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Chevy Suburban



  • I have an 03 Suburban 4 wheel drive. I've had it for almost a year now. Love the truck. Having weird sounds and looking for advice on what it might be. 1. Started with a clanking noise when I was turning (think 3 point turn). I don't know if it did it at higher speeds cause I never heard it. 2. Starting hearing this rattling sound when I accelerate. Goes away when I take my foot off the gas. 3. Now when I take my foot off the gas (highway speed) I notice a slight vibration, not in the wheel, but the truck in general. 4. This is probably unrelated but the AC blows cold when the truck is in motion, but when idling it is warm.
    Thanks for any guidance you can offer. My husband is out of the country currently so he can't look at any of this. It seems to be getting worse so I don't want to end up stranded with our 3 kids. Thanks!!
  • The dome lights in my 2002 Tahoe will not come on intermittently.
    They will not work if I try manually turning them on, or when you open a door, or when you turn off the ignition.
    When they are not working, the other problem i noticed is that the Horn will not sound, when you lock the doors with the remote - It is supposed to sound when you hit the lock button 2 times.

    When I am driving I will hear a clicking sound coming from the fuse box area.
    The lights will work after I hear the click sound.

    Not sure if it is related, but another problem that recently started, is when I turn the ignition off, the radio is supposed to stay on for 10 minutes, or until you open a door.
    It turns off as soon as the ignition is turned off - This is not intermittent, it does it all the time.
  • allante88allante88 Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    My 95 suburban stalls while sitting at a stop light . You can feel the rpm's surge and then drop to where the truck stalls . It does start up every time. Also , if I put the truck in gear , step on the brake and turn the wheel , it stalls . The first 5 minutes the truck runs it seems to be ok , after that it stalls. The dealer says they have no idea why and can't fix it . That cost me $200 . They say they can start replacing parts at my cost and no gaurentee that it will fix the problem . I also called GM with not much help from some woman on the phone who keeps calling the dealer for updates . I was told some "specialist" would call the dealer but that never happened . Any help would be much appreciated .
  • I would suspect a vaccum hose leak. This would affect the mixture with the greatest affect at idle. Sorry I can't be more specific as to where the leak is. Just go over all your vaccum hoses ad replace if you suspect they are cracked or leaking. If you do this it would be cheaper that the dealer doing the work. After that the failure would be somewhere in the intake manifold which starts to get more expensive.
  • My 2002 Suburban had a loud buzzing relay for the dome lights. I changed out the relay and about 2 weeks later the new relay failed by buzzing continously. Very loud.
    Any thoughts?
  • ili3ili3 Posts: 1
    I have the same exact issues with my 2001 Tahoe. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with yours?
  • Are you sure it is the Dome Light and not that small inch and half little speaker above your head? :)
  • The dome light is out and no problem with the speaker. Still have not found a solution
  • I was hoping someone could help me out. I have a 2008 Tahoe. For the last several months I have been having issues with the instrument panel. Every now and then when I turn the ignition on, my digital display on the instrument panel does not work. When this happens my other gauges like fuel, batt, oil pressure do not work properly. Everything else seems to be working just fine. Car starts and speedometer and tach work just fine. Sometimes it stays that way for a couple of days sometimes it fixes itself within few minutes. I have check the fuses and tried to see if there were any loose wires underneath the steering wheel area, but I have yet to find anything. There is no obvious thing that make the problem turn up, as well as when it fixes itself. Has anyone seen this before or does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be great.
  • I am hopeful you'll receive some great insights from members of the Edmunds community. If you would like for us to check into anything (warranty/recall information), don't hesitate to send us the last 8 digits of your VIN via email at
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • bigtexmikebigtexmike Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I have a 1988 Suburban I just replaced the driveshaft and u-joints, drove it short distances for the last week, yesterday I drove it about 40 miles and it started to make a stuttering shudder. It would go for a few miles then shudder for about a three beat then go fine for a few more miles then do it again. Could it be something with the driveshaft or something else?

  • mroseramrosera Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    I had a similar problem on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Only shuddered intermittently at about 72 mph (typical interstate cruising speed), but when it did shudder, it shuddered hard. Turned out to be a bad tire. I put 4 new Michelins on, and the problem was gone.
  • Up to now have bought Expedition because of its fold down rear seats. Having to remove seats for luggage makes no sense, when you get to your destination and unload, you are without seats which in our case is a problem since our cottage is over 400 miles away. GM rep at auto show a few years ago had no ready reply to that statement!

    But now things are changing. Finally Chevrolet realizes the practical value of folding seats and will have them on the 2015 model which supposedly is coming out Spring of 14.

    Can't wait.
  • Am I the only one experiencing the total failure of the metal on my 2008 suburban? I have owned three and this is the first (and last) time I have ever had an issue. At the hinge my metal has completely torn. Both the dealer body manager and independent shop agree that this is a defect, however GM says too bad over 100,000 miles. I say, this truck is not supposed to have the drivers door fall off even at 200,000 miles. What does the mileage have to do with the door metal failure. I have taken up as far as they will send me. HELP. Anyone else out there. GM did offer to give me a letter for $2000 off a new Chevy.... Right that helps. I cannot locate a used door for a 2008. Any help appreciated.
  • SD - sorry to hear about your rusty door - what part of the country are you in?

    Anyway - if you need to find a used door go to

    and type in your year/make/model and your zipcode and it will search the salvage yards in your area for the part. I did a quick search and it looks like 2006 - 2009 might fit your burb.

    Good luck in your search.
  • New to the Suburban family here. Just purchased an '06 nine passenger LS. Some of the dash/steering wheel/radio-ac control lights are not working. Are there replaceable bulbs or would this be a fuse issue? Thanks
  • spritemanspriteman Posts: 25
    edited November 2013
    There are 3 fuses that control the dash board gauges and lights. All three are located in the underhood fuse block:

    IGN E 10 AMP
    IPC/DIC 10 AMP
    RADIO 15 AMP

    If your gauges and radio are working then it's probably not a fuse. Your lights are not actually bulbs but LEDs built into the different gauges and dash displays. I don't think they are serviceable but you can pull the instrument cluster and see if they are removeable. An easier solution might be to just call your dealer and ask the service/parts folks there if they can be replaced.
  • thanks. will try this
  • All tweeters work but none of the sub woofers/Bass speakers work in my 2006 Suburban. Any ideas? Thanks
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