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Chevrolet Suburban Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Sounds a tad high to me. If you can find a '07 at a dealer lot (there are a ton out there) that has the equipment you want you will get a $5,000 rebate from GM and can get the car for $1,000 under invoice EASY. Thus, you could buy a car with a $43,000 invoice for $37k. Might not have everything but pretty much everything except nav and rear ent. Figure another couple grand you would have a BRAND NEW car with ZERO miles on it. I would go for a new one rather than buy someone else's used one.
  • By example, here is a brand new 2007 I had emailed to me. 4x4, 20" wheels, leather, etc... Invoice is $45,700k so selling price will be about $39-40k.

    Model Year: 2007
    Make: Chevrolet
    Model: CK10906 - Suburban: 1500 4WD
    Color1: 25U Dark Blue Metallic
    Color2: N/A
    Trim: 833 Dark/Light Titanium Leather Interior Trim
    Package: 1LZ LTZ Option Package
    Engine: LC9 Engine: 5.3L, V-8, Flex Fuel, SFI
    Trans: M30 Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
    Event Code: 5000 Vehicle delivered to dealer
    VIN: 1GNFK16327J235961
    Order #: KHBDS3
    MSRP: $49,460
    Order Type: TRE Retail Stock
    Age of Inventory: 419
    Stock Number:
    Status: Available
    *DIP: 45724.35
    Other Options
    Other: 1SZ Option Package Discount
    AG1 Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power (Driver\'s Side)
    AJ1 Glass: Deep Tinted
    AL4 Bucket Seats: 2nd Row
    AN3 Seats: Front, Full Feature Bucket
    AP3 Remote Start
    ARS Bench Seat: 2nd Row, Power Release
    AS3 Rear Seat, 3rd Row, Three Passenger
    ASF Head Curtain Side Airbag
    AU3 Power Door Locks
    B30 Floor Covering: Color Keyed Carpet with Floor Mats
    B39 Carpeting - Load Floor
    B58 Floor Mats Frt & Rr, Carpeted Insert
    B85 Moldings, Body Side, Black or Bright, Package Dependent
    BVE Assist Steps
    C36 Heater, Auxillary
    C49 Defogger, Rear Window, Electric
    C6C GVW Rating 7400 Lbs
    CE1 Rain Sense Wiper System
    CJ2 Climate Control, Electronic - Multi-zone
    DF5 Mirror I/S R/V-Lt Sens-Compass/Temp
    DK8 Deluxe Roof Console
    DL3 Mirrors, O/S Power, Heated, Pwr Folding, Turn Indicator
    E52 Liftgate with Wiper/Washer
    E61 Liftgate w/Liftglass - Power
    G69 Level Control - Auto Air
    G80 Locking Differential, Rear
    GT5 Rear Axle, 4.10 Ratio
    JF4 Pedals Adjustable, Power
    K34 Cruise Control
    KA6 Heated Seats: 2nd Row
    KNP Transmission Cooling System
    NC7 Federal Emissions Override
    NP5 Steering Wheel: Leather Wrapped
    NP8 Transfer Case: Electronic Push Button
    QSS Tires, P275/55R20, All Season, Blackwall
    RCS Wheels: 20 x 8.5 Aluminum Polished
    RYJ Cargo Shade, Retractable
    SAF Spare Tire Lock
    T96 Fog Lamps, Front
    U2K Satellite, XM Radio Digital Sound System (subscription)
    UD7 Rear Parking Assist
    UE1 OnStar Communication System
    UG1 Universal Home Remote
    UK3 Radio Controls: Steering Wheel
    UQA Speakers: Bose Premium System
    US9 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Auto Tone, Multiple CD
    V54 Luggage Rack, Roof Mounted, Black
    V76 Recovery Hooks
    VGD Fascia, Front, Body Color
    VGE Fascia, Rear, Body Color
    VGK LTZ Sales Package
    VK3 License Plate Front Mounting Pkg
    XA7 Heated Washer Fluid
    YF5 California Emissions
    Z55 Suspension Package: Autoride
    ZVL Tire, Spare P265/70R17 BW ALS
    ZY1 Solid Paint Application
  • Its in MD, and yes it has all the options(DVD,navi) except for a retractable running board.
  • Thanks for your responses...Now I changed my mind and I will look for a new one
  • What is your deal?
    What color is it. I just moved west from DC. You can send me an email and we can exchange phone numbers, or leave your number here, and I'll call you.
  • What is your deal?
    What color is it. I just moved west from DC. You can send me an email and we can exchange phone numbers, or leave your number here, and I'll call you.
    If this is a double post sorry. I think that I responded to an incorrect thread.
  • My Suburban is located in NJ. I just listed it on LeaseTrader dot com. It is the only one in NJ listed on that website. I am hoping for a miracle to unload this. It is a great truck but it is too expensive for us now. :(
  • I'm looking at buying a 2003-2004 Tahoe. Seeing as how its nearly December, when is the vehicle a year older regarding values - calendar year or model year ?
    Will the vehicle be cheaper in Jan or Feb as opposed to December. I found one private party with a 2004, 37000 miles for $19k.Seems like a decent deal but the local dealers are about the same with higher mileage 50-60k.

