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Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2007+)



  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    I can relate to that. I will be in PA all next week for the first week of spring gobbler season. I hope to be able to place an order for a 4.6 Limited 4x4 when I get back. I too am waiting for the power down rear window option. One of the members on the BON forum works at the Louisville plant and he claims they have the windows in stock but have not been released to install them yet. He did say, however, that at least one customer has been able to place an order with that option. By the way, the option code for the power down rear window is 617.
  • I'm leaning towards getting a Sport Track over the Ridgeline, basically because I can get x-plan pricing on Ford vehics. While on a test drive yesterday, the salesman told me that new/better rebates are coming out this Monday. So, I'm holding out to see what they look like. Thought anyone else interested in them might want to know.
  • rbsternrbstern Posts: 1
    Just read the review, and needed to share my comments with the Edmunds editors. Here they are for the folks here who might be interested. I'd be interested in counterpoints, if you feel I am wrong in my critique.

    April 28, 2006

    To the Editors of Edmunds:

    Your review of the 2007 Sport Trac ("Full Test: 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac") lacks real world perspective. In the review, the caption under the photo showing the tonneau cover tie downs, reads, "We're not sure why Ford includes these bungee-cord tie-downs on the tonneau cover. Driving with it open hardly seems smart and gravity does a pretty good job of holding it open when the truck isn't moving."

    This simpe caption perfectly encapsulates that the reviewer doesn't understand the marketplace for the Sport Trac.

    If you talk to even just a small number of owners, you would understand this simple device allows the truck to be safely driven with the rear half of the tonneau cover open, which dramatically eases the task of transporting tall, bulky cargo items without removing the tonneau cover. For example: Lawnmowers. Pressure washers. Bicycles. Barbeque grills. Washing machines. Real stuff transported by real owners. In combination with the bed extender, the tonneau-securing bungees provide great cargo versatility.

    Fold down rear seating: The Sport Trac implementation is much more pet friendly than seats which fold up against the rear bulkhead. Ask owners if that's important. Many will say yes. Few owners need extra cargo height in the interior space. Far more often, Fido is back there, enjoying the ride with his owner. Having a flat space without seat anchoring hardware in the way is safer for the most frequent occupents of the folded rear seat space.

    Huge upgrades in vehicle safety: This is perhaps the most serious inadequacy of the review. The only words on the subject are complaints about the safer door handle design. You should know well that the Explorer name has been dragged through the mud in rollover cases. Ford made a huge effort to address vehicle controlabilty and stability in the latest Sport Trac. The only wisdom the reviewer offers on the matter is that it reduces slalom speed. In the real world, I'd prefer Ford's perspective on this. When the family’s teenager gets behind the wheel of a Sport Trac, the higher slalom speed you seem to think is a good indicator of product worthiness is not something owners will miss. But the stability control algorithms, computer-monitored vehicle position and inertia sensors, the advanced air bag deployment schemes, these things will matter greatly, when that teenager with little driving experience makes a mistake. Frankly, it's shameful that you don't give a good accounting of the safety improvements in this vehicle.

    The reviewer makes no mention of the six speed auto and how the shift quality reduces awareness of shifting in ordinary driving.

    Performance: While a handful of enthusiasts will lower this truck and put performance tires on it, that's not the target for this vehicle. "Performance," for a vehicle in this class, means towing, hauling, and not getting stuck in the mud, while providing excellent passenger comfort and a quality driving experience. The Sport Trac is a nearly ideal balance of these attributes.

    Bottom line, the 2007 Sport Trac is a big upgrade over the previous generation, in numerous, important ways. Your reviewer seems to go out of the way to nitpick the vehicle about things that aren't terribly important. Ending the review by saying the Tacoma and Frontier are better performing might make sense if you take a stopwatch and orange cones every time you go to the grocery store. The ways actual owners use these vehicles make your reviewer's comments about performance seem out of touch.

    I am by no means a Ford apologist. I've owned several Hondas over the last 20 years, and respect the Honda brand greatly. The 2001 Sport Trac is the first Ford product I've owned. Despite the innovation of the configuration, the first generation Sport Trac showed it's age, owing to an outdated platform, in the first model year. The 2007 is so far beyond the first generation vehicle and is class leading in many regards. It's a shame your review missed the mark so badly by not fairly crediting it for the things it does so well. Real world things.

    If accuracy and relevance are attributes you hope to achieve in your reviews, I invite your writers and editors to spend some time with Sport Trac owners at [link edited out to obey forum rules]. The perspective of owners who frequent the Sport Trac Web Site will undoubtedly help your staff produce more accurate reviews.


    Rich Stern
    The Sport Trac Web Site
  • kman1956kman1956 Posts: 14
    Very nice job, Rick. Well done, you hit most of the key areas of why, after driving EVERY small pickup in the marketplace, I chose the 2007 4.6L ST Limited, there is no other truck that compares when all aspects are considered, and as you pointed out in your rebuttal, the ASPECTS that are important to the folks who purchase a small pickup for its intended use. Most of us are not posers! We actually USE a truck for what it was designed to do and the ST is way ahead of the class, in looks, ride and function.
  • huntsalothuntsalot Posts: 1
    Hello, I just bought a 2007 XLT 4.6L Sport Trac, so far I love it, but I have been looking for performance parts for it and haven't found much yet. Does anyone know a resource? I am looking for the standard cold air intake, headers, exhaust possibly a chip, I want to get the most out of this engine ;) . I understand that it is the same engine that is in the Mustang GT, would those parts fit this engine, i.e. headers, intakes etc... And does anyone know where to get exhaust for this version yet?
    Appreciate it and thanks ahead
    MH :cry:
  • jagujagu Posts: 3

