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Ford F-Series Real World MPG Numbers



  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    4X2 and 3.73 limited slip axle ratio
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I am getting the same mpg as you. I am not getting the 17 and 23. I also have the 2011 Supercab with the 3.7.
  • bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Posts: 377
    edited September 2011
    I just drove 286 miles (all highway) on less than half a tank. With about 20 miles until empty, as per my mileage calculator on my dash.

    That's above 20mpg highway. My dash mileage monitor said 22.1, and I'm inclined to believe that isn't far off, because of the distance I traveled without having to fill up. I was astonished that I didn't have to stop to fill up dozens of miles before I did.

    Averaged 60-70mph the whole way. Relatively flat (Rt. 95 from Maryland to Connecticut), but it is riddled with toll booths, so room to improve on mileage even.

    And mine is the 4x4, Supercab, and the gear ratio is 3.73.

    Not making this up. 20++ mpg highway out of a stock 4WD version of the EcoBoost F150.

    I'm a bit of a light-foot (I like vehicles with ample power, so I don't always have to rev them). So I'll bet I could get ~24mpg out of a 2WD Ecoboost equipped Fun-50 from Florida to Maine, traffic and weather permitting. ;)

    GM says they are not worried about this engine, but they are underestimating its capabilities!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    A reporter is interested in talking with consumers about how fuel economy requirements are changing what people drive. He is looking for consumers who consider fuel economy their top consideration while shopping for vehicles that range from pickups to luxury cars to EVs. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply with your name, phone number and email address to no later than 5pm Pacific this Wednesday, September 21st.

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  • Just finished a 465 mi round trip from Maryland to Virginia with mostly light traffic, mid 70's outside temp, running 65-70mph, A/C off, no load. Averaged 18.1 mpg calculated. Mine has the Goodyear Wrangler off-road tires (like the FX4) and HD tow package. I cleared the trip computer and ran it about 200 miles with the computer reading 19.8 to 20.1 mpg, but I don't go by that for real world numbers. I typically get 10-11 mpg towing a 6,000lb camper that has 80 sq ft of frontal area. Luv this truck!
  • not a genius but why not fill your tank and drive it at a steady speed then fill again and do the same run at 100 rpm less etc etc etc and it should tell you what to expect (if my logic is right)
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 29
    Just finished the first tank of fuel (Dealer supplied) and got 17.8 mpg this was 50/50 driving and about 50 miles of it was stop and go traffic not getting above 5mph. I am happy with this tank but am pretty sure I will average on the positive side of 20 mpg. The computer said 18.5 so it was not too far off. I almost bought the 3.7 V6 but after seeing the mpg that they are reporting I opted for the 5.0 I also looked at the Eco-boost but would of lost some serous rebate money. I think the 5.0 is so close in mpg to the Eco-boost that it is a wash plus this 5.0 takes me back to my GT Mustang days.
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 29
    2nd tank same driving conditions 18.0 mpg computer said 18.4.
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 29
    edited September 2013
    3rd tank same driving conditions 18.5 computer said 18.9 When driving the highway I am getting 21mpg but the city stop and go just kills the overall mileage for the tank. I now have 1400 miles on the truck so I will update when the engine gets broke in.
  • Actually the dealer can change the tire size and gear ratio and final drive ratio if they tell you they can't there full of it ive been a dealer tech since 03 and have made it work for me every time
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