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Employee / Supplier Purchase Programs

sartisarti Posts: 16
edited March 6 in General
The company I work for is offering us a deal like
the GM employees get, we get the discount plus 3%
Can anyone tell me what the employee discount is?
I am going to be getting a new truck and would like
to know before I go to a dealer. thanks


  • vinmanvinman Posts: 1
    Anybody ever heard of this, and if so is it a good
  • weslwesl Posts: 53
    Yes, the A plan does exist but only for Ford employees. When I say Ford employees, I am talking about "of Ford Motor Company" not of dealership employees. I am a salesman at a Ford dealership and am unable to take advantage of the deal. The A plan is better than any consumer can get, even if you were to buy the vehicle back of cost and negotiate all the holdback which most people never do. Hope this helps. Later, Wes.
  • buckwheatbuckwheat Posts: 396
    I have seen your response Re: GM employee discount
    program wherein you provide a breakdown pertaining to relationship requirements. Would it be possible for you to do the same for this topic
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Buckwheat, I haven't seen any specific breakdown of eligibility for the the Ford Program like the one that I came across for GM. I suggest that you speak with the person you feel as though will make you eligible for the program. They probably have a good idea of whether you are eligible or not. If they don't know it would probably be pretty easy for them to find out.

    Your Host
  • buckwheatbuckwheat Posts: 396
    Message recieved, thank you.
  • keith24keith24 Posts: 93
    For a very brief period, right out of college, I worked for a Chev. dealer here in Arkansas as a "sales associate". Now, I'm sure its different in different regions, but our "employee discount" was $200 over the "actual dealer cost" of the vehicle. This was, to the best of my recollection, after the holdback was deducted from the invoice price. But like I said, its sure to be different elsewhere, and it may be different here as well by now. That was early 1992.

  • gets 3% additional off the negotiated price. Since I lost my Silverado in a recent traffic death, I have talked to my dealer about a new truck. I get 3% off of 300 over invoice.

    Can't wait.
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    but I believe on trucks it's 15% off base and 15% off the options. But like I said each model has there own percentage. The dealer can print you out a itemized list and it calculates it automatically, but I always like to check. Good luck...
  • goad1goad1 Posts: 1
    does anyone know if a retired gm employee get the same benefits(gmo,and gma)as active gm employee's?
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    my dad retired about a year ago and I still get the discount. Even if he were to die and my mom was still alive, I get the discount. But if they both die I'm out of luck - in more ways than one...
  • cookie1cookie1 Posts: 68
    on Silverados here in Wisconsin is now 17% off MSRP on both base price and options, not including destination charge. GM always use to have 18% off base/options before now, but they decreased it by 1%.
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    the percentage. I ordered a 2000 model but had to cancel it. What part of Wisconsin are you from - I currently have a house in Janesville, but may be moving...
  • number1number1 Posts: 71
    My father-in-law is a retired Hughes employee. He is sponsering my GMO order. I will receive my loaded 4 door Sliverado 2wd LS next week. The discount is 14% off base and 17% off options. The program continues for Hughes employees and retirees and their relatives through at least December 2001.

    Note: This is the best deal around and you can still apply GM card earnings, all current rebates, and customer loyalty rebates ($500 'till 2/29/00). You pay no doc fees or advertising fees which is also a real plus.
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    because mine was the same (17%) off base and options...
  • Obviously negotiating best trade-in would still be possible if trading in, but I am not. Is there anything else that can be negotiated to reduce the total cost? Does holdback apply to GM-O purchases ?
  • There is no negotiating on GMO. GM, not the dealer, sets the price. Dealer installed options would be negotiable, if you fell for them. You can't beat the GMO deal, I've done it six times.
  • Anyone out there got any info one who has the most competative truck pricing in the west and northwest? I'm looking for a Ford F350XL, with V10 and some basics. I've heard that the Northwest Ford dealers are participating in a $1000 cashback on 4X2's. Anyone know about this?
  • nb2169nb2169 Posts: 35
    I noticed no one has posted to this topic in awhile, so I thought I would update it as of March 17, 2000. I am a GM hourly rated employee. I just ordered a 2000 Silverado pick up truck. GM has 2 types of discount on its vehicles for its employees. One is called GMO which is the discount an employee gets when they special order their vehicle from the factory through a dealership. The second discount is called GMS and is the discount an employee gets for buying a vehicle out of a dealerships inventory. The percentage of discount for both types of employee discount depends on the model of vehicle the employee wishes to purchase. I do not know what the discount is for all GM models. However, the discounts for the 2000 Chevrolet Silverado Pick-Up are as follows:
    1)GMO- 17% off base and options.
    2)GMS- 15% off base and options.
    I hope the above information helps!
  • nb2169nb2169 Posts: 35
    The discounts I referred to in post 14 are discounted from the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Sorry if I have caused any confusion.
  • seafury1seafury1 Posts: 1
    This gets you GMS invoice + 3%. I have been told the GMS invoice is lower than the dealer invoice (varies by model). I am taking delivery of a '00 Silverado and the price was about $100 under dealer invoice. Not a real good discount, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! I did notice the dealers don't like giving the discounts and will try and stick you on the trade-in value of your old vehicle to make up the difference.
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