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Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2007+)



  • My recommendation would be to go to an after market in dash navigation system. Look at the Pioneer AVIC-Z1, it has all the features of the fatory nav system and more. There is an available adaptor that allows the steering wheel controls to work with it. Let me know if you need more info.... I already purchased the Pioneer unit and i'm waiting on my Sport Trac that is on order.
  • Pioneer AVIC-Z1 sounds good and I have looked at it on the Crutchfield site. Could you email me more details. Does it come with good instructions with wire codes and what kind of adapter RF or wired? Thanks, jdc1203
  • JDC, the AVIC-Z1 uses wired adaptors. I'll email a list of everything you need to install this unit in the 2007 SPort Trac. You've got mail!
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495 both the post box and the Rules of the Road (link in the left margin), we strongly advise members not to put their email addresses in their messages, and not to request information sent by email. These forums are fully visible to the entire internet and we can make no guarantees as to the safety of your email address. In addition, it benefits everyone when answers are posted here instead of in email - someone else may have the same question later on.

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  • Personally, I think it's rediculous that you can't take certain issues off line to communicate in more detail about, but I will respect you rules: so EVERYONE, HERE IS THE INFO THAT I SHARED WITH JDC

    Hello jdc,

    This is Aaron from the Sport Trac auto forum. For the best information on the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 go to the pioneer website and review all of the features.


    This is a list of items that you need to order from Crutchfield for your Sport Trac installation: I realize that one of the items is listed as an F-150 and Chrysler part but they are needed for the Sport Trac as well.

    Ford Wire Harness Item #120705521 $19.99
    Ford F-150 Instalation Kit Item #120995807 $14.99
    Chrysler ANtenna Adaptor Item #12040CR10 $12.99

    This last item is needed for your steering wheel controls to work with the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 and it is ordered from a different vendor.

    Sonic Electronix
    PAC SWI-PS $49.99 the link below should take you directly to it:

    And finally, I have attached a picture of what the unit looks like installed in the 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

  • I just picked up my 07 ST Limited last week and the best I can tell the vin # is in the 58000 series. Mine is a Canadian model. There is no Job 1 or job 2 designation. All it says is order code 240A-LMTD V8 4X4. What change did they make to the door panels? This vehicle is very nicely equipped and drives very smoothly. The mileage according to the engine's computer is around 17 mpg.(Canadian Gallons) in city driving. Havn't had a chance to take any long trips yet but the mileage should get better as the vehicle gets a few more miles on it. So far, so good.
    :) :)
  • Would like to order a new Sport Trac but would like to also have XM radio (have it my two gm cars) any way I could use the factory Ford radio to play XM with out hanging on another tuner on the dash?? Not sure but looks like the XM Direct option only works with the older radios any one have
    any ideas??
  • They added a cupped or dished out area in the armrest towards the back of the door on the front doors only. Should be easier to use when closing the doors than the low mounted handle that is a bit too far forward. Think more leverage. There were also some color changes on the US models. Mineral Gray is discontiued and Carbon (Alloy?) and Orange Frost have been added. They also added a plug-in on the stereos for an external MP3 player such as an Ipod. There is also now a chrome package optional on the Limited which adds chrome plated running boards, roof rails, mirror caps and wheels (bling-bling).
  • Hey. I just installed the Explorer Nav unit in my Ford F-250 and Love it. Yes, the controls on the cruise control are not programmed. You can do it by going through some menus and you'll find it. It works great. Expecially lowers my volume on the radio to give me directions. Don't by an aftermarket. This unit is AWESOME.

    Hope this helps.
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,495
    ...PLEASE do not include your email address in your messages. We can not control who will use it for malicious purposes.

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  • Only buy an aftermarket radio if you are interested in getting more features than the factory unit offers for the same amount of money. For example, if you drive a big truck (maybe an F-250) and think it would be nice to have a rear view camera so you can guide yourself when hooking up a trailer, then you might consider an aftermarket radio. Also, if you have a phone that's Bluetooth enabled and you would like to answer your phone while your audio automaticly mutes, then you might consider and aftermarket. Perhaps you have kids and they would like to watch movies in the back seat without needing to "purchase" a 2nd DVD player, then you might consider after market. Lastly, what if you could tell your navigation system to only show "Bank Of America" (or what ever bank you use) locations because you don't care about all the other ones, then you might consider an aftermarket. :shades:
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Thanks, ayarbo1. :) I have a new Edge on order and plan to install an AVIC-Z1, so your information is also quite helpful to me. Did you start with a regular or Audiophile system, and did you replace the stock amplifiers and/or speakers?
  • Hey Michael, Did you have to take it to the dealership to program the unit? Yesterday I took mine to the dealership but they didn't have any luck trying to program the unit to work with my speedsensor, illum, steering wheel and subwoofer. I didn't know if yours just worked the start our you have the fault screen that pops up after startup once you get past the navigation agree screen.
  • fsmmcsi, I started out with the Audiophiile system in my Sport Trac because I wanted the factory sub and did not plan to install an aftermarket sub. After installing the Z1 my factory Audiophile sounds amazing. The Pioneer Z1 pushes more power than the factory Audiophile head unit, and with the added sub woofer mode that the Z1 adds it boosts the factory system like you wouldn't beleive. So to answer your questions, Yes, I started with the factory Audiophile system, and No, I did not replace the stock amplifiers or speakers. If I were to do anything, I might consider replacing the factory subwoofer driver with an aftermarket sub but still using the factory enclosure.

