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Buick Lucerne



  • I agree - there is some resemblance to Acura from the rear -so what? The rear-view may invoke Acura, but Acura has a reputation for high-quality, excellent engineering and near-luxury performance. And that's a bad thing?


    If you want to pick nits, you can find something on any car that looks very much like the same feature on some other car.


    This is the best looking Buick in decades, FWIT.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    will be key. If GM can do a nicely optioned CXL V8 around $33K, I think it would be a great car.


    To me, nicely optioned would mean: leather, moonroof, grippier wheel/tire pkg, Stabilitrak.


  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Bloody hell they still have the 3800 and it lost power!
  • Looking at them side-by-side, I see more dissimilarities - Lucerne has a lower trunk sill - which results in a lower lift-over, the Lucerne uses chrome on the trunk sill lip, Lucerne license plate placed in the rear fascia not on the trunk lid, Lucerne exhaust tips under the fascia not in "scoops" as on the TSX. The TSX rear-end has a much flatter shape, the Lucerne is more rounded in general.


    One could say they are similar, but hardly that the "Lucerne's rear end looks just like an Acura TSX" as you put it.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The side by side posts reinforce my comments that the taillamps are much thinner on the TSX, which features harder edges to the rear end in general.


    I personally would never look at the rear of this car and think TSX.


    And seriously, the 3800 as standard is such a faux pas, but there are many who just dont care as long as the vehicle feels strong. A pity that GM wouldnt make the 3.6L the base engine, but at least the kick-[non-permissible content removed] Northstar is available on the mid-trim level, unlike the availability of the high feature engine on the LaCrosse/Allure.


  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I agree about the availability of the V8 on two trim levels instead of one. I have a feeling that a large portion of the cars shipped will have the V8. I cant see the 3800 sticking around more than a year or so. At this point it will only be used in three cars. They should have made the new 3.5L or the 3.9L available as the base engine. Naturally the 4 speed auto is another issue.
  • The Lucerne headlights don't seem to match the trend started with the new multi-headlight form of LaCrosse. If Lucerne will be the mid-range Buick, they might think about standardizing the front look across the lineup and consider multi-headlight form for Lucerne in the following years. I have made a sketch to show what I mean.




    The headlights would be more swept back, following the Velite design. This way they would look nice like the Sydney opera. Hope Tom Peters takes note.
  • Oooh, I like that. The lights look distinctive without the '96 Taurus look of the LaCrosse. They should have done them just like that.


    Overall I'm fairly impressed with this car. I will be interested to see how it's priced and positioned. Everything about it seems way upscale of the LeSabre, except the old standby 3.8 engine. I hope it doesn't get too pricey though, at least in base trim. Buick needs to remember that last year they sold over 130,000 LeSabres and Park Aves. If they don't offer an affordable trim of this thing, that will be tough to match, let alone exceed, no matter how good the car is.


    -Andrew L
  • I don't think the 3800 will matter a bit to the "typical" LeSabre buyer. They want quiet, smooth, dependable, and the 3800 has that written all over it. Your average Buick owner isn't into the latest technology, IMO. Other factors rank higher (again - quiet, smooth, reliable....).


    The Lucerne won't win any major converts who are more focsued about what's under hood...and I think that, at least in 2006, the majority will ship with the 3800. It will keep the cost down, avoiding sticker shock. Buick needs a winner right from the start that easily replaces the '00-03 LeSabre's current owners may be looking to trade.


    You can argue all day long about what engine should be in the Lucerne, but they have to be SOLD to be successful, and I just don't feel the averge 50/60-something is tinkering under the hood. I doubt he rarely opens it, and ride, handling, comfort will matter more than pushrod vs. whatever to 80-90% of potential Buick buyers, IMO.


    The Lucerne sure is a heck of a lot more interesting that the outdated Grand Marquis - the LeSabre's major competitor!
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    The problem is that its also competing with the new Avalon and the 300. The Northstar is OK but the base engine has to go. I'm sure it will within the next two years or so. I think the 3.5L that is debuting in the Impala would be the most logical replacement, although the 3.6 would be the best replacement.
  • 1. someone said the next bonneville is cancelled? could you please elaborate.


    2. Looked at an 04/05 bonneville with a v8 and loaded with options last week. Nice looking car but sticker was over 38k. Seems pretty steep to me and since the buick label usually adds a few bucks I'm wondering if the v8 lucerne will be a 40k sticker price? If so it better be an awesome car since comparison shoppers will have lots of traditionally better respected nameplates to choose from for that kind of cash.


