05..

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  • Some websites have posted photos of a new M3 for 2006, is it safe to say this is bogus. What feature will be new in the '06 M3 if it is still the E46?
  • To answer your questions with as much accuracy as my experience has granted me:
    1) The car lists at $45,240 but that's in "good" condition, which basically means that it'll last until the bad connecting rods go, or the f-ed up semi dry-sump oiling system goes on you. This buyer basically got his kicks out of the vehicle and is dumping it off for what he should've paid for it in the first place.
    2) Take it for a full diagnostic. Try engaging the seller in a conversation about the performance of the vehicle. Find out why he/she bought it. There was a lot of excitement when the E46 M3 debuted. The car flew off of the lots and into the hands of a lot of wannabes with lead feet. When the practicality wears off, they sell for Blue Book value because it's a BMW, but understand that these cars were driven hard and put away wet on more than one occasion, which is never good for any car.
    3) I'm not sure about the warranty extension.
    4) During your test drive, you're not going to find anything apparent. The problems will remain hidden until everything goes haywire at once. It's the BMW way.
  • Can anyone give me some feedback on the SMG transmission vs the six.speed.
    In the market for a late M3 or possible an 05.

  • Would like to hear some thoughts from M3 owners on the merits of SMG as opposed to a manual transmission.
    I like to shift, but sometimes an auto can make life easier. It seems like an SMG is the best of both worlds, but it really doesn't shift like a real 6 speed.

  • Having driven both, I'd go for the manual if given my druthers. BMW has long been regarded as having the some of the best manual transmissions in the business. Go for the SMG if you're either stuck in rush hour traffic in your daily driving, or planning on eeking out the best lap times on autocross days.

    The automatic function of the SMG can definitely make life easier as long as you're patient with the clunky upshifts. Remember that the auto feature of this transmission is software based, and therefore based on algorithms stored by driver input. In time, you'll get used to it, but you may not always enjoy it unless you're wringing the snot out of your car.

    A viable resolution may be for you to obtain a short-shift kit for your car. As it is, the Getrag Type 226 in the manual transmission M3 has precise gates and decent throws. If your arm is getting tired, then an aftermarket short shifter may be the answer you seek.
  • Thanks for the info ultimate.

  • cartrackercartracker Posts: 1
    I saw a BMW M3 spy photo in a magazine that showed a car with a covered roof. Does anyone have any hard information that a hardtop convertible feature will be included in the 2007 feature lineup? Including this feature would make a lot of sense to compete with the M-B SLK350 AMG and the SLK55 AMG.
  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    I read something similar, and that there will be a 4-door variant. I agree that the hardtop would be good-for competition and me.
  • j0mammaj0mamma Posts: 26
    Um, LEASE IT.
  • nuveen1nuveen1 Posts: 1
    I have driven the car, have a history of ownership with BMW and would enjoy a new toy. I just find if difficult to justify the $68,000 that I was just quoted for the model on the showroom floor this morning. Is it common for dealerships to ask this fee for a model that is fading out of favor for a 2007 remodel, or is it just that this dealership is trying to screw me? How dnegotiable is the pricing these days?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    Is that price in Pesos? Yen?

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  • Is that how much BMW is asking for the ragtop? You've got to be kidding me. Everyone knows that the M is legend. But the E46 M3 hoovered on the edge of absurd when compared to the high $30K- mid $40K asking price of the E36.

    Admittedly, you got $50K worth of performance with the E46 model, but bringing it up to Boxster prices means you have to bring the performance up to Boxster levels. Not in terms of out and out performance, but the balance has to be there as per the philosophy of BMW M.

    I'd love to say I'm going to go after one, but $68K can get me into a new ZO6.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    They had an M3 convertible on the lot with an MSRP of $63K... and, it had a whole lot of options.... I can't imagine loading it up with $5K more..

    3-series convertibles don't get discounted a lot in the summer... And, the M3 doesn't get discounted a lot..ever..

    I think you might get a $2K discount from MSRP... if you can shop around... If you are stuck with one dealer.....then, who knows..

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  • psdeverepsdevere Posts: 1
    hey, i have seen two different pics of what the new 2007 m3 will look like. here on edmunds, they show a black one driving in the snow. I have also seen a red one on various sites. The red one looks sweet. the black one looks disgusting. What is it really gonna look like, and what is this red one that people are showing?
  • Why don't you see a V8 going into the M3? It's supposed to weigh the same as the inline 6 and produce more power...
  • Are you for real? The reason why Acura, Audi and Volvo come out with AWD drive trains is because their RWD delivery and control systems can't even come close to BMW RWD technology... On the track stock M cars destroy the AWD competition.
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