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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • solosolo Posts: 48
    Before you buy check out the "Tahoe problems" forums.
  • johnnybcarjohnnybcar Posts: 6
    USAA is for current military members and their families. I hear though that they are relaxing their restrictions on who qualifies. Might be anyone who has any family member who has ever served in the military or something like that.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    Thanks, Johnny
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I seriously doubt that if you're getting either a supplier or employee discount, that you can get any further price concessions.
  • i would like to buy 2010 Tahoe LT with navi
    i want to buy bottom price
    how can i do? i'm in austin tx
    please, give me an advise and let me know price quate
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Find a GM employee and get their discount. You can still get all of the rebates.
  • Do not buy 20" wheels as an standalone option. You will save $$$ by selecting a vehicle with the Regional Package that includes the larger wheels. Also, the Regional Package will give you several other options. I learned this lesson the hard way - paid $500 more for a car with $1500 less options. Buying a la carte will hurt your wallet! Shop around for the Regional Package even if you have to travel to find the car.
  • vietcuvietcu Posts: 5
    I have been trying to get a 010 LT and have found that dealers in my area are unwilling to go any where close to invoice, what gives? These vehicles can't be that hot right now, they aren't even entertaining my prices.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    Saw an add in Chicago's paper 2 weeks ago for a stripped down 2wd tahoe for $29,997. 2010
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I just came home from Phoenix, AZ where Tahoes were advertised for $1K under invoice plus all incentives. Your dealer is nuts...
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    edited August 2010
    My dealer can't get enuf Tahoes and Equinoxs. Find someone w/ a supplier discount privilege.
  • bcb1967bcb1967 Posts: 3
    I'm going to order a 2011 Tahoe...the question is when. My family member got me the GM Family First voucher #, so I'll get $3,000 rebate for that, plus $1,000 Toyota Conquest rebate, plus $1,000 tahoe cash back. I'm at + $5200 on my trade. The only thing missing is the 0% financing.

    If I pull the trigger now there's little chance that they'll be doing 0% financing by the time it gets here. Maybe I should wait and order it in Nov/Dec when there's a better chance of getting 0%?

    The best I can do right now is 4.5% locally at my credit union. Not bad, but the difference between 4.5% and 0% is about $60/mo, and that might very well be worth waiting another couple months.

    Anyone here have a magic crystal ball to know when GM will offer 0% on the '11 Tahoes?
  • bcb1967bcb1967 Posts: 3
    Or be patient and look on Craigslist and/or Ebay. I'm buying an '11 Tahoe LS, of course it comes with the 17" wheels.

    I found a set of four 18" Z71 wheels in excellent condition for $400 on Craigslist. Tires will run me $150 each, total of $1000 for Z71 wheels w/ new tires.
  • bcb1967bcb1967 Posts: 3
    That's crazy! Dealers are doing invoice +500 around here with little or no arm-twisting involved, for '10 or '11 Tahoes.

    Maybe you live in some crazy area where people have fist fulls of money and people are lined up down the street to buy cars - but in most areas of the country it's a buyers market, not a sellers market.
  • vietcuvietcu Posts: 5
    Similiar enough vehicle so thought I would post here also. Got me a SLT diamond white, MSRP 53290. Total OTD after TTL was 53,078. Plus I was fortunate enough to get a 1000 conquest off that price, opted for 0% financing. Had to go out of my state to get at that price though. Anything in my state was MSRP plus tax no negotiating, crazy is what I say. Not sure if I can say which dealers, so I will just say I had to go from Ohio to Mich to get the vehicle. Did all the negotiating and what not on the phone too.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I agree--shouldn't have to pay more than invoice+/- (and get all the incentives on top of that). You could really save some money buying a one-year-old for 60 cents on the dollar.
  • ej2ej2 Posts: 1
    in your opinion, is this a good deal?

    "2011 Tahoe 4WD LT in Black Granite Metallic with Ebony interior. It includes Sun, Entertainment, Destination Package, and Luxury Package with an MSRP of $52,230. A 39 month lease based on 15,000 miles per year with $7,000 down would be $508/month. This includes all taxes, fees and DMV charges."

  • with the new incentives started 3/1, I'm looking to upgrade my 03 LT. It's amazing to me that in 03 I paid 38,500 + TTL for my almost loaded Tahoe. Now I'm looking at atleast 12-15k more for a 2011.
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 255
    Don't know if the knowledgeable folks here will know; maybe you can point me in right direction.
    When looking for quote on GM site, it asks if vehicle will be for personal or business use. Is there something about one or the other that would dictate what amount would be quoted?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    If you are trying to get a lease quote, sometimes vehicles that are titled in a business name have higher finance rates..

    I think the banks see businesses as more of a finance risk, than an individual.

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