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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Hey...just in case anyone was wondering...I visited a dealership today.

    There are two "employee related" discounts: GMS and Supplier. In this particular situation the GMS discount was 2K lower than the Supplier.

    However, on almost the exact same car, another dealer's "internet" price was 1K lower than the Supplier discount and 1K higher than the GMS.

    I've heard other people question the "validity" of these referral discounts. Has anyone seen any real value to either the GMS or supplier they REALLY make a difference?
  • Email the internet sales dept. and get a price. Dont tell them you have the other discounts. I would then call and ask to speak to the internet manager and tell them you have a discount (supplier or GMS or both) and ask for the price on the same vehicle you are interested. Give them a fake name if you want to for two reasons - one if the internet price is better, you can go in and try to haggle them down a bit more and the internet manager doesnt know you called. If the discounts are better, go in and work with your internet sales guy telling him you have the discounts - you have the ace in the hole since you know the prices you are dealing with.

    Just a thought on how to find which is best.

    I have internet prices from some clown in internet sales, I also have GMS pricing available to me. I also have employee pricing at competitors and Im going in to a dealer in which i was referred to the fleet mgr. This doesnt mean i will get a great price, but i feel having as much leverage as possible is the best strat. Also doesnt hurt that its the end of the year and sales are slow on these babies. If I purchase I will report back.
  • kyle,

    Thanks for the info...will definitely use that tactic.

    I do want to mention that I did think dealers would be more flexible considering it's the 07 model and it's almost 08...but the one dealer I visited last night wouldn't even match a competitor's price and just let me walk out the door. He was very nice, though and simply said he just could not do it. This was the sales manager, btw.

    Also, some dealers haven't even gotten back to me (via email). It just seems like they are "whatever" in terms of trying to get sales. Are these Tahoes selling like crazy or what? I remember when I was shopping for my bmw 2 years ago...I would send an email and I'd get a response sometimes right after I hit the Send button and dealers haggled like crazy with me...
  • Some have been quick to respond but some are terrible at communicating. I have noticed that the internet managers tend to followup on their workers sometimes - I rip into them if the level of service has blown.

    I think getting a deal depends on how many are left on the lot and also if the vehicles have sat there for a while. Dealers pay monthly fees for every month those cars sit.. I would assume the best deals will be in december.
  • jbwilkjbwilk Posts: 5
    When I was shopping for our Tahoe, I compared our GM Supplier Discount price (from husband's work) vs. invoice pricing from Edmunds, and really didn't see much difference.

    GM Supplier Discount offered a bonus 1k at one time this summer, so that was the only advantage I really saw.

    I checked the site constantly for any new "exclusive" offers.

    Also, info on friends & family members...but you better hurry!!!
    Are my family members eligible for the vehicle discount?
    Yes. Through October 31, 2007, eligible GM supplier employees have the opportunity to obtain authorization numbers for two friends or family members. In addition, each time you purchase or lease a new GM vehicle under the GM Supplier Discount program, you can share your supplier discount with one friend or family member.

    Msg.#185 for our Tahoe. :)
  • Yeah...I'm sure the dealers get more desperate later on in the year, but then there's a lesser chance of getting the vehicle you want in terms of color/options, etc. It's a trade off and I guess it depends on how picky you. Personally, we aren't that picky, but our "must haves" are white exterior and at least LT2 trim. So do I take my chances and wait or do I take a less attractive (but still good) offer now? I mean, in all honestly, invoice + 0% is a great deal no matter how you look at it....
  • jbwilk,

    The dealer I visited last night...his Supplier discount price was higher than another dealer's internet price, by nearly 1K on nearly the exact same vehicle down to color and options/trim. The MSRP on both vehicles differed by less than 500 bucks.
  • Got a call back from the dealer I visited. Their original offer was 41500 for a 2WD Tahoe LT3 MSRP of 44995. They are now offering 39,900. I'm thinking of trying to get them down to 39000 even and then it's a done deal. But if they don't budge...does 39.9K sound like a good deal?

    This is including the 1.9/72 incentive, btw.

    EDIT: They called back and said they can't budge on 39.9...they are already losing money, etc. etc. Funny...I thought they were already losing money at 41.5K...yet they drop it almost 2K. I dunno...sounds like a good deal already. I guess I'll call around and see if anyone can beat 39.9K.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    Six year loans? Yikes
  • Nothing wrong with 6 year loans at 1.9%. That's only a little over 2K in interest over the entire term. It drops the monthly over 80 dollars. I'm buying this vehicle with the intention of it lasting me a very long time. If I wasn't going to keep it for a while, i would have just gotten another lease.

    Also, with the longer term, you always have the option later on to kick in a little more each month and pay it off sooner...though at 1.9...I don't see why you would want to.

    btw, just wanted to add that it's not a bad deal as long as you know what you're getting into and that you better be prepared to keep the vehicle for a long time because you will be upside down for nearly the duration of the term.
  • jbwilkjbwilk Posts: 5
    We also did 6yrs on our Tahoe, with the same concept, kick in more on the payment, in our case when the other car is paid off in a few years. It definately kept the payment down, and we too hope to own it a long time.

