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Chevy Suburban



  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    We have an 97 Sub with 22k, use it very little, and had
    the same problem. I pulled the bat cable and put an
    amp meter on. Watched the current draw, and found
    the interior light circuit pulling too much. Pulled
    the fuse for the interior lights and problem went away.

    Since we use it so little, I have not fixed it, but
    problem is the delay module for the interior lights.
  • rb94burbrb94burb Posts: 4
    Thanks catam. Yes, it is the hydroboost system. There is no large vacuum boost unit behind the master cylinder. Just a manifold type unit with lines to the power steering pump. There are no leaks in the entire system and the fluid level is correct. So is it possible the unit behind the master cylinder is bad? Or is it the power steering pump itself?
  • toddr1toddr1 Posts: 1
    My rear brake pads are wearing out after 5K miles. I still have the original front brake pads on the Suburban. The car has 116K on it. It appears as if uneven brake pressure is occuring. Has anyone experienced this or do you have any ideas on why the rear brakes would be wearing out so quickly?
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    It sounds to me, that for some reason you PS pump is not generating adequate hydraulic pressure at low engine speeds. (Engine speed drops to near idle while braking). It is certainly possible that your pump is failing, I am not real familiar with the internals on a PS pump, but it seems reasonsable that some internal seals may be leaking. Personally I would likely just replace the PS pump, its relatively easy and cheap. In the interim, when braking with your trailer, you could shift the tranny to neutral, left foot brake, and rev the engine to 2000 or so RPM. This also may be a method of telling you if its just a matter of low hydraulic PS pressure, (which to me sounds very likely.)
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I believe there was some discussion about problems with excessive wear on rear disc brakes in the Silverado discussion. You may want to repost your question there, I don't remember any fixes.
  • walshdbwalshdb Posts: 2
    2003 Suburban - All of my 12 volt accessory plugs (including the lighter) no longer work. I figure it's a fuse, but with 3 fuse blocks, I can find nothing that calls out what fuse it actually is in the owners manual. It lists fuses for everything except what used to be "accessories." Can any one help? Thanks.
  • My Suburban is beginning to hesitate when I put it in reverse. Slowly it is not wanting to back up at all. Is this common? What is the likely problem and will this cost me my next 2 months paychecks to repair? :sick:
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Do you have the steering wheel audio controls? On these trucks, the computer with all that "stuff" is built into the instrument (gauge) cluster, right below the odometer, but in order to work it, you have to have the steering wheel buttons. If you do, just look in your owner's manual about how to use the system.

    Part of the reason why, when we were looking for an '04, it had to have the controls. Even the dealer said it was dumb that so many other dealers ordered the trucks without them back then, because you loose all that programming functionality.

    They then became standard in '05+ models.
  • tobjotobjo Posts: 1
    Are Suburbans built for sale in California any different from those built for sale elsewhere. I'm looking at one (1999) originally built for California. Good or Bad?
    Thank you,
  • rb94burbrb94burb Posts: 4
    Horse show season is starting soon so I'll have to try your suggestion. But either way, I think I'll replace the PS pump and if that doesn't correct the problem, then the mater cylinder and the Hydro boost unit. Surely, that ought to correct the problem! Thanks for the input! I appreciate it!
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    My 03 Burb check engine light came on again. The previous light on my last tank of fuel was for "Evap emission control leak" which probably meant gas cap, the light came on as the tank ran below 3/4 tank, stayed on, and had to be cleared by tech at auto zone. The light came on again on this tank of fuel at about the same fuel level, anyone have a suggestion??? I already put a new gas cap on, and made sure its tight.

    Also I still haven't figured out my headliner lights are not working, is there any way to test the relays in the fuse box that is located to the right of steering column under the dash??? Owners manual shows 2 different relays associated with headliner power.
    Thanks for any input. Catam.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Could be a problem with fuel tank pressure sensor. Same type of sensor as MAP sensor is. This sensor is the one that sees if the gas cap is loose.

  • mchi1991mchi1991 Posts: 1
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Have you checked the freon. I would check to make sure the system is fully charged first.
    There is also an expansion valve (I think that is the name), that could be plugged, which may be limiting freon flow.
    The only other thing I can think of would be the evaporator in the dash for the front AC. (Pray its not that because its a real PITA to change.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I need a new foglamp for the drivers front of my 2003 Suburban. I was wondering if anyone knew where you could pick up a replacement on the cheap. I would be happy to buy an aftermarket as long as it fits the same mount as the original in the front bumper, and had the same electrical connector.
    Thanks for any info. Catam.
  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    Do a google search. There are several car parts discounters that sell common parts. I had to order one a
    few months ago. Fog light was a perfect fit, and was
    about $42.00.
  • ken5kidsken5kids Posts: 1
    i have an 02 suburban i'm replacing the shift cable ... only the end at the transmission is broke ...the cable comes in 2 parts can they be seperated?
  • cnhorn63cnhorn63 Posts: 1
    My 1999 K1500 Suburban with 43K miles has slight coolant leak. I completed a coolant flush 2 months ago and replaced the coolant with Dexcool. It appears the leak may be coming from the intake manifiold and dripping down the front of the engine. I have heard stories about Dexcool causing gaskets to fail. Am I on my own with repairing this leak or are there any TSB on this vehicle pertaining to intake gasket failure. I bought this vehicle 2 years ago.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
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  • Thanks for the response. On Star was the culpret! Thank God it was under warranty or I would have done just like you and left the wire unplugged.
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