    Thoughts and opinions ?
  • The vehicle year is the one that counts...that and the mileage and the condition and options. If you can buy a better vehicle from a private party and save money go for it. But have it inspected by a qualified mechanic before you lay down the cash.
  • I have received the following:

    Fully Loaded 2 wheel Drive $46,900
    Fully Loaded 4 Wheel drve $48,900

    Carmax has 4 wheen drive listed at $47,000

    Anyone purchased from Carmax outside of Chicago or used that price to neogiate with a local dealer.

    I'd like to find a Deal on a LTZ fully loaded 4x4 for under $46k.

    Chevy going to announce any rebates soon?
  • Last time I read the Houston newspaper I noticed that the vehicle sales price were several thousand lower than typical sale prices up here. For example, a local dealer has a basic white 2008 Suburban LS 1500 2WD, E85 iron block 5.3, 9-passenger, cloth interior, luggage cross bars, no other options, MSRP of $38425. The sale price after rebates and dealer discounts was $30995. A Houston dealer had a nearly similar vehicle listed, $250 higher MSRP ($38675) for a locking axle, same rebate, and the sale price was $28495. Why would there be a $2500 difference in price in only a 250 mile distance? $2750 if you count the locking axle.

    Granted, I'd rather have a Yukon XL than a Suburban, but the price difference between the Suburban and Yukon XL is only a couple hundred. But if I could get the Suburban for almost $3000 less than a Yukon up here, that'd be worth it. Maybe I need to start calling Houston GMC dealers to get a rock bottom stripper special price quote on a Yukon XL, 9-passenger, no other options?
  • Occupant1 said: Why would there be a $2500 difference in price in only a 250 mile distance? $2750 if you count the locking axle.
    Every dealer in every town sets their own price based on inventory, how badly they need some cash flow, factory incentives, etc. That's why it pays to shop around. Call the Houston GMC dealers and let them know about the low Suburban prices....see if they will match it or come close on a GMC.
  • Don Brown Chevrolet, St. Louis, MO

    Just bought a Gold 4WD Suburban with the 5.3L.
    Major options include:
    LT3 Equipment group
    Rear Seat Entertainment System (DVD player with wireless headphones)
    Power Sunroof
    Rear Differential
    2nd Row heated seats
    17" WOL tires

    Sticker was $48,925
    $2000 GM rebate
    $500 STL tradeshow rebate
    $1000 owner loyalty
    $3221 in GM card rebates (not exactly sure how this got so high or why they gave me more than the allowed rebate published on the gmcard website.)

    Got them to agree to invoice pricing. When I got there, he had an invoice and said he had to add 2% for regional advertising. I would have put up a bigger stink about it, but this was what I was looking for and the loyalty rebate and the gmcard rebate would have changed after tomorrow.

    Finance guy was a little bit of a hustler. Gave me a sheet to pick my payment and all choices contained a vehicle service contract tied to them. When I said I didn't want a service contract, he wrote a blank line on the contract and asked me to sign there to indicate I had been offered the service contracts, but declined them.

    Walked out with a final price of $37,895.
  • That is a sweet deal. I am never going to be able to unload (via lease transfer) my 2007 suburban lease with discounts like that.. unless people are like me and don't trust buying a chevy... I don't trust the reliability, that is why I leased, for that price though, I may just have bought it b/c mine has pretty much the same original sticker price.
  • I am looking for an 08 Z71 Suburban 4WD with second row buckets.

    Has anybody ever used ezsource leasing or the lease outlet in S. California? They seem to have great prices.

    Thanks for any information...
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    Interested in Charlotte NC area info ... someone must be buying a Suburban ... info from anywhere would be helpful

  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    Not in nc area but in de. with 6000 rebate a fully loaded ltz cann be had foor about 10000 off sticker. i sell mine every 6 months and buy a new one so that is pretty current for pricing
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    $11k off sticker is very real in any market....question is will incentives get better than $6k from GM....quite a few dealers with '08 inventories that need to be moved over next 60 days.....
  • fish2575fish2575 Posts: 23
    We have gotten quotes in Oregon. Dealers are straight out offering the vehicles at invoice which is in our case $10,400 off MSRP with the $6000 Cash Allowance. I am also wondering if deals will get better in the next few months. It is a gamble.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    what kind of GMAC rates were they offering with the full $6k in discounts? I cant get a clear answer whether the 2.9% for 60mos is available with the $6k in rebates....

    im more concerned that as soon as i buy, the redemption allowances will go up or worse (better) they will lift the caps completely....also supply will get tighter and it will be harded to find the car that you want....i m pretty inflexible when it comes to color and most options - at a minimum i need artic silver with ebony leather with LT2 or LT3 and 2d row buckets. i can live with other stuff but not thrilled about another $2-3k in options like sunroof, RES, convenience etc....
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