    The only additional thing that you will need is a resistor that goes in line with the amplifier turn on connection. This will eliminate an initial thump that you get from the subwoofer upon power up(turning the key on). The Ford factory amp only requires a 5 Volt amp turn on where the Z1 supplies a 12Volt amp turn on. Everything works fine, but the thump eventually gets annoying and you can resolve the problem with a $15 purchase.
  • Update....I now have a factory nav unit in my Sport Trac. I bought the radio/nav from and they sent me the gps antenna and the dvd. I did have to get the Ford Dealership to program the unit for 50.00 bucks. Everything works perfect. I did go ahead an had them to turn on the sirius option just in case I wanted to install that unit later. It cost me $1,500.00 bucks for the whole deal which isn't bad since if books for $2,500.00 sticker not that any one would pay sticker.
  • Hello folks,

    We are seriously considering buying a 2007 Explorer Sport Trac and would like advice on incentives and the general market feel for these vehicles.

    Also, we plan on using the Sport Trac to tow a pop-up trailer (unloaded 2,500 lbs) and figure that this truck has plenty of power to haul it. Correct??

    Lastly, any general comments or advice on the Sport Trac (must have options, things to review during test drives, etc.) that you'd like to share would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    ayarbo1: Thanks again! It is details such as this which separate an OK aftermarket system installation from an excellent one. I was concerned that the factory speakers might not be very good, although the Audiophile system in my 2002 Mountaineer was excellent. I am going to call my dealer and have them add the Audiophile system. Not having to change the speakers and install an amplifier(s) will greatly simplify the installation.

    By the way, who else would vote in favor of Ford making the SportTrac box a full five feet deep, or at least offering it as an option? Who else would also like to see the old Ford station wagon tailgate which swings down or out, as on the Ridgeline?
  • Scott, Just picked up my 2007 Sport Trac Limited 4x4 on Friday Sep. 29 and I'm stunned by the beauty! Got the V8 for the towing power as I also have a Jayco tent trailer. Tows like it was a feather! Roof racks for Cargo carrier,the bed for the firewood and the cargo cage to the tailgate for my cooler of beer and you're good to go! Can't tell you about incentives as I am Canadian but I can tell you to squeeze them for all you can! Mine is Alloy Metallic with camel leather two-tone. I gasp every time I step inside this vehicle, it's that luxurious. I got mine fully loaded except for Nav. system. But if I had to pick it would be power rear window, tow package of course, tonneau cover to safe guard camping stuff, moonroof, reverse sensing so as not to back into trailer, heated windshield as it snows up here and for extra luxury but not necessary the chrome package, it makes your ride drop dead! I also got the dvd player for Saturday movie night for the girls while camping. Most important the safety canopy because you can't put a price on safety. I hope that answers most of your questions, dealer said my Sport trac is the nicest to leave the dealership ever! I also was able to test drive this truck for three days to be sure I would be happy and I am very pleased, Steve.
  • Steve,

    Really excellent advice! Only question I have is do you mind sharing what you paid for it (and incentives you tood advantage of)? I'm figuring well below MSRP, but how much.....?

    I sat in one on Saturday and really liked the room.

    Scott T
  • Scott, like I said i'm from Canada so I don't know if this will give you an idea or not for yourself but here goes. We just had the friends and family pricing for everyone up here that ended on August 31, I factory ordered on August 04th and received on Sept. 29. The factory sticker price was 45,054 loaded and I paid 40,230 minus another 500.00 for choosing another Ford product, like a loyalty type thing. Remember this is Canadian pricing so in greenbacks probably less in relative terms. Go to to build the sport trac because our web site has all the latest colors and options available now to order and remember our options and your packages are different in the two countries, ie: power pedals are standard and yours are optional. I hope this helps you out, everyone at work today just loved the trucks color (Alloy) and Camel interior, nobody can believe its from Ford they've come along ways! Steve.
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