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Buick Lucerne



  • CX only comes with the standard variety power rack&pinion
    but on CXS Magnetic Variable Steering is standard, and on CXL,optional. (I think with the V-8 only)

    I am awaiting my CX and would not want the condition bc101a describes in my new car.

    Liked 62veeps's sugestion try another(or 2) on the lot.
  • daboiddaboid Posts: 1
    I bought a new CLX Lucerne V6 three months ago to replace my old '97 Lesabre which was a great car. I like the quietness and smoothness of the '06 and find the 3800 engine very quick for normal driving. However, compared to the '97 Lesabre the one thing I really dislike in the Lucerne is the excessively WIDE turning radius. This is something i didn't notice on the test drive. When you live with the car awhile and have to park it, it is a very agravating trait. I also find that at interstate speeds it is not as stable as the old Lesabre in the way it steers at speeds above 65 MPH. Otherwise I like the car. I guess no car is perfect.
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    I've had my CXS for 8 months now and have over 10,000 miles on it. It's still a nice ride. The steering is wide, and it's my understanding that they had to increase the turning radius to enable the 18" tires to fit and work on the CXS. Maybe someone can confirm whether I am correct. As for the interstate, mine is extremely stable - don't know if the magnetic ride control is part of the reason it seems that way to me or not. Overall, I'm still very happy with the car's performance and ride.

    I have noticed a rare clicking from the speakers (it's happened maybe 10 times) that almost sounds like an older speedometer cable sticking. Wierdest thing is that if I hit the turn signal, it stops immediately, otherwise it will go away on its own in about 20 seconds. Also, at about 8,000 miles it felt like the brakes were cutting into the rotors. I took it to the dealer (my brother is the service manager), and the brakes were fine with only a very small inconsistency in the rotor. I'm curious to see if this recurs.
  • trucker50trucker50 Posts: 148
    Does anyone else think it's odd the way Buick ran the exhaust pipe on the V-6? It looks alright where it comes out the back but hangs down and makes a strange turn as it comes under the fuel tank(I assume)....look at it the next time one passes you going up the road. Looks like the exhaust was just tacked on as an afterthought :confuse:
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,052
    Has the alignment been carefull checked and set to center of the specs by a knowledgeable alignment tech?
  • Re clicking sound in the speakers,it sounds almost like a
    "static discharge" within the radio's electronics.

    The next time it happens,try to turn on other items like the brakes, tail lights or cigar lighter. Seems that as you draw power from another path it "fixes" the radio for now. Try to describe problem in great detail (as you have done) to the service manager but ask if he can e-mail the radio electronics division,(Delco) at Buick that they may be able to come up with a fix.

    Does your car have the Harmon-Kardon Radio Option?
    My new Lucerne,soon to be delivered will have this option.

    Too bad,no matter the kind of car,it takes some time to get out those darned "bugs".
  • One review of this car stated the steering felt "Vague".(V-6 only)Perhaps they did overdo the amount of power assist.

    My old 94 Park Ave. had some sort of auto-valve that changed power assist over about 15 Mph. and it felt just right at both low and high speeds. In trying to improve things Buick should not forget what was already proven to be a perfect balance.

    I hope that you can get this back to Buick so it can be
    reviewed and this calibration may be changed in future models.

    Dont let it go,Let Buick Know!
  • trucker50trucker50 Posts: 148
    Yeah all newly designed cars seem to have problems, just check out the 2007 Camry woes forum :(

    I guess your getting an '07 buickfan? I'm still trying to decide if I should pull the trigger on an '06 or not....a '07 Harley is in my near future so I don't know.
    They're changing the motor and tranny in those this year I hope they have the bugs worked out....ah what am I thinking not Harley :)
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    It does have the Harmon Kardon system, which, by the way, sounds absolutely fantastic. My brother is the service manager, so I've tried to explain it to him, and he is in the process of checking any service bulletins to see if something shows through them.
  • Would you please post if you get info that is suggested, even the TSB# ?
  • This"Buick Lucerne" Forum is the best source of observer/owner info concerning the Buick Lucerne at Edmunds. However a companion Forum has been made available.

    A detailed message about the Lucerne is posted on a newer
    Forum called "Large Sedans for under $30,000 Comparison."

    Click on that Forum at the start of the choices found in the Buick Lucerne Message Board heading.

    Posting #108(@ Large Sedans---) took me quite some time to write, but I think a prospective buyer might find it helpful.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Its called dither and can vary from imperceptable to slight. There is a small valve that opens and closes to vary the pressure and can sometimes be felt.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    The wider tires would rub the black metal in the front which did not change from the old LeSabre. Therefore higher steering limits were built in.

    Also the new Lucerne steering is quite a bit more sporty/sensitive than the old LeSabre. Buick has been racheting up the steering/handling and compromises are made which some will not like.
  • wayne55wayne55 Posts: 7
    Yes, the alignment has been done.
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    Here's the info I got on the clicking problem, although I'm not sure it quite matches my experiences. It's "document number" 1761596 (not sure of that's a TSB number or not). Subject is "static, whine, or loud pop noise in speakers when radio or ignition is on." Begins by saying this occurs when it is turned on, and mine can occur at any time. The cause is "instrument panel wire harness may be cut or chafed by the steering whell column bracket." Labor time to repair and reroute the instrument panel wire harness is listed as .5 hours.
  • Rake2

    Thanks for info. I will save it.
  • Determined to read older postings.

    YES a car is a rolling billboard, great "free" advertising.

    Buick definitely should have retained the3 color tri shield emblems,rather than saving a buck, and use chrome only.
  • I have been looking in the Cadillac & Buick websites at the
    DTS & Lucerne CXS, I've noticed that the DTS offers overdrive with the NorthStar but the Buick website does
    mention overdrive for Lucerne CXS w/NorthStar. Does anyone know if this is available with the Buick?
  • rake2rake2 Posts: 120
    It has overdrive.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Color was not done to save money.

    The chrome shield with see thru to the body is much more high end appearing. Simple and sharp.
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