    Completely agree with you. I bought a 4.0 limited a month ago. I was actually one of those folks that made fun of the Sport Trac when it first came out. Years later, and a re-design. I really like my '07. FOr those who want it to "handle" and "perform". you're looking at the wrong automobile. Buy a Mustang GT or wait for the Shelby to come out. I actually traded my '05 GT in on the Sport Trac because I now have a limited use or chance to use the "performance" the car can deliver. However, having the pick-up bed with a locking cover is something I use regularly. Toss in the fact that the second set of doors open to a rather spacious rear seat . . . . As for a previous writer's comment that you may as well buy a F-150 ("I've had two and think they are the best trucks on the market)I considered getting the 150 when I got tired of the GT. They're a little too big to negotiate my my cramped parking garage or easilly fit in the home garage. The '07 Sprot Track is a VERY close next best thing. Great truck.
  • jagujagu Posts: 3
    Hello huntsalot:

    There are a great deal of parts for the 05/06 Mustang GT with the 3v 4.6. Your problem wll be fit in the engine bay that is configured differently, e.g. stearing shaft, header clearance, air intake path, etc. Obviously, all the current parts for the GT are specifically designed for the GT. Ford even released several GTs to aftermarket performance companies, months ahead of release of the GT to the public, so that part would be available at aboutthe same time as the '05 GT was released. Have not heard of Ford doing that with the sport trac.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    The review in USA Today indicates that the reviewer has seen the new interior door handles (cups in the armrest), so it seems obvious that they will be switching over when the regular 2007 Explorers go into production 7/31/06.
  • Good news for everyone waiting for the power rear window - I ordered by sport-trac tonight and much to my suprise (and the salesman's) the power rear window option was available in the system. So, I'm getting the power rear window too!
  • kman1956kman1956 Posts: 14 the truck, so certainly those of us without that, could possibly get it installed after-market? That is one of those things that is either going to be inexpensive or very much the other way. Curiosity, what was the cost of the option?
  • Power rear window option = +$245
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    Very acurate, Rich. I also just read Automobile Mag's review on their website. They made a big deal out of the inevitable comparison with the Ridgeline. Everyone seems so in-love with the Honda's under bed trunk. My first thought was why would you put the spare tire inside a trunk under the bed floor? I certainly hope none of the people who buy this thing actually needs that spare tire when the bed is full of cow manure. Oh wait, none of those people will ever actually haul anything like that, will they? I guess the bottom line is that if you want a vehicle that just looks sort of like something you could take off-road or use as a tow vehicle, buy the Honda. Just don't expect too much when you try to get your boat back OUT of the water with it's lack of a two-speed transfer case. But if you want something that really can do those things, buy the Ford.
  • revegasrevegas Posts: 2
    I purchased an 07 Limited with some reservations having always been a big truck man. Some positive aspects of this vehicle are: it does fit in my garage (8" to spare), it has ample power and the torque is awesome, the ride is very "car-like", it has ample room for 4 or 5 adults, the creature features are equal to my wife's 07 Escalade, (sat radio, heated seats, power seats, sun roof, etc). I have made a couple of modifications. It did not sound like a V8, so I changed the front muffler out for a free flow type, It now sounds like a throaty V8 like it should. I also put a set of Nitto's 285 60r 18's on the stock wheels. It now has an agressive look without compromising ride or handling. I am also looking for the cold induction and have considered an aftermarket super-charger.

    The only disappointment I have is the gas mileage..13.1 average. My wife's escalade gets 13.7. Guess you can't have it all.
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    The Navigation System is now also available. The Navigation option code is 58Q and the invoice price is $2129 (Retail $2505). I'm waiting on the implementation of the new interior door handles (cups in the armrest) before I place my order. I can't wait... :)
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    Revegas, I'm curious as to what Brand of free flow muffler you are using? I'm considering the same thing and I have always run Flow Masters on my past Ford vehicles. What brand and a little more info on how they sound if you don't mind.

    Also a comment about the Nitto's, for those that might not be familiar with them. They are realy nice tires, I have a set on my Corvette and you can't beat them for the price!
  • larryc5larryc5 Posts: 1
    Two questions. I have purchased the new 2007 sports trac with a V8 engine. I noticed a clicking in the engine when it idles. The ford dealership says this natural for that engine . Has anyone had the same problem. Also has anyone installed a flow master on this engine and how loud is it. It is almost impossible to get the dual exhaust installed because of the layout under the bed and axle..Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Thanks, Larry
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    Larry, I also noticed a clicking or tapping sound on the V-8 I test drove. It was not audible from inside the truck, only when the hood was up. I thought it was excessively loud. But when I asked about this on several message boards no one else seemed to notice. One clown even asked why I would care if I couldn't hear it from inside and suggested that I should not be looking at a Ford if I wanted a quiet engine! His theory was that it is a complex engine with "lots of parts". Yeah, right. If I'm paying over $30k I would expect a little better. My 99 Cobra with the same displacement and two more camshafts has lots more parts and is much quieter than the truck I tested. Lol.
  • gobuxgobux Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any experience with the tonneau cover vs. the same color hard cap?I plan on getting the 2007 this
    summer(test drive was much smoother than my 2001 pathfinder) but am unsure on the cover.Is the tonneau convenient when dealing w/ groceries etc.?thanks for any help.
  • blksn8kblksn8k Posts: 36
    That's interesting. I asked a saleslady at a local dealer to try inputing an order with the 617 order code for the power rear window a couple of days ago. I got a reply from her today and she claims it cannot even be ordered until July. I guess I need to find another dealer... :(
  • ayarbo1ayarbo1 Posts: 56
    I have an original Vehicle Order Confirmation print out from my salesman (who happnes to be the Fleet Manager) with it showing both Retail and Dealer Invoice prices listed. The saleslady might not be able to provide a build date, but she should be able to place the order.
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