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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • You can try it both ways - I got better pricing by checking out this site first:

    and then doing a search of the dealer inventories in my area.

    That should at least tell you what your GMS discount should be for the Tahoe you're looking at. Be sure to put your region in, as it will include any other incentives for your area.
  • I get good news and bad news today. Good news is my Tahoe is on its way and should be here next week. The bad news is there was a pricing problem with my order. It was a Supplier Discount, but I don't think it was the cause. Here's the deal:

    My salesman with whom I am a neighbor of used some sort of GM online form to build the vehicle. The suppler discount is straight forward, and we sat in front of the PC together while pricing out the Tahoe. When he selected the LT3 option at the top of the form, all down the screen the boxes next to the items that go with that option were automatically selected with a price of $0.00. I get the total and it looks real good. So good that I decided to add the sunroof, someting I had left off to keep the price down. We shake on the deal, I leave him a check and I'm off. Now he calls today to inform me that there was a "glitch" in the ordering program which neglected to add the price of the LT3 option. The supplier price for this option is around $2800, and I have to absorb it, or he'd be happy to return my deposit because of the error. The order form the get-go had been tagged with "WA", will advise. He told me that sometimes this appears on the order if there is a pricing correction but that I shouldn't expect a great deal of difference from the order form price. Has anybody else experienced this problem? BTW, the price on the LT3 Tahoe with sunroof and locking differential, block heater, and heated washer fluid options was $41,550.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100
    Sounds like an honest mistake.

    The Tahoes aren't cheap once you start adding up the options. LT3s are pretty loaded up already. Once you start checking off options, it gets even steeper.

    I've got an LTZ. MSRP came in at over $50K with Nav and some other stuff. I got GMS, which brought it down to about low $40s with the $2K rebate. Good deal compared to other models with the same capabilities.

    But, it's tough to find a V8 equipped towing vehicle that's as nice as the Tahoe is for the same money.
  • I just purchased a black, LT3 w/Z71 Tahoe. MSRP was $47,480, I paid $43000 (with $2000 rebate this brought it down to $41000.

    My tahoe has the following options:
    - LT3 Package
    - Z71 Suspension Package (looks really sharp)
    - 2nd Power Seat Release
    - 3-pass, 3rd row seat
    - Heated Washer Fluid
    - Power Liftgate
    - 2nd Row Heated Seats

    We had a hard time finding a Z71 that had the 2nd row bench seat (have 3 kids all 3 or under...need them within swatting distance).

    We love the Tahoe, we ended up buying more Tahoe than we intended to find one with a 2nd row bench seat, but we love all the extra options.

    Our buying decision came down to Tahoe or Sequoia...the Tahoe beats the Sequoia across the board.

    Now...waiting for the Sirius adapter to come out for GM-LAN radios...

  • Off the top of my head...this is what i got...

    LT3 2wd w/ Navi, power lift gate for rear door, heated front seats. Out the door was approximately 38500. There was a 3k rebate at the time I got this. MSRP is approximately 43150 if i remember correctly.
  • WoW, you got a great deal. What color was it? Those salesmen are BS'rs. I think once they sell that truck the loose marketing power to sell other vehicles. So looks like I am going for one of those "1 at this price" trucks. I don't mind if they are basic. I'm most likely to re-do the interior with custom material and change the wheels. Great Job 4speed1!!
  • Yeah, the only thing I really wanted the LS didn't have, was a console. I bought one on ebay for $300 and it was easy to put in. The rest of the options I don't need. So I save about $8000 doing that way :shades:

    And I like cloth better than leather. Leather seats are the most over-rated thing a car can have.
  • I'm shopping around right now so I haven't struck a deal, but as of right now I got $4500 off the sticker and a Navigation system add on, which the dealer said runs at around $1500. So $6000 of plus the $2500 GM incentives. I'm waiting to hear back from another dealer, so maybe it can end up being more..