    We bought used, so we used our credit union and got a decent rate.

    Msg. #185 For our Tahoe. :)
  • zoesamzoesam Posts: 33
    Just a note on fake names - keep in mind that dealerships all have caller ID & they grab your # the second you call.
    My understanding from books I've read on car buying is that they start a digital file on you the second you have first contact with them. So the fake name thing may make them lose respect (like they had any to begin with lol) for you.
    Every dealer I've called, when they ask me for my phone #, I ask if they already have it & they admit they do.

    Unfortunately, like Edward23, I experienced a lot of dealers letting me walk. Tahoes are in short supply here, the 08's haven't hit the lots in any significant numbers & the one I wanted had been sitting on their lot for 577 days. Didn't matter. They were still unwilling to negotiate as much as I expected.

    Question, re; the supplier & GM discount? Do you have to tell the dealer. Back in 92 we bought a Ford (that we still have) & had a vendor discount. The way it worked was that we never had to say a word to the dealer. We were free to negotiate our best deal & after the purchase, we sent our paperwork into Ford & got a $2K rebate sent directly to us. The dealer & sales rep never knew. Are there any supplier/vendor rebates like that? I would think
    that would be far more advantageous then having to tell the dealer you have a discount.
  • zoesamzoesam Posts: 33
    Do you have a Tahoe brochure? If not, go to a dealer & grab yourself a brochure, there's a nice ez to read spreadsheet near the back with every model & every option & whether it's standard, optional or n/a. It's broken down into categories of options.

    It's really a piece of cake once you have the spreadsheet. I imagine the same thing is printable from Chevy's website.

    According to brochure, sunroof is n/a on the LS & is Optional on ALL other models.
  • sdoo25sdoo25 Posts: 25
    Can anyone share dealer info in the Tampa or Florida area where a dealer was able to move on price on a Tahoe or Yukon? My target is 30-31K for LS or SLE.

    I know this relates to a Suburban but I've also seen the same deals on the Tahoe. We previosly had an early build 2007 Tahoe and just recently traded into a 2007 Suburban. We saw an ad for Bill Heard Chevy for up to $14k off a Suburban. I wasn't convinced that we could get that price but my wife wanted to try to she went out to the dealership to negotiate. A few hours later we were offered $9k off plus the special financing rates or $14k off w/other financing. She just stuck to her guns and outwaited them. This took place on Sunday, Sept 30th, so don't know if being the end of the month helped us out or not. We got a LTZ w/every option. It was built in Dec 2006 so there may have been some extra money to give to us due to its age, although from reading on here that aged bonus seems to have expired before we bought. Hope this helps.

  • zbillzzbillz Posts: 1
    Is it reasonable to expect to get a 2007 Tahoe MSRP around 49,000 for the stated invoice cost or lower at websites like and then another 5,000 off GM incentives and rebate? Thanks
  • I would say yes. I just purchased an LT3 tahoe...44945 MSRP, got it down to 39300 (which is about 1K below Edmunds invoice) including the APR incentive. But I could have gotten the 5000 discount instead which would have dropped it down to 34300.
  • 2007 LT1 4x4 with MSRP's between $40-$42K for $14K under MSRP? We also have $1000 GM points, could we get to the $14K under w/o and then tell them? Dealer willing to locate does this hurt our chances? Not looking for 0% but will be taking rebates instead. Likely not going to purchase until early Nov.
  • 14K? Very doubtful, IMO. I had to pull teeth to get 700 below invoice on my LT3 MSRP 45K. I got it for 39300 and that was, by far, the best deal I was offered in my county. I took the 0%, but if I had taken the 5K instead, it would have been about 10500K off MSRP. Asking for an additional 3.5K is a LOT. Especially when it seems like the 07s are selling well (according to a few dealers I spoke to) and the incentives are fairly new. I would wait until end of year if you want a deal like that.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    Drove home in my new 2007 Tahoe LT3 today

    Silver Birch with Black leather interior

    2nd row captains chairs

    Both driver and passenger have power and heated seats

    Power Sunroof

    Premium 20" wheels- Polished aluminum

    Bose sound system/ XM Radio/6 cd changer

    rear parking assist

    remote start

    Several other features I can't think of right now.

    The vehicle has 14 miles on it

    MSRP $44,000

    My price after GMS Discount plus $8,000 in rebates and dealer cash= $31,847

    Total out the door price $33,327.76

    I put down $18,300

    I'm financing the balance (just under 15k) at 7.45% for 60 months.

    I will probably try to refinance at better rate down the road.
  • When you say $8000 in rebates, what is figured in there? I know of an available $5500 in rebates but that is all. Was the rest from your GM card savings? Looking to purchase in the next month and trying to maximize our savings.
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