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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Anyone have thoughts on why one dealer would send their invoice list over and cost and others wouldn't?
  • 11 LTZ msrp 53930, sales price 49,284.79


    side blind zone alert
    trailering controller

    I'm getting it for $100 over invoice - the $2k rebate. Seems good to me.
  • Just bought a 2011 Tahoe LT in Southern Cal, July 2011. Options were just the Regional Value Package, basically 20” polished wheels & chrome grille/door handles/mirror covers. Had test drove one with an MSRP of around $46,000 and hoped to end up (after the $3,000 GM rebate) at maybe $41,000 or $42,000 which is about invoice. I found a dealer online with an LT model and the RV package at $40,600 or what they said was $700 below invoice. I thought this was a great deal and was seriously considering it until I found a dealer discounting another $2,500! They even came down another $500 with some negotiation. I think I ended up about $3,000 below invoice and just wanted everyone to know it was possible!

    I searched Auto Trader, talked to local dealers and looked at ads in the newspaper and “newspaper” ads that dealers have on their websites. I paid $42,000 out the door ($38,500, plus tax, title, lic.) Don’t pay sticker, don’t even pay invoice! You can do it! Be persistent!
  • I've been to 3 separate dealerships in my area (MD/VA), and have been quoted 53K out the door on a 2012 Tahoe LT, with sunroof package and DVD/Nav.

    The place in VA wouldn't negotiate at all and I ended up walking out over 2,500$. If they said let's meet in the middle, I would have made the deal. Another said 53K was their absolute best price and they ended all communication.

    It seems that all three places have an "Internet price", from which they don't budge one inch. The sticker on all three trucks are around 55K, so I'm really asking for a cost of 48K with about 2,500 taxes and tags.

    Is it realistic to ask for 48K on a 55K sticker or am I way off base here? My thinking is that not many people are buying large SUVs anymore, so dealers should be trying to make a sale.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    There's only about a 10% markup so 7K off sticker is a bit much.
  • I wish vehicles were still that reasonably priced... I live in San Antonio. My wife and I just got a 2011 LTZ Tahoe 4x4. Sticker was $61,789.00 We spoke with the sales manager (skip the sales people) bottom dollar plus multiple rebates because it was year end, and we settled on $52,550.00 I'm sure that by now you have purchased a tahoe but I thought I'd throw this out there...
  • I didn't think 7K off the sticker was that bad considering the True Car price was around 48K for a 55K truck. My local dealership had a couple for 48K, but they were white/cream with light interiors. Not my cup of tea. :)

    I'm just surprised that the dealers have this "Internet price", and they won't budge an inch from it. I'm tempted to do my research on the Internet, then walk in off the street, pretending I have no idea what this mysterious price is.
  • 2012 Tahoe 4WD LT

    Options - Luxury Package, Heavy Duty Cooling Package, 20" polished alum wheels, sunroof, 2nd row bucket seats, rear vision camera, trailer bake controller, black granite metallic paint.

    Sticker - $53,470
    Selling Price (GM Family Discount) - $50,177
    Demo Discount (7000 miles) - $3,000
    Wheel locks - $95
    Vangard Plan A (rust proof) - $479
    CVR $24
    Doc Fee $190
    Tax price $47,965
    Sales Tax $2877
    License $8
    Title Fee $15
    Cash Delivered Price $50,866
    Rebates $6500
    Total Price Due - $44,366

    Al Serra in Grand Blanc Michigan

    Value Guard Plan - I'm sure a ripoff, but husband has a Ford F350 which is rusting out, and we plan to keep the Tahoe for a long time.
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 22
    I have a Black Granite Metallic Paint 2012 Chevy Tahoe. The paint looked wonderful when I first bought it. Now it scratches VERY easily in car washes. The scratches can go past the black paint to hit white layer underneath or you can see how the brushes rubbed againt the paint and has brush mark damage.

    I've gone to different car washes, so it's not the car wash, it's the defective paint. Is anyone else having this problem?

    P.S. I've had a black Honda Civic and a black Chevy Blazer in my past. I have never had these problems with paint.

    Advice? (Besides worthless touch-less car washes?)
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I'd avoid mentioning car washes when showing this to the dealer. Most modern drive-thru car washes today use soft chamois-type strips and don't scratch unless you really have a ton of dirt/mud on your truck.
  • I just purchased a 2013 LTZ 4x4 Tahoe with following options.

    Trailer Brake Controller
    Heavy Duty Trailering Package
    Sun & Entertainmenet Package
    1st & 2nd Row All Weather Mats
    Rear Cargo Mat
    Chrome Exhaust Tip

    Total Sticker Price was 60,144

    I paid $54,055

    Down payment of $1,000 and finance rate of 4.99% for 60 Months on Average Credit is the Deal I got.
  • this post is 6 years old so im just curious if its maybe your location....but license fee 8 dollars...and title fee 15? MAYBE im mistaken but in most states these fees are several thousand like 3000.
  • i got turned onto leasing by a friend but im not sure its an option for me really..he leases a new tundra crew max for just 325 per month. maybe its an exaggeration but he says it would be twice that if he were to be buying it with financing.

    i have contacted a dealer and they have gave me a internet price for 48,854. the sticker price is 56845. is that a good deal? what is an average lease price for this vehicle? im not sure but i hear stories of people having leases for 600, 700 maybe 800 per month. im looking for more like 400-500 maybe 550 as a max...but it would have to be loaded with extras to have that much of a payment...

    im not so skilled at the driving the price down at the dealer. are there things to discuss? reasons why price should go down....mostly every car i have ever bought the dealer is dead set in price...i might can get them to budge a litle on extra dealer fees....but thats it...

    anyway nobodys posted here in 30 days so not dont want to put much more and not get a response...thanks for your help in advanced
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    The monthly payment is just one component in leasing. You'll also have an upfront payment and depending on the vehicles worth at the end of the lease, you may have to make up the difference, especially if you put too many miles on it. You really need to study up on the subject so you know what's in store going in.
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 22
    Thanks. I hate this paint so much. I've seen other complaints on other Chevy cars and this paint. I'm in the process of selling it right now. Junk. Can't even believe I paid extra for this horrible paint.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    What kind of car wash are you going thru?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
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  • tpersingtpersing Posts: 1
    Hey Car Man-
    Wondering if GM offers decent lease deals on a 2013 Tahoe LT. My credit is top tier. Looking for a 3 year 12k miles lease. Thanks!
  • zboz13zboz13 Posts: 6
    Hi Car Man!!

    Can you please give me the lease details on a 2013 Tahoe LTZ - 36 months and 12K per year? Thanks!
  • evildudeevildude Posts: 2
    Do you mind sharing a few more details?
    Who did you financed with?
    What do you mean by "average credit"?
    How much do you pay a month?
    How much does it cost to insure?
    I hope I don't sound intrusive but I really like this truk and I hope to one day be able to buy one.
    Thank you.
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