    2007 Tahoe 2LT Z71 - MSRP $47,095
  • Well the hard work is over and not the fun starts. WE just purchased a 2007 LTZ Tahoe. MSRP $50220. It has Leather, Nav, Rear Ent., Sun roof, Bucket seats and 3 person 3rd row. Oh wait this was a trade to this dealer and the previous dealer switch out the last row and pulled a fass one on the Dealer I was using. You know what it was my gain. The dealer First offer me the Tahoe for $44,683.00 We passed because we wanted the Bench. They came back and game me the price of $43683.00. As he spoke to me on the phone at home after our long trip WE took it. My wife and I then added the $2000.00 rebate. But wait we had an additional $500.00 private offer rebate. So we left that dealer ship paying $41,183.00 for a Tahoe MSRP of $50,220.00. I would call that a good deal. Thanks to the great Folks of Davis Chevy in Houston, Texas :)
  • royandiroyandi Posts: 2
    I found a fully loaded 07 Tahoe LTZ with almost 6,000 miles on it. Found out it had been bought at auction as a manufacturers vehicle (whatever that means). Asking price is $44991. Dealer said because of mileage it had to be sold as "used" but the title had never been transferred. Does this sound like a good deal? Where can I find prices for used 07 Tahoe's? We were told that because it is listed as used it does not qualify for any of the new car incentives.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    royandi said: Found out it had been bought at auction as a manufacturers vehicle (whatever that means).
    GM gives their executives vehicles to drive as part of their job and percs. Generally these vehicles are the top of the line models and loaded with every option. When they hit somewhere between 5 and 10K miles they sell these vehicles to their dealers or to the auctions. These vehicles have never been titled but they must be sold as "used" because they have been used. Usually you can get a good price on these factory exec units.
  • royandiroyandi Posts: 2
    Thank you for the explanation. Is what they are asking for it a good price? I'm thinking incentives offered for new cars might be a better way to go.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Best way to find out is to go price out a brand new vehicle with all the dealer discounts. Take a look at the Kelley Blue Book and NADA used vehicle book to see what a used '07 is selling for. With all the deals going on today you just might be able to get a brand new rig for about the same price as the used executive model.
  • gabattagabatta Posts: 5
    I was considering holding out to see what enhancements were announced with the '08s, however I was able to work the following deal online this week with a GMS discount:

    New 2007 LT3 Black with Nav, Sunroof, DVD, 20" and pretty much otherwise loaded. MSRP is $50,925, GMS base price is around $54k. The dealer is offering $39,700, and this is before face to face final negotiation.

    This deal might be too good to pass up.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Sounds more than terrific, and not that it won't happen again, but if the vehicle is right and you want or need it, just take it right now--it isn't likely to get a whole lot better in terms of discount, save a new bonus here or there.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Do you have the MSRP and GMS discount reversed? Either way, it's a steal. :shades:
  • gabattagabatta Posts: 5
    You are correct, typo on my part. MSRP is correct, but GMS is around $44k.
  • bfab3bfab3 Posts: 1
    I know that most people buy them for approximately dealer's invoice. What I would like to know is if the incentive should be minused before the dealer's invoice price or after the dealers invoice price?

  • murray55murray55 Posts: 1
    Ther are some fairly good deals out there right now on the 07s. We just drove home a 07 LT1 package- sticker price $38,400 for $31,000 + ttl. I though that was pretty good. To answer the above question- the rebates should come out after the invoice price. If you use the tool on Edmunds for calculating the price it always deducts rebates after the "what other people are paying" price. BTW - We LOVE our Tahoe. Good luck!
  • hi all!!

    just singed on noob here. I feel as tho I got taken bad!!
    I'm furious!!!

    I had 5gran saved for a down payment. and was hoping for a 500 dollar amonth payment on buying a LT3.

    but ended up with a LT1 for a 3 year lease with a 445 dollar payment.

    I told them I wanted to buy a LT3 but they said this was all I could end up with, now I just got a message saying they have my plates and its gonna be an additional 350 for a 4 years regestration. ON A 3 year lease!!!! Dang!!!

    now I don't know about buying cars as can be clearly seen.
    but geez!!

    not knowing should'nt be an excuse to getting railroaded.
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