    3. In this thread someone refers to the lucerne as the "mid" level Buick. Since it replaces the Park Avenue as well as the La sabre I would think that is also the hi end model? Am I correct or is there another flagship in the works for Buick?
  • "1. someone said the next bonneville is cancelled? could you please elaborate."


    Not much to elaborate on...the Bonneville is cancelled. Production will stop around 6/2005. Supposedly there will be a new RWD Pontiac at the end of the decade, but that may be more of a Grand Prix replacement than a Bonneville.


    "3. In this thread someone refers to the lucerne as the "mid" level Buick. Since it replaces the Park Avenue as well as the La sabre I would think that is also the hi end model? Am I correct or is there another flagship in the works for Buick?"


    There is expected to be a new RWD Buick in the next few years, which will probably be a large sedan but may be a convertible like the Velite concept. GM hasn't said much officially about this though, other than to admit they are looking at a RWD flagship for Buick.


    -Andrew L
  • Wow, hard to believe GM would let the bonneville die without a replacement. Basically they are ceding additional market share to their competitors at a time when sedans are making a huge comeback. Oh well, as I stated in my previous post the 38K bonneville was too much for too little IMO anyway. Too bad.
  • bryanbryan Posts: 217
    I bought one of the loaded '04 V8 Bonny GXPs you make reference to that stickered over $38K. I purchased it in May 04 and got a great deal--$3k off sticker plus the $5K GM rebate in affect at that time, and GM had sent me a coupon good for the first two payments. In essence, I received 9K off sticker.


    I have almost 7k miles on it and other than a small sunroof rattle that was fixed on the first try, the car has been incredible. I'm now averaging right at 20 mpg combined city/highway driving. I got 23.5 mpg on a recent 2k mile trip from VA to FL. The car is a blast to drive.


    Like you, I thought $38K was a little steep. I imagine there will be some incentives as spring approaches which may make an '05 GXP more attractive to you. It sure worked for me.
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
    Hi All,


    I was a two time owner of a Buick Electra and Park Avenue from 1986-1995..Just had a look at the new Lucerne and Wow! I was impressed..It appears to be a nice looking car, better looking than the ES330.


    I wonder how they are going to price it however..Pricing the high end one at $38K is going to put it in dangerous competition. As a former Buick owner, I'd definitely give it a go, but I think the price will have to be competitive to get others to as well. But I believe the mid-range one will have the V-8 as an option.


    I haven't bought a GM car in a long time, so have the deals changed at all? What is a typical discount on this kind of car? I normally get 10-12% off my LS400/430 purchases. Is it reasonable to expect more from Buick?



  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    I certainly hope the mid-range trim level gets the V8 as an option. I believe Buick screwed up with the LaCrosse not offering the good engine (3.6 L) on the mid-range CXL trim as an option.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I would expect the 3.6 to be available on other models in the Lacrosse in the future. Thats what they did with the Rendevous so I expect it to apply to the Lacrosse.

    I would definitely expect a loaded Lucerne to hit $38K. People are forgetting how expensive the PArk Ave Ultra is right now. A loaded Lucerne will replace the Park Ave Ultra.
  • Judging by the limited interest in this discussion despite this car just being introduced I think it is safe to say GM should do a reality check before pricing this vehicle.

    Point 1. The new avalon limited can be bought for around 36K. So pricing the top of the line lucerne over that (or even equal to it) is probably wishful thinking.

    Point 2. Nobody likes to pay near sticker price for a car right after introduction only to have them being discounted nearly 33% by years end (a'la GTO)

    Point 3. Launching incentives to cure a 130 day supply of a vehicle thats only been out for 140 days is embarrassing ( a'la lacrosse) So why not price the car lower and hold off on the incentives. You can always raise the price if they start selling like hotcakes.

    I want to like this car. I want to see the domestics make a comeback. For my money though, the domestics will have to provide more car for the cash until they prove they can make a car equal in quality to the Japanese. I bought an 04 Sierra pickup because I thought it was the best fit for my needs at the right price. And I would love to put my gm card earnings to use on a new Lucerne in the next purchase. But I looked at a new avalon today and I think GM is still trying to build a competitor for the car toyota made 6 years ago.
  • I like the Lucerne but I too am worried about what GM will pull with pricing. For one, the car will have a leather interior STANDARD. That seems stupid to me. Not even the Avalon has that. Not everyone wants it (I hate leather), and it drives up the price. They need to have the base sticker around $26-27K if this thing is going to be taken seriously. I'm a little concerned that it will be more like $29-30K, which will be a tough sell.

    -Andrew L
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