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Lexus LS 460/LS 460L Styling Impressions



  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    I saw the 2006 GS300 in person and although it didn't give me any itch to get behind the wheels and drive one, it wasn't repulsive either. Kinda typical Lexus - bland.


    OTOH, any e39 moves my spirit, if only they are more reliable than the Lex... But I am still gonna buy a 330ci when the kids leave forCollege in like 5 yrs from now.
  • And a hybrid that produces V10 power with V6 economy.


      But in the same breathe they said the IS will debut in Tokyo not Geneva, so their sources aren't golden.



  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Funny, I see several 3 series every day, and I dont even give them a second glance. The M3 definitely has some sex appeal, but the regular cars just make me yawn, at least style wise.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    You are right, the 3 is as common as the cold/flu, BUT I still like it as the single sole remaining non-Banglized Bimmer. Equally more important, is that it remains a benchmark for the class and the 330 is at the top of that heap. Having driven this car several times, I am sold on buying one. The only thing that may change that is if the IS350 is competitive (ride, handling, performance), a good looker and priced right. Otherwise, my money goes to the Bimmer.
  • Wasn't the styling of the 1993-1998 GS derived from a rejected Jaguar Kensington concept car?
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    I think I have the right thing:


    2007 LS would have:


    - a new 4.7 V8 for base models (coming from the LF-A, detuned to 360hp)

    - OR a new 4.5 V8 (330hp)

    - a new hybrid 4.5 V8 simulating the power of a V12 (550hp)

    - OR the LF-A's 4.7 + hybrid (600hp)
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I like to drive a 3 series, but I wouldnt really want to own one. Dont you still get stuck with a tape deck and REALLY poor NAV system? Oh and something like 11 cu.ft of trunk space? The '05 G35x is my pick of the segment until the IS350 possibly displaces it.
  • The new one should have at least 350HP, but any hybrid wouldn't add more than 100HP, at the absolute most.


      I think they'd sell 50HP to get Accord Hybrid mileage (29/37 or better!)


      Do they need a V10 or V12 with superpowered hybrids? I doubt it.



  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Yeah Lexus is still working on being able to compete with the AMG 5.5L V8, let alone their new 6.0L twin turbo 12 "65" engine. I agree Lexus is more interested in class leading fuel economy than Mercedes horsepower insanity.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    Don't need no stinking NAV in a 3-er. I want to drive the car not live in it. Now, if you are talking about the LS, that is another story entirely. I want it all loaded up with all the gadgets. It is my pleasure cush-mobile.


    Currently, I have an '03 Matrix which is a lotta fun to drive with the "Rolla engine. When I drive that car, I am like a 17-yr-old boy-racer, not a 40+-old middle-aged guy.


    The 2007 LS will have a SWB 4.6L engine turning out 350-ish bhp. I'll expect a 5.7-5.9s 0-60. The LWB version + hybrid should be close to 500bhp (350 gas + 100 battery), and should be mid-5s 0-60. This car will probably retail close to $90K, going against the 760 and the S500. The *regular* SWB model should be in the mid-70's price-wise.
  • One Ting: The LS already runs around 6 seconds with 290HP, so adding 60HP, plus torque, would make it into mid-5s, as long as the car stays south of 4300 lbs.


      A 450HP car depends on weight being under 5000 lbs.


      Lexus is nothing if not efficient, even in their LS brouchures stating NO CAR should weight 2 1/2 tons!


      2nd Ting: Lexus will stay under $65k with the new car!


      Value is their advantage in the market. They have a deathgrip on the market, approaching a 3:1 sales advantage over the Germans, which means TWO TINGS:


      1st Ting: They can sell for more.


      Second Ting: They need to keep this advantage WHILE selling for more!


      I'd guess a low $60s price, and a nice package to keep the prie around $70k, then anoher package to move the price to $80k, then you start the LWB model around there, with MUCH more power & economy than a S500!


      That model should be pretty loaded, and top out short of $90k.


      People are trumping up the next S-Class.


      It'll be a knocked-off Maybach. It could work, but I don't know what the base car will pack, or will price, so we'll see.


      This new LS will be like an Atomic Bomb in the market! I think the 7-series, in particular will be crushed, as it won't recover from the damage this generation has done to new and repeat buyers. The styling, ergonomics, and quality have really hurt the whole line.



  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    It bears no striking resemblance to the LF-S, imo. What's with those different rims ??? Is that how new cars are tested, or is it a photochopped pic of the Avalon stretched to look like an LS?
  • It's not a next LS, It's a toyota Crown. A sport sedan with RWD and AWD of toyota as shown on toyota website. It about the size of the last generation LS400. I believed it has been release in Europe. This will kill Ford 500, and chrysler 300.
  • I generally get the impression the LS will have a much bolder look than that.


       You can tell by that rear door the car is less than 5 meters.


  • Lexus Division General Manager Denny Clements announced at the NADA convention that just finished up the following official new redesign products and release dates:


    GS 350/GS 460 Spring 2005

    IS 250/IS 350 Fall 2005

    ES 350 Spring 2006

    GS 450h Spring 2006

    LS 460 Fall 2006


    As you can see, the new LS will be 4.6 liters and a 2007 model. I hope this helps with the limited flow of accurate new model release dates from Lexus.
  • For months it's been GS300 this and that. Lexus themselves have been putting over the 3.0 engine.


       Nothing else there surprises me. The GS hybrid should be given some time to flourish before the LS arrives.


       I wonder when the 5.0 V8 arrives. Is that a facelift addition.


  • So the engine powering the next-generation GS will produce more than 300 horsepower?
  • (Check their website), this adds credence to the potential 300HP version of the 3.5. Danny Clements said this GS will be the best-performing Lexus ever, so hopefully he has some heavy weapons up his sleeve, as not enough has changed yet.


  • Did Clements reveal whether the LS460 intro would include a hybrid version?
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